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Brick Snake 2000: Slot Overview

Cast your mind (or imagination) back to the year 2000, and pretend you're about to call or send a text message to a friend. Is the phone in your hand a friggin brick of a device that's sturdy enough to withstand a nuclear explosion? If so, then you're in the right frame of mind to take on Brick Snake 2000, Nolimit City's retro device-themed online slot. Back then, the entertainment opportunities on a mobile device were limited, but one of the more playable games was Snake, where users manoeuvred a highly pixelated snake around an arena, eating dots to get bigger while trying to avoid hitting the walls or bumping into itself. Variations of Snake have persisted down to this very day, such as, which might have updated the graphics and added a multiplayer element, but the core eating/growing idea remains the same.

Brick Snake 2000 follows in the footsteps of Nine to Five, being a retro pixelated wonderland that part hurts your eyes, part reawakens memories of an earlier time. A time when, believe it or not, people were not glued to their devices 24/7. Back then, commuters would maybe read a book, flip through the newspaper, or talk to real-life people, sheesh it sounds like we're describing a late 19th-century scene of Bowler Hats and horse-drawn omnibuses. Anyway, back to Brick Snake 2000, which, when factoring in the fabulously playful audiovisuals, is an outpouring of manic, joyful wonder or madness, depending on whether you like your slots on the edge, carving out their niche with the blunt end of a Nokia 6110, or something that sticks closer to the rules of conventionality. Hey, you're reading a Nolimit Slot review, so there's a good chance you're in the former, braver grouping.

Brick Snake 2000 slot
Brick Snake 2000 slot - God Mode tease

Within the cracked 'Nokyou' phone resides a 5-reel, 5-row gaming board possessing 3,125 ways to win by default. The volatility is, yep, you guessed it, 'Extreme', so that's something to consider, while the default RTP comes in at 96.03%, with two lower models available. The stake range is quite wide, stretching from 20 c to a possible $/€280 per spin, with several feature buy options at your fingertips. The xBet is available, too, and activating it increases the stake by 5% (the RTP stays at 96.03%). The effect of using the xBet is having a scatter symbol guaranteed on the second reel. Also, the bottom row is disabled for the base game, and the moving Wild Snek in the base game cannot enter the disabled row.

The pay symbols, yeah, okay, they're different too and are made up of a sim card, a drill, a CD, a Tamagotchi, and then 4 meme-centric character symbols as the highs. Hitting a winning way of 5 low pays will get you 0.25 to 0.4 times the bet, rising to 0.7 to 2 times the bet for a 5 premium symbol combination. When wilds are on the reels, they substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Brick Snake 2000: Slot Features

Brick Snake 2000 slot
Brick Snake 2000 slot - Snek spins

If Brick Snake 2000 wasn't wild enough already, then via the feature set, it gets even wilder. Let's go.


In the base game, the xWays symbol can land on any reel. It reveals the same kind of pay symbols in sizes of 2, 3, 4, 5, and 8110. If more than one xWays hits, then all xWays reveal the same symbol.

Moving Wild Snek

A Wild Snek symbol may land anywhere in the base game or in free spins. It moves 1 to 5 steps in any direction except backward, and those positions are transformed into wilds. When a Wild Snek moves on to a revealed xWays symbol, that position will have a wild symbol of the xWays revealed size.

Brick Snake 2000 slot
Brick Snake 2000 slot - Super Snek spins

Snek Spins

Landing 3 or 4 scatter symbols triggers Snek Spins. The 3rd and 4th scatter (if applicable) convert into Snek symbols for the feature. Snek Spins are played on a grid without regular pay symbols but with these bonus mode features:

  • Snek – these move in any direction except backward. When there are multiple Sneks, they move one at a time, starting with the oldest one. If a Snek moves outside the reels, it continues on the corresponding side. A Snek keeps moving until it eats itself or a Slayer symbol. When eating itself, the Snek symbol stops for the spin, then starts from one position before its killing position for the next spin. The spin ends when all Sneks stop. If all Sneks die, the round ends.
  • Coins – these have default values of 1-5, 10, and 100. If a Snek eats a coin, its value is added to the win. All coin values are values as times the bet.
  • Multipliers – have values of 1-5, and 10. If a Snek eats one, the coin multiplier is increased and applied to the default coin values.
  • Egg – if a Snek eats an egg, a new Snek head will start moving from the tail position of the Snek which ate the egg. Up to 3 Sneks can be active at once.
  • Slayer – these are sticky, and up to 4 can be on the grid at once. If a Snek eats a Slayer, it dies and is not present for the next spin.
  • Upgrade – if a Snek eats an UP symbol, Snek Spins are upgraded to Super Snek Spins after the current round is completed.
  • MaxWin – if a Snek eats this symbol, 8,110x the bet is awarded. The MaxWin symbol disappears after 4 Snek steps if not eaten.

Super Snek Spins

Landing 5 scatter symbols triggers Super Snek Spins, where the 3rd and 4th scatter convert to Sneks. One thing different in this round is that it has a Collector 2000 symbol. This symbol adds the sum of all visible coin values to its current value at the beginning of each spin. If a Snek eats the Collector 2000 symbol, the value of the symbol is added to the coin value counter. After updating the coin value counter, the win multiplier at the time of consumption is multiplied to the value of the Collector 2000 symbol. If Snek does not eat the Collector 2000 within 4 steps, it disappears for that spin. Either way, the Collector 2000 shows up on the next spin.

Double or Nothing

When achieving Brick Snake 2000's 8,110x max win, players have the option of doubling or nothing their win. A successful gamble doubles the win; an unsuccessful gamble loses everything. Yes, this is some brutal stuff indeed.

Nolimit Bonus

From the Nolimit Bonus, players may buy 3 scatter Snek Spins for 50x the bet (RTP 96.26%), 4 scatter Snek Spins for 100x the bet (RTP 96.28%), or Super Snek Spins for 360x the bet (RTP 96.37%). Or, there is a lucky draw for 96x the bet (RTP 96.23%). For players who like to go large, Brick Snake 2000 has 2 further options. One is God Mode, where players chase the max win by attempting to land a MAX symbol on the leftmost reel and a WIN symbol on the rightmost reel on the same row. This costs 1,689x the bet (RTP 96.01%). For gamblers who prefer to push things further, here's God Mode Deluxe. For the cost of 8,360x the bet players can activate Double or Nothing (RTP 97.01%). However, there is no option not to gamble the Double or Nothing this time. Either you win everything, or you lose.

Brick Snake 2000 slot
Brick Snake 2000 slot - Double or Nothing

Brick Snake 2000: Slot Verdict

Say what you like about Nolimit City slots - 'they're too brutal, they're not brutal enough, they rule, they suck'; the studio certainly cannot be accused of lazily turning out generic tack we've all seen ten thousand times before. Oh sure, there have been Snake games in the past, Snake Arena for example, but that is a million miles away from the maniacal ravings which have been violently squeezed into Brick Snake 2000 like a warped sim card. In just about every respect, Brick Snake 2000 is a bizarre serpent of a slot, which does almost nothing by the book.

Here's an example and a question for high rollers: just how high do you want to roll? With Brick Snake 2000, it is technically possible to wager $/€2,340,800 on a single roll of the God Mode Deluxe. Let's let that sink in for a moment. There can't be many places in the realm of online gambling where such a thing is at least theoretically possible. Even at the lowest possible stake, tangling with God Mode Deluxe costs €1,672. What sort of terrifying slot development black magic is this? Is it irresponsible? Is it giving adults the chance to (responsibly, hopefully) wager their own hard-earned money the way they would like? The mind boggles. Actually, the mind was boggling the moment Brick Snake 2000 reared its googly-eyed head and tangoed its way across the screen. Even now, the boggling continues.

As usual, when it comes to a Nolimit City slot, Brick Snake 2000 will not be for everyone - this one in particular will be a divider. Either way, there is no denying the ludicrous amount of creative juices gushing from the studio in just about every release, whether they were ultimately warmly, hotly, or mehly received. Brick Snake 2000 is no exception. Snek Spins have a clunk to them some may find distracting, and they can be a little confusing to start with, a little. The main gist is easy enough, though. Keep the Sneks stepping around the grid collecting prizes to put in your pocket. A bit like ELK Studio's Coba, with masses of NLC flair, while also reminiscent of Nine to Five. The Collector 2000 can make a big difference, too, and was responsible for some of the best moments during the test sessions. For the record, the 8,110x max win cap can be achieved in the base game by landing a MAX symbol on the leftmost reel and a WIN symbol on the rightmost reel on the same row, or if a Snek eats a MaxWin symbol in bonus mode.

Other entertaining moments were when toying (using pretend demo cash) with God Mode Deluxe. This feature buy is like gathering up the courage to ask out your dream girl or boy, thereby giving them the power to either make your desires come true or grab your beating heart out of your chest and mash it to a pulp before your very eyes. Hyperbole, sure, but Brick Snake 2000 has the potential to be a gambling tool like few others, and one that can be as venomous as a Cobra.


Brick Snake 2000 is a wildly creatively retro wonderland that can be as thrilling as it can be venomous.

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