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A Flight of Fortune: Slot Overview

Hold on to your feathers, folks; we're about to let our imaginations take flight with one of the more creative units around, Games Global partner Crazy Tooth Studios. The game, in this instance, is A Flight of Fortune and makes use of the developer's CoinVerge winning mechanic. If you haven't caught the CoinVerge before, it offers a completely different way of trying your luck on a set of reels. The question is, is it cringe new like some train wreck fashion, or is it going to be something all the bandwagoners are doing soon?

Crazy Tooth does like its birds, huh, and A Flight of Fortune is stuffed with a fair few of them, like its brother or sister slots Lucky Clucks or Lucky Clucks 2. This time, the birds you want to see in A Flight of Fortune are toucan brackets because they're able to award wins. Following this, players will quickly spot that A Flight of Fortune does not use regular symbols like a regular online slot. No royals, gems, fruit, or anything like that. Instead, the key goal is to collect symbols, with the help of those previously mentioned toucan brackets, while basking in its tropical plant-populated game world, which the info sheet states is the lush Amazonian jungle. Eh, why not?

A Flight of Fortune slot
A Flight of Fortune slot - base game

A Flight of Fortune might function a bit differently, but gamblers still have to choose a bet to participate, and the options range from 25 c to $/€30 per spin. Statistically, A Flight of Fortune is a highly volatile slot producing a default RTP of 96.03%, with two lower return value models also available. It's played on a regular-looking gameboard, but there are no paylines, ways, or anything like that. Instead, to win, you'll need the help of toucan collection brackets. When a matching opening bracket and closing bracket land on the same rows (there are different kinds of brackets), they create a collection area, and the coins in between these brackets award the total of their displayed values to the player. The regular paying coins come in three types - low, medium, and high credit coins. Multiple collection areas can be present on a single spin, too.

A Flight of Fortune: Slot Features

A Flight of Fortune slot
A Flight of Fortune slot - free spins

Special symbols may also appear on the grid awarding respins, jungle prizes, or modifiers and are accompanied by a nudge feature.

Special Symbols

Special symbols collected in brackets help boost A Flight of Fortune's entertainment and payout values and include:

  • Multiplier Coins - collecting these coins multiplies prizes in the collection areas by 2, 3, 4, or 5.
  • Upgrade Coin - collecting this coin upgrades all low and medium coins to high coins while awarding an additional high credit coin.
  • Collect Column Coin - collecting this coin adds all coins within its column to the active collection area for the current spin.
  • Collect All Coin - collecting this coin adds all coins within the gameboard to the active collection area for the current spin.
  • Respin Coin - triggers the respin feature mentioned below when collected.

Jungle Prizes

Jungle prize overlay symbols may appear on the grid but not during respins. When 3 or more Jungle Prize Overlay symbols are in view in a collection area, the active Jungle Prize is awarded. The prizes are the Major, Minor, and Mini, and once their prize has been awarded, its value is reset. Flitting about the place is a Jungle Prize Increment symbol in the form of a bird. Landing this symbol increases one of the Jungle Prizes. It is not available during respins.

Nudge Feature

The Nudge feature triggers at random. When it does activate, it nudges a closing bracket up or down to match the row of a like opening bracket to create a collection area.

A Flight of Fortune Respins

Respin coins showing values of 2, 3, or 5 are present in the game. When a Respin coin is collected in a collection area, respins are awarded. Respins can be retriggered for up to a maximum of 8 respins. Coins inside the collection areas are collected and repopulated with new coins for the given number of respins.

A Flight of Fortune slot
A Flight of Fortune slot - free spins

A Flight of Fortune: Slot Verdict

One of the good things about Crazy Tooth Studios is its consistency. Consistently, um, unusual. The studio's slots never fail to produce some sort of emotional response. That doesn't necessarily mean the response involves white knuckles from gripping onto the latest immersive thrill fest. Often, those emotions run along the lines of what on earth have these guys cooked up this time? And so it was in A Flight of Fortune, which, yes, dares to be different but at the same time felt like it just missed the mark again.

Weak values are one of A Flight of Fortune's major boner killers. From memory, the first time a hit occurred, the toucans had highlighted a total value of something like '8'. Okay, 8 bucks, not a bad start, but no, that actually equated to 8 cents. Huh. Shouldn't be surprised, given Crazy Tooth's track record for filling past games with low-value prizes and such, but still, it was a surprise. And not a good one. Technically, A Flight of Fortune can produce wins as high as 8,000x the bet, putting it into a fairly hefty weight division. But still, it was hard to see how this would ever occur due to the sorts of tools players have to work with. Happy to see it eventuate, but.

A Flight of Fortune might not have blown much hair back, but here's hoping Crazy Tooth Studios keeps banging away in its workshop, turning out oddball slots like this one. They might not be crafting slot-of-the-year contenders, but at least they're happy doing their thing. It'd be a sad day if some heartless, soulless conglomerate bought the studio out and transformed it into a commercial cookie-cutter outfit, releasing bland slots that triggered zero emotional responses.


A Flight of Fortune provides another wacky way of gambling online courtesy of Crazy Tooth Studios.

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