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Devil's Crossroad: Slot Overview

It's said by certain Internet sources (Wikipedia, i.e.) that crossroads can represent a place between worlds where people can make contact with supernatural entities. One famous example is the story of American blues musician Robert Johson, who, according to legend, sold his soul to the devil in exchange for guitar mastery. For today's review, it appears that developer Nolimit City has been dabbling in the arcane in order to conjure Devil's Crossroad, an online slot of diabolical delights.

It's no secret that Nolimit City has dabbled in the darker side of life in the past. Before Devil's Crossroad, we've had such devious slots as Book of Shadows, Blood & Shadow, True Kult, and a number of others that might not be directly related but are dark in their own particular ways. Devil's Crossroad expresses darkness through the use of the devil, who sits in the middle of a base game reel set, which sits in a hole ringed by jagged teeth as if teetering over a chasm to the underworld, at the place where two roads meet. One thought provoked by Devil's Crossroad was that no matter how sweet the deal, no matter how attractive a shortcut to fame, glory, or whatever it is, the id desires might be, think twice cos eventually the debt has to be settled, and that might not be fun.

Devil's Crossroad slot
Devil's Crossroad slot - base game

Back in the physical realm is where Devil's Crossroad the game resides, though, and it's played on an usual grid divided into 4 cross sections, each section containing 4 symbols connected in the middle position by a Devil Wild. Winning combinations are removed when they hit, and symbols fall towards the centre. New symbols appear to fill any empty spaces this process causes. Instead of staking souls, players can instead stake 20 c to $/€200 per game round in what is an extremely volatile slot with a default RTP of 96.06%, or 96.04% to 96.1% when buying features.

Grimy road sign symbols with 10 to A printed on them are Devil's Crossroad's low pays, awarding 0.4 to 1.2 times the bet for a 5 OAK hit. Five characters, each with their own story and motivation for doing deals, are Devil's Crossroad's 5 high pay symbols, paying 2 to 10 times the bet for a 5-matching symbol result. The middle devil symbol is wild, and any paying symbol next to the centre position may randomly become a wild symbol called Cross Wilds. All wilds substitute for any regular pay symbol.

Devil's Crossroad: Slot Features

Devil's Crossroad slot
Devil's Crossroad slot - bonus game

Devil's Crossroad's base game is arguably more unorthodox than its hold 'n win bonus rounds, though both Redemption Spins and Upgraded Redemption Spins contain a lengthy list of special symbols which may add pep to the ride.

Cross Multiplier

When a win happens, the same kind of symbol is removed from other cross sections if they are not a part of the win. Each symbol removed in this way increases its cross section multiplier by +1. Wins get multiplied by their respective cross section multiplier.


Scatter symbols can appear in the centre row or column of their cross section. When a scatter symbol lands next to the centre position, the remaining symbols in its cross section become inactive, and symbols of the same type are removed from other cross sections. Removed symbols no longer appear for remaining cascades. Each symbol removed this way increases its cross section multiplier by +1.

Redemption Spins

Landing 4 scatter symbols triggers Redemption Spins. This feature begins with 3 spins and resets to 3 each time a coin lands on the reels. Coins display a bet multiplier number. When a column is completely filled with coins a modifier is awarded for that column on each following spin. The triggered feature affects the coins on the column it is on. These are the modifiers:

  • Gluttony - add its value to all applicable coins.
  • Wrath - multiplies the value of a randomly selected coin on its row/column.
  • Lust - progresses a level towards upgrading Redemption Spins.
  • Greed - selects a random coin from its row/column, which gets all the coin values from its column/row respectively.
  • Envy - transforms a randomly selected coin's value into a copy of the highest coin value on the reels.
  • Pride - selects a random coin from its row/column and adds its value to all other coins on its column/row, respectively.

Redemption Spins can be upgraded by collecting 4 levels on the upgrade bar or when all 4 scatter symbols land next to the centre position in the base game. The upgrade bar collects 1 level for each Lust feature triggered or for each scatter landing next to the centre position in the base game. Upgraded Redemption Spins trigger a feature for filling rows as well as for filling columns. The devil coin is a special coin that may land during Redemption Spins, unlocking a modifier on its column. If Redemption Spins are upgraded, then it also triggers a modifier for its row.

Nolimit Bonus Buy

At the Nolimit Bonus screen, players can buy Redemption Spins for 80x the bet (96.04%), Upgraded Redemption Spins for 500x the bet (RTP 96.05%), or a 50/50 Lucky Draw for 250x the bet (96.1%).

Devil's Crossroad slot
Devil's Crossroad slot - bonus game

Devil's Crossroad: Slot Verdict

Devil's Crossroad was Nolimit City's first release of 2024, and if it is anything to go by, then the year should be another interesting one for gamblers partial to the studio's particular way of doing things. Devil's Crossroad didn't kick the year off with anywhere near the same level of bang as, say, San Quentin did back in 2021, by comparison. But, Devil's Crossroad is nevertheless worth taking the time to explore for followers of Nolimit City's work or those intrigued by the doing deals at crossroads with supernatural beings idea.

Funny though, Devil's Crossroad doesn't explore its subject matter as thoroughly as a slot like Blood & Shadow did. The game, on the whole, is less controversial than they often are from this casino game maker, which was surprising. Nolimit City could have dived into all sorts of diabolical imagery to create a shocking experience, but Devil's Crossroad instead felt somewhat limited in this regard, besides the eerie 4-eyed cat in the bonus rounds and interesting win-count stories. The gameplay is a mix of limited and free-thinking, too. For starters, the sectional quality of the base game is clever, possibly putting players in the mind of slots like Gluttony or The Cage, yet the system is easy to follow and shouldn't provide much, if any, head-scratching confusion. It can be fun to watch combinations being formed in unusual ways, and the max win of 13,180x, theoretically hitting in around 1 in 3.9 million spins, is solid, if not astounding.

And yet, Devil's Crossroad failed to really impress. There's nothing bad as such, but the theme use felt a bit lacklustre for Nolimit City, the pace a tad sluggish, and the bonus rounds, while capable of decent results, seemed pedestrian, especially compared to, say, Fire in the Hole xBomb or Dead Canary. Whilst Devil's Crossroad easily stands out amongst the bulk of generic fruit or joker, etc. slots, it's almost as if the burning fire to shock and break exhilarating new ground has dimmed compared to the Nolimit City of old, and there's a feeling NLC enthusiasts will have been expecting more from Devil's Crossroad.


While possessing a level of innovation, there’s something about Devil’s Crossroad that left us wanting more.

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