crazy tooth studio

đź”” Who are Crazy Tooth Studio?

Based in one of the world’s gambling hotspots, Nevada, Crazy Tooth Studio has been busy living up to their name by releasing some of the more unusual slots on the market. Founded in 2011, Crazy Tooth is an independent studio which has found a wider audience thanks to their partnership with Games Global. Their European market debut, Arctic Valor, turned out to be a lot more conventional than later titles have been. When Crazy Tooth turn on the creativity, games like Seven 7’s or The Incredible Balloon Machine will have you questioning what the definition of a slot actually is.

As well as designing slots, Crazy Tooth Studio also offers a product called Incisor® which is their proprietary development framework. Running on HTML 5 and the Unity game engine, CTS Arsenal gives third parties a quick and easy way to develop their own ideas by offering customisable frameworks. This is a studio where anything can happen, and players have come to expect the unexpected with each release. While you might not be able to tell which tangent Crazy Tooth Studios will take players on next, their games can be relied on to produce consistently high RTP in the 96-97% range.

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