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Wildfire Wins Extreme: Slot Overview

Two definitions of the word 'extreme' according to the Merriam-Webster dictionary are 'going to great or exaggerated lengths' and 'exceeding the ordinary, usual, or expected.' As such, you might think a follow-up slot with the word extreme in the title would be a wildly more radical game than the original. So, it was when Wildfire Wins Extreme from Just For The Win flared up. However, on closer inspection, it appears that Games Global's partner has largely reskinned the original game Wildfire Wins, slipping it out of a fiery outer wrapper and into an electric one. Or is there more here than first meets the eye?

We've pretty much summed up Wildfire Wins Extreme's exterior, which consists of electrically charged rather than flaming visuals. Like before, Just For The Win has kept the background décor on the simple side, preferring to emphasise Wildfire Wins Extreme's gaming parts, such as its active collection meter, game grid, and three spinning wheels. A toe-tapping soundtrack pours on the funk, helping give Wildfire Wins Extreme an all-over upbeat ambience.

Wildfire Wins Extreme slot
Wildfire Wins Extreme slot - base game

Wildfire Wins Extreme is played on a 5x5 game grid offering 50 fixed paylines to land wins across. It's highly volatile and comes in three RTP settings, 96.18% being the highest of the lot. It takes bets of 20 p/c to $/€25 per paid game round and may be played on any device – tablet, mobile, or desktop.

For pay symbols, the 10-A royals may land as a normal symbol or as an electrically charged special symbol. In both forms, they have the same value of 0.5 to 1 times the bet for five-of-a-kind, but activated symbols can trigger respins, as covered below. Above them in value, premium symbols include a clover, horseshoe, seven, bell and diamond symbols, paying 1.2. to 5 times the bet for five-of-a-kind. Wilds are present on all reels too. Wilds can substitute for any pay symbol and have the same value as diamonds when making wins of themselves. When wilds hit, they may, at random, turn all other symbols on their reel wild, as well.

Wildfire Wins Extreme: Slot Features

Wildfire Wins Extreme slot
Wildfire Wins Extreme slot - Respin feature

Like its non-Extreme sibling, Wildfire Wins Extreme counts Wildfire Respins and Wildfire Wheels as its principal features.

Wildfire Respins

In the base game, any win with at least one special symbol in it triggers Wildfire Respins. Special symbols that are part of a win are activated and tracked by the collection meter. When a special symbol is activated, all special symbols of the same type on the reels are turned into sticky wilds, which stay in place for the duration of Wildfire Respins. There is a chance one of the sticky wilds is turned into an x2 wild before each Wildfire Respin. If more than one x2 wild is part of a win, the value remains at x2. The special version of activated symbols do not appear for the remainder of Wildfire Respins, but regular versions may still appear. Respins continue as long as at least one or more special symbols are part of a win. Should all special symbols be activated, a final Wildfire Respin is awarded. On the final Wildfire Respin, all wins are multiplied by x2, x3, x5, or x10.

Wildfire Wheels

In the base game, if 3 bonus symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5, the Wildfire Wheels feature is awarded. Wildfire Wheels can also be triggered from Wildfire Respins when a total of 3 bonus symbols are accumulated during the feature. Wildfire Wheels has three spinning wheels and starts at level 1. Each wheel is divided into eight segments; the first two wheels have 7 cash prize segments, while the 8th segment is a level upgrade. When a wheel lands on a cash prize segment, the value is collected, and the segment is marked. If the wheel stops on a marked collected segment, the round is over. Cash prizes on the first level wheel are worth 1 to 15 times the bet, the second level wheel has prizes of 3 to 100 times the bet, while the third wheel has prizes of 5 to 10,000x the bet.

Wildfire Wins Extreme slot
Wildfire Wins Extreme slot - Wildfire Wheels

Wildfire Wins Extreme: Slot Verdict

After giving the game a going over, it seems that the tweaks to the wild symbol – its random full reel expansion and x2 multiplier bit are what constitute the 'Extreme' part of Wildfire Wins Extreme. Other alterations are a lowering of volatility from the previous game's 'Very High' setting to the current one's 'High' and a reduction of some premium symbol values. Kind of extreme, maybe, maybe not really? Apart from these changes, the gameplay is practically identical to the original Wildfire Wins slot. A few stats seem to have changed, too, for the better when playing the highest RTP version, and fire has been replaced by electricity, but other than that, Wildfire Wins Extreme is basically the same game as before.

This isn't a bad thing, however, as both slots have their entertaining moments, but it made Wildfire Wins Extreme feel a little bit on the superfluous side. Unless there are players who would really prefer dealing with charged particles than tongues of flame, then Wildfire Wins Extreme would make more sense. On the plus side, Wildfire Respins have the ability to trundle their way to interesting results, triggering every 13 spins on average, keeping the flow going. They're certainly a lot more common than the Wildfire Wheels feature, which has a theoretical frequency of 1 in 359 spins. That's where the game's win cap of 10,000x possibly has the best chance of occurring, so hopefully, the jazzy 'tude and supplementary features are enough to keep keen punters going till they get a chance to trigger it.

There are a few changes between this and the last Wildfire Wins game, though it's debatable whether they warrant the word extreme. Not to say Wildfire Wins Extreme is a lesser game, but maybe don't expect to be blasted out to the fringes of reality when playing it.


Wildfire Wins Extreme is neither significantly better nor worse or really all that different to the previous Wildfire Wins game, despite what the ‘Extreme’ part might suggest.

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