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Vikings Fight For Honour: Slot Overview

In 2021, the Estonian-based studio Foxium, under the umbrella of Games Global, made a significant splash in the online slot world with the release of its blockbuster slot Cossacks the Wild Hunt Wonderways - a game that showed much promise for the provider. What followed was a series of moderately impressive releases with Foxium largely conforming to the Games Global trend of incorporating mandatory local jackpots into almost every slot. Nevertheless, Foxium remains one of the more intriguing names among a lineup where many are content recycling familiar features like Link&Win, Power Combo, or the all-too-common local jackpots.

This brings us to Vikings Fight For Honour, which happens to be the fourth entry in what could loosely be called Foxium's "20,000x" series. Vikings Fight For Honour sets its reels against the scenic backdrop of a mountain valley under blue skies, a picturesque yet static image that serves as the foundation of the game's theme. Two fire-breathing dragon heads flank the reels, injecting a dynamic element into the otherwise static landscape. As players delve deeper into the game, the scenery transitions to various cave-like environments, each bathed in different hues, adding a layer of visual diversity to the Viking adventure. It's all well designed, though rather ordinary at the same time.

Vikings Fight For Honour slot
Vikings Fight For Honour slot - base game

Anchored within a robust Norse theme, Vikings Fight For Honour features a gaming grid of 5 reels and 4 rows, hosting 40 lines. This is a medium volatility slot, equipped with an RTP of 96.37%, though it does come with two lower variants. Bets range modestly from 20 c to a maximum of €/$12.50. Activating the "Boost" increases the total bet by 50% whilst also increasing the "win potential". Technically, this means Odin's and Ragnarök Blazing Shards appear more frequently as well an increase bonus game hit rate. For the stats nerds, the slot maintains a 27.19% hit frequency, which is well within the "normal" range, though still somewhat on the lower end of that spectrum.

The symbols pay homage to the game's Norse theme. The lower-tier symbols are represented by card suit royals, J through A, which can yield returns from 0.2x to 2x for a full line. For more lucrative payouts, players should look to the ravens, bear claws, and valiant Viking characters, both male and female. These symbols offer rewards ranging from 0.3x to 10x for a five-of-a-kind hit. Additionally, the game features wild symbols, which not only substitute for other paying symbols to form winning combinations but also provide the highest value of up to 25x when landing five on a payline.

Vikings Fight For Honour: Slot Features

Vikings Fight For Honour slot
Vikings Fight For Honour slot - Fight for Honour bonus game

Vikings Fight For Honour incorporates several gameplay features, including the Blazing Shards feature, multiple local jackpots, and the Battle bonus game. Let's check them out.

Blazing Shards

Blazing Shards are a sort of power ball with cash value overlays appearing on reels 1 to 4. They are represented by three different colors: blue (Thor), gold (Fight for Honour), and purple (Odin) worth from 1x up to 50x. Landing one will add the cash value to its respective holder sitting above the reels. When a collect symbol lands on the rightmost reel, the total value of all the Blazing Shards on the reels is awarded.

Battle Bonus Game

Every time a shard is collected there is a chance for the Battle Bonus Game to be triggered. There are 3 bonus games: Thor's Battle, Odin's Battle, and Fight for Honour (each represented by the different power balls). Now, the bonus game includes a set of new bonus symbols: the Ragnar Multiplier  symbol includes a 1x-5x multiplier, the Ingrid Extra Spin symbol increases the reset value of the spins by +1, and the Mystery symbol reveals Ragnar, Ingrid or Blazing Shard symbols.


The game comes bundled with three local jackpots which can be triggered in any of the bonus games: The Mini jackpot is awarded when 10 Blazing Shards land on the reels and awards 10x the bet, the Major jackpot is awarded when 15 Blazing Shards land on the reels and is worth 50x the bet, and the Grand jackpot is triggered when 20 Blazing Shard appear on the reels, awarding the 20,000x max win.

Vikings Fight For Honour slot
Vikings Fight For Honour slot - Odins Battle bonus game

Vikings Fight For Honour: Slot Verdict

In conclusion, Vikings Fight For Honour presents as a rather ordinary entry in the Foxium portfolio. The consistent use of local jackpots in Games Global slots might be wearing thin for those who review these games regularly, although it appears this feature continues to be popular (?) among certain players who appreciate clear, tangible targets in their gameplay.

One standout aspect of this game is that the local jackpot is significantly larger than typical Games Global offerings, reaching up to 20,000x. However, the jackpot tiers are unevenly distributed with increments at 10x, 50x, and then a dramatic leap to 20,000x, which may feel disproportionate and less attainable.

Overall, the game mechanics, including the collection of power balls, can be seen as somewhat repetitive and not particularly thrilling. The majority of wins are modest, and the chase for the max win, while potentially exciting, may seem so elusive it's not even on the map. Vikings Fight For Honour is competently constructed but might not stand out for players looking for high-engagement features typical of classic slots. Additionally, its focus on local jackpots can be a divisive element, appealing to some while deterring others who prefer to see the RTP allocated to other type of features.


While Vikings Fight For Honour is a competently built slot, its focus on the unevenly distributed jackpots might ultimately leave a lot to be desired for many players.

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