Boilin’ Pots

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Boilin' Pots: Slot Overview

It's funny to think how back in the day, there wasn't the inundation of cooking shows that people have access to now. These days, they're everywhere, from tv to YouTube, not to mention the modern tendency to share pictures of food on social media. Interestingly, the fascination/obsession with food prep hasn't quite taken over the online slot world just yet. However, here's one, sort of, from software provider Yggdrasil, called Boilin' Pots. Okay, it's not really crafting a tasty dish for consumption, yet it involves a pot bubbling with ingredients over an open flame, so let's call it close enough for now.

Boilin' Pots' brew isn't prepared in a kitchen but outdoors, in a misty forest at night. Its 5x3 reel set can expand, and when it does, the camera zooms out, revealing more of the game world in the process. The onscreen image is slightly uninspiring at first, though at full expansion, users get a cool view of twisty trees, glowing eyes, a raven on a branch, and a cute little mouse cooking a sausage on a stick. There's a Fantasma Games feel to the enterprise, and while Boilin' Pots looks a little plain when the grid is in its smallest state, it becomes quite a visual feast when reels expand or when the feature phases are active.

Boilin' Pots slot

If Boilin' Pots looks enticing, then you can pick stakes of 10 p/c to £/€40 per spin and play the game on any device. The RTP, at 96%, might be the very definition of average, but volatility is not, having been classed by Yggdrasil as 'Super High'. So, from a technical standpoint, Boilin' Pots is probably not the best game for some casual lols. Winning potential is suitably high to match, though, so there are sizeable rewards up for grabs for lucky brewers.

At the default grid size, there are 243 ways to win, creating a payout when at least three identical symbols land left to right from the first reel onwards. Expanding the grid to its full 7-row high height means 16,807 ways to win become available. As for the paytable, symbols begin with mandrake roots, claws, eyeballs, wings, and potion bottles as the low pays, before four gem tiles and a book make up the highs. Landing a five low pay symbol way is worth a payout of 0.5x the bet rising to 1.5-10x the bet for five high pays. Toadstools are wild and can substitute for any normal paying symbols. Don't expect to see them much, however, as they only appear on the reels during the Wild Respins feature detailed next.

Boilin' Pots: Slot Features

boilin pots slot

As well as the wild symbol, another one of Boilin' Pots' potentially game-changing symbols is the arrow. When one of these hits, an extra row is added to the game panel, going as high as 7 rows high if enough arrow symbols hit.

Wild Respin

Should you be lucky enough to land 4 arrow symbols on a single spin sequence, then the Wild Respin feature is triggered. For this, respins continue to be awarded as long as winning combinations are formed. Also, respins are where wild symbols appear on the reels, possibly stacked up to three positions high. When no win appears, respins end and the game returns to its default layout.

Rising Reels Bonus Game

Landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols awards a payout of 10x or 100x the bet respectively and activates the bonus round. This feature is played on a 5x7 sized grid, where Cash Symbols or Win Symbols may land. Cash Symbols appear with values of 1x, 2x, 3x, 5x, 25x, or 50x the bet, while Win Symbols are worth 100x, 200x, 500x, 1,000x, or 5,000x the bet. Despite all the real estate, only the middle row is an active payline, so you only win when symbols land there.

Now, 3 spins are awarded, and whenever a Cash or Win Symbol lands on the payline row, the number resets. The feature ends when spins run out, and the total win is paid. Or not, as the Rising Reels Bonus Game comes with a bonus guarantee of 5x the bet. If this much is not won during the feature, the round will continue until a win of 5x or more is achieved. As well as triggering the bonus round naturally, it may be possible to buy it as well for the cost of 50 times the total stake.

Boilin' Pots slot

Boilin' Pots: Slot Verdict

Like getting a pot of soup up to its optimal temperature, it took time for Boilin' Pots to really warm-up, too. For a while, the cauldron bubbled away at mid-heat, landing one or maybe two arrow symbols to build a few extra rows - not for nought did Yggdrasil class this as 'super highly' volatile, and it took time for the game to flex. Due to the expansion mechanic, Boilin' Pots felt a little like an AvatarUX game, and once the reels were built to their full height, anticipation moved up a notch when the Wild Respins feature activated. This didn't happen super frequently in the playthrough, but Wild Respins occurred often enough to keep the game going.

Boilin' Pots also brought up memories of Yggdrasil's Easter Island games, though with several major differences. The studio has swapped the knee-slapping antics of its two boisterous Moai for something less charismatic on the surface yet much more serious underneath. As well as being a lot more volatile than either Easter Island slot, the reward levels in Boilin' Pots is a lot larger as well, maxing out at 10,114x the bet. Solid wins are theoretically possible in the base game or during Respins, perhaps, thanks to all those ways, as well as in the Rising Reels Bonus Game should the big Win Symbols hit.

Along with decent potential, Boilin' Pots can also dish out disappointment. For one, you've got to land symbols in one payline in the bonus round rather than anywhere on the grid as in regular hold 'n win rounds. As such, you might want to mentally prepare for seeing all sorts of prizes torturously go to waste when they land outside the payline. It was sort of hilarious in the base game, too, when reaching 7 rows high, triggering Wild Respins, then getting nothing on the first respin, practically ending the feature before it had even begun.

Presumably, putting together a potion is a delicate process of measuring ingredients and following each instruction to the letter. So it is in Boilin' Pots, a game that can easily blow up on your face if the concoction goes sour but can also reward if the mix is just right.


Though well executed and fun in short bursts, thin gameplay and weak features limits its lasting value.

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