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White Wolf Moon: Slot Overview

Wolves have retained a grip over the gambling imagination for a while now, popping up in various forms and settings. To experience one of mankind's earliest fears in a chilly setting, we've got White Wolf Moon from developer Snowborn Games to have a crack at. As well as the 'Big Bad Wolf' concept, wolves have had an almost mystical quality associated with them stretching back to much earlier times in various parts of the globe. Romulus and Remus being raised by a wolf, for example, is one of the popular tales. Or Skoll and Hati, wolves of Norse mythology who chase the sun and the moon across the sky, devouring both when it's time for Ragnarök.

White Wolf Moon keeps things pretty Earth-bound by comparison, though the actual white wolf in the game does look rather majestic as it surveys the snowy scene from its rocky perch. The white wolf is joined by a bright white moon, and a shimmering aurora borealis completes the Arctic scene. Snowborn Games is based in Stockholm and Helsinki, so it's no stranger to weather at the colder end of the scale, but White Wolf Moon looks chilly, and it's a marvel that animals can survive in this environment without clothing, houses, central heating or all the other comforts we modern humans rely on.

White Wolf Moon slot
White Wolf Moon slot - base game

Onto the gaming, and White Wolf Moon is played on a 5x3 reel set with 243 ways built-in to hit winning combinations. Highly volatile, on the default 96% RTP version, hits occur at a frequency of 28.01%. The minimum stake level is 10 c per spin while the upper limit is $/€50, and a bonus buy is available, too.

Starting from the leftmost reel, winning combinations pay left to right across adjacent reels. Jack to Ace card ranks are the pay table's lower value symbols, while its high pays are a feather, a butterfly (not sure how long they'd last in this weather), a snake, a deer, and an eagle. Landing a win made up of 5 matching royals pays out 1.1 to 1.5 times the bet, or 3.5 to 13 times the bet is paid for landing 5 identical premiums. Wild symbols substitute for any regular paying symbol, and they appear on all reels except the leftmost reel in the base game.

White Wolf Moon: Slot Features

White Wolf Moon slot
White Wolf Moon slot - bonus intro

This is a pretty lengthy section as White Wolf Moon contains a Collect, respins, the Moon Booster, tokens, the Moon Bonus, collection features, and a feature buy as its extras.


Moon symbols have values of 1x to 100x the bet. Landing 1 or more Moon symbols on the first 4 reels and 1 Collect symbol on the rightmost reel triggers the Collect feature. The sum of all Moon symbol values in view is paid out.


Hitting 2 Golden Paw symbols on the leftmost and rightmost reel triggers a respin. Reels spin to reveal either Moon, 1UP, or blank symbols. Landing Moon or 1UP symbols triggers a new respin. Each 1UP symbol that lands increases the feature multiplier by +1: through 2x, 3x, 4x, and maxing at 5x. When no new Moon or 1UP symbol lands, the feature ends. All paying symbol values on the reels are multiplied by the feature multiplier, then the total is paid.

Moon Booster & Tokens

This is a meter that shows the collection progress of tokens. It may be increased in the base game but is used in the Moon Bonus. It starts empty and can go up to 16 tokens. When landing bonus scatter symbols on reels 1 and 3, the meter increases by +1 step. Changing a bet does not affect the Moon Booster. Two types of tokens are available - Moon Booster tokens and collection tokens. Before bonus spins start, Moon Booster tokens are randomly distributed to collection feature meters. Two Moon Booster tokens are equal to 1 collection token. If an uneven number of Moon Booster tokens is collected, 1 is discarded. At the end of bonus spins, the remaining collection tokens are added to the Moon Booster.

Moon Bonus

When 3 bonus scatter symbols hit on reels 1, 3 and 5, the Moon Bonus activates. Landing any symbol during the Moon Bonus resets the number of spins to 3. Moon symbols are sticky; other symbols are not. Before the feature starts, Moon Bonus tokens are randomly distributed to collection feature meters. The feature ends when no more spins remain or all positions are filled. At the end, the values on the reels are awarded, and the remaining collection tokens are added to the Moon Booster.

During the Moon Bonus, 4 collection features are available - Doubler, Spinner, Expander, and Prizer. A collection feature is triggered by collecting 3 corresponding symbols from the reels. The first 3 features can be triggered twice; the Prizer may be triggered 4 times. Meters reset when the corresponding collection feature has been activated.

  • Doubler - all Moon symbols in view are multiplied by 2. Gold Nugget values not yet won are multiplied by 2, as well.
  • Spinner - 1 extra spin is awarded on each retrigger.
  • Expander - an extra row is activated above the grid the first time, then a row below the grid on the second trigger.
  • Prizer - the collection symbol that triggered this feature is replaced with a Gold Nugget. On the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4th trigger the Gold Nugget value is 15x, 50x, 200x, or 500x, respectively.

Feature Buy

The feature buy is where players may pay 70 times the bet to buy the Moon Bonus round. When doing so, 1-8 collection tokens are drawn, and at the end of the feature, all collection tokens are discarded.

White Wolf Moon slot
White Wolf Moon slot - respins

White Wolf Moon: Slot Verdict

The features section of the review might have been a lengthy one, but White Wolf Moon's gaming components are by no means confusing or dripping with baffling originality. They follow on from the sorts of things Snowborn Games has used in past games like Pile 'Em Up or Tippy's Tavern, though White Wolf Moon is appreciably not a clone or reskin of them. It differs somewhat from those games while delivering fairly common components, all things considered. Not bad components, though White Wolf Moon did fail to set the heart rate soaring either when reading over the paytable or when seeing the game in action.

To sum White Wolf Moon up, it's a slot focused on hold 'n win elements, with collection systems, multipliers, and respins fleshing out the show. The main attraction is the Moon Bonus, where the goal is to land cash symbols and trigger collection features, though bouts of the respins might turn out favourably. The Moon Bonus is no Money Cart round, but players who prefer simpler times or like the idea of playing a sort of wolf version of iSoftBet's Gold Digger may prefer that. White Wolf Moon's max win feels comfortably pitched at a solid middle ground, too, at 7,500x, being a fitting total to chase amidst all the wolves, snow, and moons.

Wolves and moons have a long history in the online gambling industry. Slots such as Wolf Gold have been warmly received, others like Wolf Howl have popped in later on, and now White Wolf Moon joins the pack. Wolf games, for whatever reason, don't tend to be hugely impactful slots, and neither was White Wolf Moon. However, if triggering hold 'n win features while howling at the moon in the snow sounds like a nice night in, then this could be a good option. Could be, because White Wolf Moon operates in the usual Loot Boost/Pile 'Em Up Games Global studios style you find all over the place.


Despite its polished design, White Wolf Moon falls short of innovating within the crowded field of online slots, making it a decent but unremarkable choice.

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