Wolf Call

(Spinplay Games) Slot Review

Wolf Call slot

Wolf Call: Slot Overview

You’d imagine hiking through the majestic North American countryside and hearing an actual wolf call to be quite a scary experience, their haunting howl evoking a primal fear that must have given early humans the willies. Well, there’s no need to get spooked when playing Wolf Call from Microgaming partner Spinplay Games. This game allows players to explore nature from a safe distance while spinning for things like multiplier wilds and free spins as they collect diamonds in hopes of triggering a jackpot pick me feature.

If you’re into nature, then the pleasantly drawn background and the triumphant sounding music make a rather stirring mix. The game panel is slightly see-through, and behind it lies a bubbling brook as it winds its way through a tree-covered valley. With the sun glowing in the distance, Spinplay has done a pretty good job of recreating those landscape portraits typical of American Romanticism, where artists sought to record the natural beauty before humans could charge in and tear up the place to extract resources. There’s a sort of tacky look to the reel area, though, and the four jackpots above it cheapen the effect. However, the white dire wolf looking animal on the left-hand side is kind of cool.

Played on a 5-reel, 4-row matrix providing 1,024 ways to win, wins occur when matching symbols land in adjacent reels starting from the left-hand side; any row height is fine. This system leads to a hit rate of 36.68% and an overall return value of 96.44%. RTP can be found at lower settings, though, so it pays to check. Medium volatile, Wolf Call is available on any device, accepting stakes of 10 p/c to £/€25 per spin.

Moving on to the paytable, we find a mix of low-value 9-A card ranks and premium animals. These are eagles, deer, cougars, bears, and wolves. Landing five low pays results in a win worth 1x the bet, while premiums range from 2.5 to 10 times your stake. The diamond symbol is wild, replacing any normal pay symbol and also tying into a couple of the features.

Wolf Call: Slot Features

Wolf Call slot

Wolf Call is a game of both long and short term goals. Diamond wilds are entwined with a Power Range feature that bestows multipliers and get collected to trigger a jackpot feature. Running alongside this is a free spins bonus round.

Power Range

The Power Range is the blue rectangle you can see in the middle of the game grid. Wilds that land inside the Power Range are awarded a win multiplier. In the base game, this is an x2 multiplier. In free spins, the Power Reel expands to cover all positions on the middle three reels and can create win multipliers of x2, x3, or x5.

Diamond Meter and Jackpots

Each time a wild symbol lands in the base game, it is collected by the Diamond Meter. When the meter is filled, the Diamond Jackpot feature is triggered. The screen is covered in diamonds, and players click them to reveal yellow, red, purple, or green diamonds. When 3 matching diamonds have been revealed, the corresponding jackpot is awarded. These are the green, purple, red, or orange jackpots worth 20x, 50x, 200x, or 5,000x the bet.

Free Spins

Wolves howling by the moon symbols are scatters and landing 3, 4, or 5 of them awards 10, 15, or 20 free spins, respectively. During free spins, the Power Range expands to cover all positions on the middle three reels. On a final note, instead of triggering free spins naturally, players may be able to buy 10 of them for the cost of 50 times their stake.

Wolf Call: Slot Verdict

Wolf Call is a game that kind of gets there; kind of doesn’t. Bits of it aren’t bad, while other bits lessen the experience. One of the positives is the Diamond Meter collection system. When changing bets, instead of starting from zero as most do, the game takes the equivalent value and transfers it to the new stake level. So, if you’ve filled half of the meter at €1, let’s say, switching down to a lower stake may almost fill the bar completely. Some players may appreciate being able to fast track to the Jackpot Feature, in a way, though the prize values will naturally be reduced at the lower stake.

The graphics aren’t bad either, well the background imagery isn’t at least, which is quite important in a North American nature game. The wilderness visuals are presumably high on the criteria list for players into this sort of thing. As mentioned, they are let down by the look of the reel area and the Jackpot display. Also, there’s something a little tacky about the diamond symbols themselves, as if they just don’t belong in this sort of game. Of course, such a seemingly small aspect isn’t a deal-breaker, but the little things do count, and this fly in the milk detail did detract from the overall experience.

The gameplay was okay, multipliers multiply each other, and appeared to land in larger quantities in free spins, though there is nothing mentioned about greater wild frequency in the paytable. Wilds are presumably more frequent since they are not collected by the Diamond Meter during free spins. Scoring the top prize from the Jackpot Feature is a headliner, yet technically, it is possible to win more elsewhere as Wolf Call advertises wins of over 10,000x the bet.

In a well-stocked slot category like the wolf/North American nature one, Wolf Call stacks up fairly well. The stats are decent, winning potential is enticing, and the diamond collection mechanic leading to a guaranteed jackpot has merit. Sprucing up some of the graphics and livening the execution would have helped, but overall, players into this type of action should find some value here.


Whilst Wolf Call gets some things righter than others, it remains distinctly average overall.

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