777 Rainbow Respins

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777 Rainbow Respins: Slot Overview

777 Rainbow Respins from the zany guys at Crazy Tooth Studios, is a game of both old and new. On the new, slightly surprising side, this is the first time the studio has dipped its creative toe in the ever-popular Irish theme. However, they are no stranger to the Lucky 7's concept. In fact, 777 Rainbow Respins is more or less a straight reskin of a previous game called 777 Mega Deluxe, so if you've played it, then you'll be completely clued-up about what to expect here. If you haven't, or are just super interested to see how the previous game functions with an Irish outer dressing, do read on.

Visually, 777 Rainbow Respins presents a mix of jolly rural scenery and indoor club, depending on the game phase you find yourself in. The base game takes place indoors, styled with deep green décor, while a cheerful leprechaun character stands on a rainbow to the left. There might not be a pot of gold displayed at the end of this rainbow, yet winning potential in 777 Rainbow Respins isn't bad. Next to the rainbow is a 4-reel, 7-row game board, which is an unorthodox layout you don't see every day and might tempt in players looking for something a little different try. Different mechanically speaking, of course, since this theme is about as common as it gets.

777 Rainbow Respins slot

As a clone, 777 Rainbow Respins comes with essentially the same game engine and stats as were found in 777 Mega Deluxe. This means a highly volatile math model and three RTP settings – 96.1%, 94.02%, or 92.24%. All configurations offer the same max win, as well as a hit rate of 16.06%-16.1%. Fairly low, but there is a respin feature at hand to provide balance; actually, it is officially called an Insanity Respin feature. Playable on mobile, tablet, or desktop devices, bet limits range from 20 p/c on the lower side to $/€40.

Lining the unusually arrayed game grid, players get 127 fixed paylines to land winning combinations of three or four of a kind on. For the lower batch, symbols include suns, horseshoes, moons, stars, clubs, hearts, diamonds, and clubs, all paying the princely sum of 0.05-0.1x the bet for three or four of a kind. Moving on up, we find BARS, harps, and rainbows, worth 0.05-0.2x for three or four of a kind. At the top, combinations of 7s trigger payouts of 0.1 to 0.25x for a line of three of four. The other symbols used in the game are scatters, and x2 or x5 wild multiplier symbols – the x5 only appearing on the bonus game. Each x2 or x5 used in a win multiplies the amount by its specific value.

777 Rainbow Respins: Slot Features

777 Rainbow Respins slot

The two special extras on offer in 777 Rainbow Respins are Respin Insanity and the 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus.

Respins Insanity

Any winning spin triggers the Respin Insanity feature. When activated, all instances of the winning symbol type create a respin area. Then, all symbols within the respin area except multiplier wilds are respun. If a respin lands a symbol type that matches one or more positions outside the respin area, those matching symbols outside are added to the respin area, and the area is respun. Also, after a respin, there is a chance an x2 wild multiplier is added to the respin area, and a win evaluation takes place. If a respin occurs and no symbols are added to the respin area, then the feature ends.

777 Rainbow Respins Bonus

Landing 3 pot of gold scatter symbols triggers the 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus, awarding 4 free spins. All winning spins continue to trigger the Respins Insanity feature. The difference now is the x5 wild multiplier can enter the game, and all wild multiplier symbols remain locked for the duration of the bonus round. The other key rule is the 777 Rainbow Respins Bonus cannot be retriggered.

777 Rainbow Respins: Slot Verdict

Could players have done without a clone of 777 Mega Deluxe which was already pretty average to begin with? This answer, sadly, is in the affirmative. Maybe if Crazy Tooth had picked a more interesting theme for the reskin, 777 Rainbow Respins might've been marginally more exciting. Marginally being the word, since the same pros and cons that came with 777 Mega Deluxe crop up in the sibling slot.

Let's start with cons. We've mentioned the commonality of the theme, and Leprechauns are a time-honoured tradition in slots which refuse to fade away. Players tend to either dig their playful shenanigans or are likely to be completely over them. It's unlikely anything Crazy Tooth has done in 777 Rainbow Respins will change anyone's mind. Another sore point is the ludicrously low symbol values – a phenomenon plaguing a number of Crazy Tooth slots. Technically speaking, it is possible to score decent returns in 777 Rainbow Respins. The respins might not be insane a lot of the time, but they occasionally cobble something decent together. Potential isn't bad at all, maxing out at 6,500x the stake, which seems enormous given the symbol values.

At a stretch, 777 Rainbow Respins is a cheerful leprechaun game, so players who are into these magical characters might appreciate spinning reels alongside a chipper companion. However, the good points failed to make up for what was a low thrills game, devoid of much creativity. Other studios have released classic slots with a modern twist, which these 777 games feel like they are trying to be. The thing about success stories like the ELK Classic Series is they tend to be clever, grunty games, which drag you in and are good for a few laughs. For our money, 777 Rainbow Respins felt flimsy by comparison and lacked anything that came close to being remotely unmissable.


The leprechaun used to liven the game is about as good as it gets in 777 Rainbow Respins.

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