Bigwinboard’s Most Popular Slots and Big Win Videos of 2022

Net Gains slot

They say people vote with their feet, but now we also vote with our clicks, and these days it doesn’t take many clicks to wander into all sorts of online rabbit holes. Let’s leave those behind, for now, to concentrate on where a good chunk of the clicks at and our associated collection of videos on YouTube were made. More specifically, which slot reviews and YouTube clips were the most popular during 2022.

Most Visited Slot Reviews

2022 was a great year for online slots, and the list of most visited game reviews tells us that players have a wide, varied range of interests. Fortunately, with the gambling industry being the competitive biz it is, developers have stepped up in an effort to meet player demands, as well as lead them into uncharted waters. Some games work better than others, of course, but here are the most visited slots reviews, providing an indication of what resonated with players:

1. Big Bamboo (Push Gaming)

Big Bamboo slot

Big Bamboo scored highly in the review, but just how popular the game would become was something of a surprise. Even now, it’s hard to pinpoint the precise secret of Big Bamboo’s success. Its combination of looks, gameplay, and potential simply struck the right chord with a lot of people. Or was panda adorability to blame?

2. Money Train 3 (Relax Gaming)

money train 3 max win
The final 100,000x max win screen

The popularity of Money Train 3 was less surprising. It followed on from one of the hardest-hitting games of all time by driving up the levels of devastation in just about every possible way. It was the first ‘natural’ 10 at Bigwinboard before the scoring system was revamped and steamrolled its way into taking Slot of the Year at the 2022 Bigwinboard Awards.

3. Sugar Rush (Pragmatic Play)

Sugar Rush slot
Sugar Rush slot – free spins

Another surprise entry, perhaps, Sugar Rush followed a path laid down by other Pragmatic Play classics such as Sweet Bonanza or Fruit Party and Fruit Party 2. Showing why the candy theme is such a popular choice, Sugar Rush packed the right amount of X-factor to push it into the third spot.

4. Nitropolis 3 (ELK Studios)

Nitropolis 3 slot

Dystopian futures and sequels were popular and bringing both together certainly worked out well for ELK Studios. Nitropolis 3 brought back the animal-dominated vision of the future set in a toxic location with so many possible ways to win, even the studio didn’t mention the number.

5. Wanted Dead or a Wild (Hacksaw Gaming)

Wanted Dead or a Wild slot

Wanted Dead or a Wild was a foray by Hacksaw Gaming into the popular world of the Wild West. Its moody tone and three compelling bonus rounds proved irresistible for those looking for a more grimdark Western slot to partake of.

Moving from the top five, the rest of the list was dominated by a handful of studios that found the right formula to turn out the slots which most intrigued readers. Trying to pick trends from the list is tough, as the themes and gameplay are hugely varied. From deadly serious to cute to creepy, thought-provoking, to downright bizarre, each one offers a different way for players to try their luck.

Most popular YouTube Videos

While the most visited slot reviews make up a diverse range, the most popular YouTube videos were a lot more focused. The Money Train franchise put in a strong showing, taking out four of the top ten spots. They were split evenly between Money Train 2 (at numbers 1 and 5), proving its continual crowd-pleaser status, and Money Train 3 (at numbers 7 and 8), which at double the max win of part two, provided some crazily entertaining clips. Both achieved their top payout in the typical guns blazing, freight train momentum characteristic of a big Money Train result.

Nolimit City snuck a few entries in there, too; Fire in the Hole xBomb got the second spot, while San Quentin xWays bagged the fourth. Both games deliver completely unrelated experiences in many respects. For instance, one game is based in a maximum-security prison, the other in a heavy underground mine setting. However, both are united by their use of deviously good xMechanics and the ability to go berserk when they’re on a major roll, as these clips showcase – the 150,000x max win is from a Bigwinboard member, no less. The third Nolimit City contribution to the top ten list was the biggest non-jackpot win ever – an eye-opening 300,000x the bet from about the bleakest Western slot on the market, Tombstone RIP (number 6). If extra motivation was required, the studio confirmed this phenomenal bonus round came from a regular base game spin.

Taking out numbers 3 and 10 on the list was the ever-reliable Push Gaming classic, Razor Shark, showing the younger upstart slots it still has the goods to blow doors off when it’s running hot. Last but not least, is something of a wild card entry in the form of Sugar Rush from Pragmatic Play. If you’ve ever wanted to see candies pop their way to max win, this is one to check out.

1. Money Train 2 – Epic 50,000x Win!

2. Fire in the Hole xBomb – 60,000x Max Win!

3. Razor Shark – Record Breaking 85,000x Win!

4. San Quentin xWays – Bigwinboard Member Lands First Ever 150,000x Max Win!

5. Money Train 2 – First Ever Max Win!

So, there you have it; the clicks have been counted to reveal what were Bigwinboard’s most popular reviews and YouTube videos of 2022. Since crystal ball gazing is tough, there is no guaranteed way of telling what slots will make the list next year. What we do know is Bigwinboard will be there, playing, reviewing, and sharing some of the most thrilling online slots moments captured on film.

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