Crystal Falls Multimax

(Bulletproof Games) Slot Review


Crystal Falls Multimax slot

Crystal Falls MultiMax: Slot Overview

Bulletproof Games is a UK based studio located in the cathedral city of Lichfield, a few miles north of Birmingham. The studio has a few slots under its belt though none have made particularly large waves until Crystal Falls MultiMax – thanks to its association with Yggdrasil‘s YGS Program. The game boasts some impressive multipliers during a free spins round, as well as a Cascades+ system and an interesting Encore ante bet feature.

Crystal Falls MultiMax is pretty underwhelming at first, sorry to say. There’s some sort of mining, other-planet, gem thing going on, but theme use is weak, and it’s not a game that grabs you by the eyeballs to drag you into its world. A collection of gems land across a 5-reel, 3-row game grid, providing 20 fixed paylines to land winners on. Aside from a grim, dark cave and a low key ambient soundtrack, there’s not much else to report on audio-visually.

Available on any device, Crystal Falls MultiMax comes with two types of stakes – regular and Encore enhanced. Regularly priced stakes range from 20 p/c to £/€100 per spin, and when the Encore feature is activated, costs increase by 50%. For the extra charge, players improve their chances of winning free spins. Speaking of spins, around 1 in 4 (23%) will dole out some form of payment, contributing to a theoretical return value of 95%. Paired with medium-high volatility is mid-level potential at odds when seeing what the features are capable of.

Players score coins when two or three matching symbols land adjacently from the left-hand side of the grid. It’s precious stones all the way as single gems of various colours make up the low pays, while gem clusters are the high-value symbols paying up to 20x the bet for five of a mind. Even better is the game’s logo symbol, worth 25x for a line of five. Wilds come into their own during free spins, though in all phases of the game, they are used to replace any pay symbols to complete a winning line.

Crystal Falls MultiMax: Slot Features

Crystal Falls Multimax slot

Crystal Falls MultiMax brings together a Cascade+ feature, the aforementioned Encore ante bet, and free spins, making use of a MultiMax feature on loan from Yggdrasil. First thing to know is winning symbols are cleared from the grid when they hit, allowing symbols to drop into the gaps. Chains of winning cascades roll on in this way until no new combinations appear.

While this is going on, players move along a progressive trail located to the left of the screen. The trail’s position increases by one step for every cascade in the base game, and 4 consecutive wins trigger 7 free spins. Landing more than 4 consecutive wins leads onto 10, 12, or 18 free spins, before maxing out at 25.

When no more winning combinations land and free spins are not won, the trail resets back to its starting level. However, if the Encore bet is engaged, two positions on the trail are converted to respins rather than losing positions. This means if you don’t manage to trigger free spins, if the trail sits on a respin position, you get an extra chance to progress. The Encore feature increases the likelihood of triggering free spins from 1 in 140 to 1 in 62.

During MultiMax free spins, multipliers starting at x1 sit above each reel. When a wild symbol lands, the multiplier above it increases by +1. Payline wins are multiplied by the multipliers on each applicable reel. For example, a three of a kind win would have the multipliers on reels 1-3 multiply the win – one after the other to build value. Moreover, the Cascade+ trail still applies during the bonus round, where three positions get you +3 extra free spins. From there, it is possible to win 7, 10, 12, 18, or 25 additional free spins if you progress far enough.

Lastly, if you live in a country where bonus buys are allowed, Crystal Falls MultiMax offers one for 100x the bet. This starts the Cascade+ trail on the 10 free spins position for the next spin.

Crystal Falls MultiMax: Slot Verdict

Hovering up every designer and their dog ensures a huge range of games are firing through the YGS Program. By sucking up every studio that isn’t tied down has seen the quality become a bit of a mixed bag. There are the hits, to be sure, but lower grade games slip the net at ever-increasing rates. Sure, different strokes for different folks, and it’s nice to have a range of options to please as many types of gamblers as possible, but at times it feels like quantity rather than quality is the overriding driver. Crystal Falls MultiMax stokes this response further, being a jumble of good and not so good elements.

Let’s hope Bulletproof lives up to their game because there are few constructive criticisms to make about Crystal Falls MultiMax. The first thing is the game is pretty average looking, and that is putting it politely. Looks are only skin deep, yet they are largely responsible for making the first impression, and Crystal Falls MultiMax doesn’t exactly provoke much excitement when it first lights up your monitor.

It’s a missed opportunity because the features which follow are quite good. The Encore feature is a nice addition and slashes the wait time needed to trigger free spins. Respins don’t always lead to free spins, of course, but they add an extra thrill when they trigger, adding to the experience. The bonus game is quite well thought out, too, though very close to Yggdrasil’s own Multifly game. Then again, you’d expect so when borrowing a feature.

As well as Crystal Falls MultiMax’ decidedly average looks, its potential also lags when considering what the makers claim free spin multipliers can achieve. Building a colossal five-reel multiplier would be quite a sight; however, winning potential is limited to 4,106x the bet, so something’s not adding up.

Cynical players might accuse Yggdrasil of powering Crystal Falls MultiMax to shine a spotlight back on Multifly and make their own game look good. If so, then mission accomplished. However, this is unlikely to be the case. Still, when you trace Crystal Falls MultiMax’ roots, it’s hard not to come away with the impression it’s a less attractive, less lucrative version of Multifly. It’s a shame because Crystal Falls MultiMax could have been significantly better with a bit of spit and polish.


Crystal Falls Multimax could have been so much more if Bulletproof had worked on the presentation and loosened the shackles limiting potential.

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