Full KYC Checks to be Required on Registration Says the UKGC


The UK Gambling Commission is undoubtedly one of the most protective and player friendly regulatory bodies in the world, something that has been demonstrated in a series of requirements imposed this year alone. And it’s just not empty words. Online Casinos that have failed to comply, or in other ways been in breach of the UK gambling law, have been issued heavy fines, something that most recently happened to Paddy Power Betfair who was ordered to pay £2.2 for player protection and AML (Anti-Money Laundering) failures.

Some of the actions taken by the UKGC has involved requirements such as full removal of cartoon-like characters in promotional materials and logos, which has had a direct impact on casinos like Casumo, just to give an example, known for its distinctive Sumo figure. While some worry that the industry is becoming over-regulated and that the UK is slowly turning into a nanny state, others welcome the changes, pointing to the alarming increase of problem gamblers.

Just recently, the UKGC released a new 2019 business plan with focus on improving industry standards and player protection, taking further precautions in order to keep players from gambling-related harm. Included in this plan is the requirement for all online casinos to carry out a KYC (Know Your Customer) check upon registration, something that is expected to happen in April 2019. Additionally, players can also expect financial checks on affordability to be carried out and for the operators to set limits accordingly.

The KYC is nothing new to most players. For example, the Malta Gaming Authority requires all casinos to carry out a KYC when a limit of €2000 in withdrawals have been processed while UK KYC checks have to be carried out within 72 hours, thus still allowing players to deposit during this time frame. In order to avoid falling into the trap of some casinos using the KYC as a stalling method, we have always recommended players to go through with their KYC before making the first deposit. You can read more about KYC – Know Your Player here.

Bigwinboard.com welcomes this change which we believe is for the benefit of, not only the players but all of society. These new regulations will help prevent underage play, as well as making it harder for criminal and terrorist organisations to use gambling for money laundering purposes.

All UK players that wish to make a first deposit on a new casino will be required to go through the KYC first to ensure the player is of legal age, that the player is who the player claims to be and that the name associated with the players payment method matches the name of the casino account holder. Players will also be restricted from play with demo funds until the KYC has been processed.

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