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Candy Blitz Bombs: Slot Overview

Developer Pragmatic Play continues its obsession with all things sugary by designing Candy Blitz Bombs, a follow-up to the delights of a slightly earlier sweet slot, Candy Blitz. The title gives much of the game away, as Candy Blitz Bombs brings back a lot of what Candy Blitz delivered, such as tumbles, a multiplier reel, etc. while arming itself with a new Bomb symbol. What does it do? Feel free to grab your toothbrush and come take a look with us.

The visuals have been altered slightly, but Candy Blitz Bombs' action still takes place in one of these candy wonderlands that online slot developers love to make. One where comfort food items lie about the place, everything is bright, happy, and sugary stuff abounds, though this one has a rainbow in its base game. As before, the gaming grid consists of 6 reels, holding 5 columns each, and the multiplier reel is back, too. However, it functions differently this time, less randomly, let's say, for now.

Candy Blitz Bombs slot
Candy Blitz Bombs slot - base game

A highly volatile slot, Candy Blitz Bombs takes wagers of 20 c to $/€240 per spin and has a bonus buy option. The default RTP is the same, no matter how the game is played, at 96.49%. Candy Blitz Bombs is a scatter paying slot, so when 8 or more of the same pay symbol land anywhere on the grid, a win is made, players are rewarded, and the tumble feature activates.

After winning combinations pay, they are removed from the reels. The remaining symbols fall, and new symbols tumble from above to fill the vacant spaces. Tumbling continues until no more winning combinations appear after a tumble. The same symbols return for this release, which means nine hard candy symbols and no wild. When landing a winning scatter combination made up of 8-9 matching symbols, the payout is 0.1 to 0.6 times the bet, while the biggest scatter combinations of 12-30 OAK are worth 0.4 to 3 times the bet, representing quite a step down in values from Candy Blitz.

Candy Blitz Bombs: Slot Features

Candy Blitz Bombs slot
Candy Blitz Bombs slot - free spins

Candy Blitz Bombs reuses the tumbles, multiplier reel, free spins, and feature buy combo from the previous game while dropping in a new Bomb symbol.

Multiplier Reel & Bomb Symbol

Next to the main reels is a reel that displays only multipliers. On every base game spin, the multiplier starts at x1, and after each tumble, it increases by +1. All wins in the game are multiplied by the middle multiplier from this reel. At the end of each base game, spin the multipliers on the reel reset. Moreover, the Bomb symbol can hit anywhere on the reels. When it hits, it has a random multiplier value of x3 to x500 that is added to the current value on the multiplier reel.

Free Spins

Landing 4, 5, or 6 scatter symbols triggers 10, 12, or 14 free spins, respectively. During the free spins round, the multiplier on the multiplier reel does not reset between free spins and continues to grow by +1 after each tumble until the end of the round. If Bomb symbols hit, the multiplier is added to the multiplier progress. Hitting 3 or more scatters in the bonus awards +5 extra spins.

Bonus Buy

The free spins round can be activated from the base game by buying it for 100x the bet. When buying the free spins round 4, 5, or 6 scatters are guaranteed to randomly land to trigger the feature.

Candy Blitz Bombs slot
Candy Blitz Bombs slot - free spins

Candy Blitz Bombs: Slot Verdict

For the most part, Candy Blitz Bombs comes with some nice upgrades. Pragmatic Play has added a new Bomb symbol that the previous slot, Candy Blitz, did not have, and since Bombs have values of up to x500, which they can add to the values on the multiplier reel, they look pretty good. However, the effect has been spoiled, to a degree, since some of the other changes in Candy Blitz Bombs have been reductions. The pay symbol values being hacked from a maximum of x50 to x3 was one of the first noticeable effects.

Candy Blitz Bombs counters this in its way by not only using Bombs but by joining them to a multiplier reel that now progresses in a linear fashion from x1, adding 1 for each tumble which occurs. If you remember Candy Blitz, the multiplier values on the reel were more random, and it had those basically value-less x1 blue symbols in the base game, nullifying the multiplier. Candy Blitz Bombs' method is more dependably straightforward, plus it now has Bombs, which can give the multiplier reel an instant boost. A significant boost, too, depending on the value. As before, free spins are really where you want to be since, this time, the multiplier does not reset till the round ends.

For the most part, the changes are welcome ones, altering the Candy Blitz experience and, in some ways, enhancing it. However, the warm fuzzy feelings were tainted by the fact Pragmatic Play has halved the winning potential by moving the win cap from the 10,000x of Candy Blitz to Candy Blitz Bombs' 5,000x. A rather drastic reduction, and while most people are probably unlikely to hit either 5,000x or 10,000x anyway, slashing the potential in half left a sour taste in the mouth.


Candy Blitz Bombs’ changes are, for the most part, positive ones, though the halving of winning potential left a sour taste in the mouth.

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