Tombstone RIP Sets New Record With 271,754x Win!

Hold on to your Stetsons for this one players! Like a number of previous Nolimit City heavy hitters, it didn’t take long for the Tombstone RIP juggernaut to show us what it is capable of. With the sort of gameplay and numbers Tombstone RIP boasts, there were massive expectations on its shoulders. The game has shrugged all that off and got down to the business of producing a stunning video which should provide inspiration for big win chasers tempted to give the beast a crack.

The lucky player in this clip hailed from Canada and opted to buy Boothill Freespins rather than wait for them to hit organically. Since a natural trigger occurs once every 85,000 spins or 63,000 with the Bet Enhancer activated, you could say this is a quicker method. Buying Boothill doesn’t come cheap, though, at 3,000x the bet, which at a reference level of 20c comes out at a substantial $600. Did we mention this is a beast? Treading with care is a prudent approach.

Boothill Freespins get the full bag of tricks, such as Wilds, Reel Split Wilds, xSplit Wilds, and xNudge Wilds, which feed a global win multiplier. Also, at the start of every spin, a premium Cowboy symbol is randomly selected and given a multiplier of x5-x999. This game-changing boost is what separates Boothill Freespins from Hang ’em High Freespins.

tombstone rip

The random multiplier is out in force in this bonus round, too, with several spins starting with the full x999 on board. It first appears on spin number two, in conjunction with El Gordo, who lands on reels 1 and 3, plus an xNudge Wild and a couple of Splitting Wilds. The reward for hitting this combination is a ludicrous 193,536x on just the second spin.

Even if the bonus had ended there, we’d be looking at an outrageous result, but Tombstone Rip isn’t done. A few spins later, another x999 multiplier is awarded, alongside xNudge wilds and an x14 global win multiplier, adding another massive payout to the pile. Add it all up, and in the end, we are looking at a total of 271,754x the base bet – the biggest non-jackpot win to date. The payout of $54,350.96 is counted up before a grim hanging background, displaying an almost equally grim message that is about as positive as it gets in Tombstone RIP.

It’s worth noting that despite the fact the x999 multiplier was awarded several times in this clip, don’t go thinking it’s easy. Nolimit City made no bones of the fact Tombstone RIP is a tough game. The studio has been completely open about stats, and even labelling the game ‘unplayable’ in a tongue in cheek manner. Heck, take a look at the xRIP feature for an example of the challenge. However, this video and a couple of massive wins which have followed it show that buried amongst the challenge rewards are to be had, and out there, somewhere, in the unwelcoming town of Tombstone, the full 300k max win lurks.

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