Amazon Lost Gold

(Alchemy Gaming) Slot Review

Amazon Lost Gold slot
Amazon Lost Gold slot – base game

Amazon Lost Gold: Slot Overview

What does it say about humanity (if anything) that when you plug the word ‘Amazon’ into an internet search, what dominates are links to Jeff Bezos’ monolithic online shop rather than references to the Amazon rainforest, which has been dubbed ‘the lungs of the earth’? Perhaps future generations will offer clearer elucidation on this phenomenon. Till then, the Amazon and its neighbouring continental regions continue to exert a hold on the imagination of online slot designers, and here is another one from Game Global partner Alchemy Gaming. It’s called Amazon Lost Gold and is built on the shoulders of a previous release named Aquanauts, with several in-built alterations.

One of the most obvious alterations is that players find themselves on firm ground for this one rather than braving ocean trenches. As before, Amazon Lost Gold’s artwork has a pleasant quality to it, and again you can see why this part of the planet consistently pulls game makers in. The jungle, the vibrant culture, the artefacts, carvings, and overall thick exoticism makes for an intoxicating blend when mixed right. This Alchemy Gaming has largely achieved, and Amazon Lost Gold isn’t a slot that is going to hurt your eyes for looking.

While the background has a sort of heat haze thing going on, the game grid is crystal clear and, has 5-reels, 5-rows, and provides 3,125 ways to win. Matching symbols landing from the left-hand side across adjacent reels results in a monetary payout. Statistically, Amazon Lost Gold is a highly volatile slot with four RTP settings of 96.22% as its highest one. Users get bet levels of 30 p/c to £/€42 per spin and are able to use a tablet, mobile, or desktop device to play Amazon Lost Gold.

Winning symbols are removed from the reels by the Rolling Reel feature, and symbols drop down from above. Consecutive wins may result as Rolling Reels will continue like this until no new win is created after a drop. The game has divided its pay symbols into two distinct groups. One is low-pay carved stone symbols, which are worth around 0.67 to 0.93 times the bet; the second group are the high-pay animals – frog, toucan, monkey and panther, paying approximately 1.33 to 2.67 times the bet. Lastly but not leastly, wilds may land on any reel, substitute for any regular pay symbols or award up to 5 times the bet for a line of 5 wilds.

Amazon Lost Gold: Slot Features

Amazon Lost Gold slot
Amazon Lost Gold slot – bonus wheel

The features players may cross paths with in Amazon Lost Gold are Echo Rolls, free spins, a Bonus Wheel, Upsizer, and a bonus buy.

Echo Rolls

After a win, there is a chance the Echo Roll triggers to award another guaranteed win. Winning positions are filled with the same low, high, or wild symbol. In free spins, Echo Rolls can be modified, so only wilds appear or to not filled with low pays.

Free Spins with Bonus Reel

Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers the Bonus Wheel as well as 8 free spins. Any additional scatter in view awards an extra +2 free spins. While free spins are active, hitting a scatter adds +1 more free spin to the tally. The Bonus Wheel spins before the round begins to award:

  • 2 or 4 extra free spins.
  • Multiplier increments of 2 or 3.
  • Wild symbols or no low pay symbols with Echo Rolls.

Free spins use a win multiplier that starts at x1 and increases by +1 following each Rolling Reel. Unless greater increments are won from the Bonus Wheel, then it increases by +2 or +3.


After the Bonus Wheel spins, players are able to pay to add additional upgrades to the free spins round. Costs are clearly displayed before players commit to buying them.

Buy Bonus

Something else players can buy is instant access to the Bonus Wheel and 8 starting free spins for the cost of 50x the bet via the Buy Bonus function.

Amazon Lost Gold slot
Amazon Lost Gold slot – free spins

Amazon Lost Gold: Slot Verdict

Whilst a competently made slot, maybe don’t enter Amazon Lost Gold looking to discover something unseen by the eyes of humankind before. Regions of the Amazon might be presented in slots as if players are trekking into uncharted territory or rediscovering archaeological sites untouched for hundreds of years, but in reality, Central/South American, Aztec, Inca, Amazon etc. themed slots are pretty darn common. Kind of like having hopes of taking snaps you can flaunt on Instagram of you and your partner in a dream destination, only to find it is already crawling with hordes of other travellers with the exact same thought in mind.

No matter, just as even the busiest tourist spot can be enjoyable, so can slots set in this part of our planet. No major complaints about the way Alchemy Gaming has handled Amazon Lost Gold, either, though it arguably isn’t as hair-raising as drifting to the bottom of the sea as in Aquanauts. Perhaps what threatens the possible thrill levels is a significantly reduced max win. Where the previous game had an eye-watering value of 50,000x the bet (questionable whether that was actually realistically achievable or just an ploy to help promote the game), Alchemy Gaming has decimated that number down to 5,000x the bet for Amazon Lost Gold. However, the more realistically achievable number shouldn’t severely dent the Amazon Lost Gold experience, holistically speaking, except perhaps for big game hunters who want to track the biggest numbers in slots.

The rest of the game was more or less the same, really, with all the pros and cons which might entail. Rolling Reels do their thing, occasionally hitting the repeat button with Echo Rolls, and are beefed up with the rising multiplier in free spins. The chocolate all-sorts that is the Upsizer might be a temptation but don’t be afraid to scrutinise the price tag when doing so. In summation, Amazon Lost Gold might not be the final word in Central/South American style gaming, yet it’s alright for hacking through the bush in an attempt to uncover potential riches in either.


Amazon Lost Gold might not be the final word in Central/South American style gaming, yet it’s alright for hacking through the bush in an attempt to uncover potential riches in either.

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