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D-Day: Slot Overview

June 6, 1944, the largest seaborne invasion in history, took place when thousands of Allied troops poured onto the beaches of Normandy, facing down Nazi guns, beginning the liberation of France and leading to eventual victory. Often referred to as D-Day, the invasion has been immortalised by photography, literature, and movies, notably the 1998 film 'Saving Private Ryan' starring Tom Hanks as a battle-hardened, war-weary school teacher. It's also been recorded for posterity by software provider Nolimit City in the bullet flying, bomb dropping, shell pounding slot, D-Day.

Players enter D-Day the slot at the planning stage where the gaming grid hangs over a top-down view of a map, poured over by various minds putting the operation together. The game possesses humorous moments during its big win count-up screens (revisiting the aforementioned film 'Saving Private Ryan'), but D-Day is quite seriously minded compared to a lot of what Nolimit City does. Extra weight is piled on by an almost oppressive soundtrack that bears a vague resemblance to the load screen music in Battlefield 1942, though with less heroically jingoistic overtures. The game also bears a resemblance to Das xBoot, serving as a sort of sequel and is also played on a pyramidal-shaped gaming grid. This one consists of 5 reels lined up in a 3-4-5-4-3 formation like a spear driving towards the heart of the enemy with its 720 ways to win.

d-day slot
D-Day slot - base game

Switching the Boosted xBet feature on coats the background in a red light and increases the stake (where the options are 20 c to $/€100 per spin) by 30%. Using the Boosted xBet makes it about 2 times more likely to trigger free spins1 in 99 spins compared to 1 in 206 spins without it. The RTP changes as well between the two modes, defaulting at 96.12%, or with the Booster xBet it is 96.08%. As you might have guessed, D-Day is volatile, extremely volatile, in fact, which is the word the game's maker has used.

Nolimit City has also named all of the pay symbols, which makes things easier. On the lower side are the Commando, Foot Soldier, Anti-Air, and Fighter Pilot, whereas the highs are the Panzer, Bomber, Stuka, and Howitzer. Landing 5 OAK low pay winning combinations awards 0.25 to 0.45 times the bet, or hitting 5 matching high pays triggers a payout of 0.5 to 2 times the bet. Wilds appear all over the place, boosted by many of the features, and substitute for all regular pay symbols.

D-Day: Slot Features

D Day slot
D-Day slot - base game with xBet activated

Thundering off to the French coasts is armoury that includes several kinds of wild conversion modifiers, wild multipliers, three free spins rounds, and feature buys.


Randomly, 2 to 5 Bombers may appear on different reels - one Bomber per reel. All paying symbols on these reels are transformed into wild symbols from top to bottom. If the Anti-Air symbol is present on the chosen reels, the wild transformation stops just above that Anti-Air symbol. If a wild symbol is present on the chosen reels, then the multiplier increases by +1 for that wild symbol.


Stukas may appear diagonally from left to right or right to left. Stukas split pay symbols, doubling their size. Up to 7 Stukas can appear on a spin – one per diagonal.


Randomly, 2 to 5 Panzers may appear in different rows, one per row. Each low-pay symbol on the chosen reels is transformed into a wild symbol, except the Foot Soldier. If a wild is present on the chosen row, the multiplier increases by +1 for that wild symbol.


The Howitzer randomly chooses 1 to 7 pay symbols and turns them wild, except the Commando symbol or wild symbols.

D Day slot
D-Day slot - Howitzer

Scatters & Atom Wild

Landing 2 scatter symbols may trigger any of the previously mentioned modifiers in the base game. If one of the scatters lands on the rightmost reel, Atomic Wild is triggered. When triggered, a random position is picked on the grid and transformed into a wild symbol with a random multiplier of x10, x20, x30, x50 or x100. If the chosen position is already wild, then +1 is added to the randomly chosen multiplier. If multiple modifiers trigger at once, Atomic Wild always triggers first.

Neptune Spins

Landing 3 scatter symbols triggers 8 Neptune Spins. When triggered, players pick to reveal 2 out of 5 modifiers. However, if one of the triggering scatters landed on the rightmost reel, Atomic Wild is automatically awarded and players get 1 pick instead of 2. . Each revealed modifier activates at least once during the round.

Invasion Spins

Invasion Spins are triggered by landing 4 scatter symbols in the base game. The same rules apply as in Neptune Spins, except players get 3 modifier reveal picks (2 if Atomic Wild was activated).

Overlord Spins

Overlord Spins are triggered by landing 5 scatter symbols in the base game. The same rules apply as in Neptune Spins, except players get 3 modifier picks as the Atomic Wild is guaranteed.

Nolimit Bonus Buy

Players may buy their way into the bonus features from the Nolimit Bonus Buy. Here, you can get Neptune Spins for 70x the bet (RTP 96.13%), Invasion Spins for 250x the bet (96.23%), Overlord Spins for 1,000x the bet (RTP 96.3%), or a Lucky Draw for 235x the bet (RTP 96.2%).

D Day slot
D-Day slot - Panzer

D-Day: Slot Verdict

Presumably, like in a real conflict, the bigger the weapons, the more advanced they are, and the more you can bring to bear, the better the odds of coming out the victor in D-Day the slot. The game provides a lot of them, too, in the form of Bombers, Stukas, Howitzers, the whole kit and kaboodle. As such, D-Day possesses a shed load of firepower, so the issue is how, when, and if the game chooses to deploy everything. Chances are it might not drop a ton of explosives in the base game a lot of the time, being a highly volatile Nolimit City slot and all. In saying so, however, the 2-scatter modifier trigger might turn up some tasty wild action, linking winning symbols across a sizable number of winning ways. You never know. But free spins were where D-Day was more likely to pull the trigger on something more exciting.

As you might have guessed, the 5-scatter triggered round is by far the more desirable one, as usual. Four modifiers active in Overlord Free Spins could cause absolute mayhem, capable of leaving behind the sort of scorched earth that has you questioning humankind's humanity. Or inhumanity? A critical component in D-Day's success is the all-important Atomic Wild. During the session, activating one wasn't always as pulse-racing as the insane random character multiplier feature in Tombstone RIP, but it's up there, and it might put a major boost on a spin's result. Winning potential is up there, too, hitting 55,555x the bet, and plays out in a feature titled 'Mission Accomplished' when achieved.

After Das xBoot, Pearl Harbour, and now D-Day, is it safe to presume Nolimit City has an interest in historical warfare, WW2 in particular? Or maybe the team just likes blowing stuff up? That would explain , Fire in the Hole, Fire in the Hole 2 and Dead Canary, as well. Whatever the truth of the matter, D-Day is a big potential slot which can drop frightening amounts of ordnance onto the reels when it's following the plan - not forgetting that it is extremely volatile, as well, so it's one of those try to be at the back of the landing craft situations.


D-Day is an exceptionally well-made slot that is capable of showering players in glory, or bullets, depending on its mood.

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