Unleashing the Gargantoon: Inside Play’n GO’s Latest Slot Sensation


gargantoonz slot

Embarking on a new chapter in online slot gaming, Play’n GO introduces ‘Gargantoonz,’ the latest gem in their acclaimed Toonz series. Renowned for innovative gameplay and captivating themes, Play’n GO promises to elevate the player experience to new heights with this release.

In an exclusive interview with Play’n GO Games Ambassador Magnus Wallentin, we delve deep into the creative process behind Gargantoonz, exploring the game’s unique features, the evolution of the Toonz series, and what this means for the future of online slots.

Bigwinboard: The announcement of Gargantoonz has certainly stirred excitement in the community, with reactions indicating it’s poised to become another fan favorite. From your perspective, what unique elements of the Toonz series captivate players and fuel this consistent enthusiasm?

Magnus Wallentin: The brilliance of this game lies in the seamless cooperation of its features. Each spin introduces a fluctuating symbol, with wins triggering the creation of 1-2 wilds. This simple yet effective mechanic sets the stage for a captivating experience. The game’s Experiment Charger, with its multiple levels, adds depth to your victories. As you accumulate wins, its transformative power grows, offering a journey of progression and anticipation. This crescendo of success leads to the grand finale, where Gargantoonz takes center stage, rewarding you generously for your accomplishments.

Moreover, like in Moon Princess 100 and Rise of Olympus 100, smaller features act as catalysts, guiding you toward unlocking the game’s most elusive, high-potential elements. In essence, this game’s synergy of mechanics ensures a thrilling and engaging experience, making it an outstanding choice for players.


Bigwinboard: The original Reactoonz slot set a high standard in the realm of cluster pays slots, achieving remarkable success. When you first launched Reactoonz, did you have any inkling that it would become such a trendsetter in the industry? What were your initial expectations?

MW: Technically, Energoonz was the series’ inaugural game, but Reactoonz is the title that truly propelled it to stardom. We adopted an incremental strategy, drawing inspiration from the most thrilling aspects of Energoonz. We removed some elements we deemed less exciting, and introduced fresh features to captivate our audience further. This approach proved to be a game-changer, making Reactoonz the true flagbearer of the series.

“…we’ve reversed the order from Reactoonz, building up anticipation for an epic conclusion as he ascends to his ultimate form.”

Bigwinboard: Gargantoonz is obviously a continuation of the highly successful series. Can you tell us about the core concept of this new game and how it builds on the legacy of Reactoonz?

MW: Gargantoonz retains the 7×7 grid and the cluster concept with 5 OAK clusters for wins, much like its predecessor. However, what sets Gargantoonz apart is its Experiment Chargers distinct levels, each linked to a wild experiment.

These experiments are streamlined to revolve around wilds with varying mechanics. A noteworthy feature is the ability to overcharge experiments, granting Gargantoonz an added +1x win multiplier for each experiment overcharged, so he can spawn with x4 win multiplier at best. The sequence of Gargantoonz’s transformations also sees a twist as we’ve reversed the order from Reactoonz, building up anticipation for an epic conclusion as he ascends to his ultimate form.

Bigwinboard: The “toonz” series is known for its engaging characters and “build-up” mechanics. What are the new features that players can look forward to in Gargantoonz?

MW: There are quite a few of them…

  • Random Wilds: any non-win spin can randomly generate 4-8 wilds at random positions.
  • Fluctuating symbols: randomizes a symbol each round, if they create a winning combination they leave behind 1-2 wilds.
  • Supernova: 3-5 supernova wilds are created at random positions, once all wins of the round has played out each wild will walk 8 steps at random and each symbol it crosses is destroyed and feed the Experiment Charger.
  • Gamma Ray Burst: 7-9 wilds are added to the grid, symbols part of wins including Gamma Ray wilds will also be removed from elsewhere on the grid to feed the Experiment Charger.
  • Black Hole: 4-6 Black Hole wilds are added, once all wins have been paid out the Black Holes will activate and destroy all adjencent symbols, even diagonally to feed the Experiemnt Charger.
  • Overcharge: each wild experiment can be overcharged with 80 symbols, this will increase Gargas win multiplier by 1x to x2, x3, x4 if all experiments are overcharged.


Bigwinboard: Could you discuss the volatility model of Gargantoonz? How does the risk/reward balance compare to the previous games in the “toonz” series?

MW: Volatility wise it’s an 8, so similar to the other releases, but lower than Reactoonz and Gigantoonz. Its Max win potential is the second or third highest in the series, depending if you count Dr. Toonz, which is a video slot. Gargantoonz offers 7000x max win potential while Reactoonz clocked in at 4570x.

“Our goal is to create the most entertaining slot games on the market. We always aim for an unparalleled level of detail in terms of storytelling, audio/visual design, and gameplay experience.”

Bigwinboard: Are there any particular challenges you faced during the development of Gargantoonz and how did you overcome them?

MW: The biggest challenge, as always when it comes to successors, and which I think we’ve done a really good job with, is to take the essence of the original but build upon it to make a game that players both feel familiar with but at the same time excited to explore the new features of. We think players will love this latest iteration of the series and can’t wait to release it.

Bigwinboard: As we look beyond Gargantoonz, how does Play’n GO envision the evolution of the online slot experience in the next few years, and what role will your company play in shaping that future?

MW: Our goal is to create the most entertaining slot games on the market. We always aim for an unparalleled level of detail in terms of storytelling, audio/visual design, and gameplay experience. That’s what we’ve made ourselves known for and the road we will continue down. Abiding by regulations is something that’s always on our minds, and we will continue to do that as we develop new games in the future.

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