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True Kult: Slot Overview

It has been said that not all new or unusual groups are necessarily a cult. However, there is no such beating around the bush in the case of True Kult, an online slot from the diabolical minds at Nolimit City. Here, the game sheet says it all, really – 'Free your mind, body and soul from the shackles of every day life and be reborn into the one True Kult. What are you waiting for? Join us. Eternal Bliss Awaits.' Nothing sinister about that, right?

Certainly, there's not much overly sinister about True Kult's base game when it first hits the screen. An outdoor grassy spot is the location where a wooden gaming grid is embedded in the ground, surrounded by posies and rocks. It's not as cartoonish as Book of Shadows, but nor is True Kult as spooky as Blood & Shadow. This is more like a group that seems harmless on the outside, spouting a positive message before the mental screws are turned, the psychological pressure amps up, and the brainwashing is applied until, by the end, what was once a regular seeker going in, has transformed into a raving naked fanatic twisting the heads off chickens at midnight in the middle of a henge. Or something along those exaggerated lines. Once again, the music is right on point, accelerating from the slow sonic base game burn to extra intensity in The Seance to full-on metal meets The Omen during The Sacrifice bonus round.

true kult slot
True Kult slot - base game

What might be scary is knowing True Kult's volatility has been rated 'Extreme', getting a 10 out of 10 rating from its maker. The game is available in several RTP configurations, the default being 96.06%, or 96.14%, when using the xBet. Base bets of 20 p/c to $/€100 may be selected, and with the xBet on, the stake is multiplied by 3. With xBet on, players are 4 times more likely to trigger The Seance and 6 times more likely to trigger Sacrifice Spins. Played on a 6-reel, 3-row gaming panel, the sixth reel begins the base game locked, meaning 243 ways to win are active, and when unlocked, the ways to win increase to 729. Symbols can also be split, though, creating even more ways.

Pay symbols are divided between low card symbols, T, L, V, K (a nod to black metal) and A, plus five high pay Devotee symbols. A 5 OAK of kind win pays 1-1.25x the bet for the lows and 1.5-4x the bet for the Devotees. When the sixth reel is unlocked, a 6 symbol winning hit awards 1.5-2.5x for the cards and 2.75 to 5 times the bet for the Devotees. Wilds appear at various twists and turns, as will be seen in the features section. Wilds can be used to replace regular paying symbols.

True Kult: Slot Features

True Kult slot
True Kult slot - Seance spins

True Kult stacks this section with Baptism of Fire, scatters, True Believer Wilds, Tarot Multipliers, The Seance, Sacrifice Spins, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Baptism By Fire

These are stacked symbols that reveal a high-pay Devotee symbol of the same type or scatter symbols in the base game. Skull Wilds may be revealed during the bonus rounds.


Scatter symbols land on reels 2 to 5. Landing 2 scatter symbols opens up reel number 6, expanding ways to win to 729. Hitting 3 scatter symbols triggers The Seance bonus mode, while hitting 4 scatters activates The Sacrifice bonus mode. Also, landing a scatter on reel 6 during The Seance activates the Sacrifice bonus mode.

True Believer Wilds

The 3 stacked True Believer symbol lands only on reel 6 – only activating if the sixth reel is opened. True Believer symbols randomly turn low pay card symbols on reels 2-5 into wilds. The True Believer symbol will transform into the same Devotee symbols.

Tarot Multiplier

Tarot Multiplier symbols land on reel 6, only activating when the sixth reel is open. Tarot symbols reveal one of the Devotee symbols and a ways multiplier of x5 to x99. These multipliers are collected in the bonus modes if not used when they land. The collected multiplier is sticky throughout The Sacrifice bonus mode.

True Kult slot
True Kult slot - Sacrifice spins

The Seance

Landing 3 scatter symbols awards 7 free spins in The Seance bonus mode. Here, 3 All Seeing Eye frames are active at the start of the round. They move randomly across reels 2-5 on each spin, and each symbol that lands within a frame splits into two symbols. The sixth reel remains open during this feature, holding True Believer symbols and Tarot multipliers. Tarot Multiplier symbols turn into a Devotee symbol with an additional symbol multiplier. If the multiplier is not used, it is saved for the next time the same symbol lands. Once transferred to the reels, the multiplier is removed. If an extra Tarot Multiplier lands and reveals the same Devotee symbol as already collected, the highest multiplier will be collected and the multiplier count updated. The count signifies how many of that symbol may be upgraded by the Tarot Multiplier. Landing a Skull Wild symbol awards an extra free spin, plus an extra All Seeing Eye frame. If a Skull symbol lands in a frame, it turns into a double wild but does not award an extra All Seeing Eye.

Sacrifice Spins

Landing 4 scatters awards 10 free spins in The Sacrifice bonus mode. Most of the rules of The Seance apply to this round, with a couple of exceptions. For one, this feature starts with 4 All Seeing Eye frames rather than 3. Also, as before, the sixth reel opens, holding True Believer symbols and Tarot Multipliers. However, the symbol multiplier will be sticky and saved for the remainder of the round, transferred to the reels when the symbol lands.

Nolimit Bonus

From the Nolimit Bonus, players may buy 7 free spins in The Seance bonus mode for 68 times the bet (RTP 96.19%) or 10 free spins in The Sacrifice bonus mode for 400 times the bet (RTP 96.3%). The third option is a lucky draw for 234x the bet with a 50/50 chance of triggering either bonus mode (RTP 96.32%).

True Kult slot
True Kult slot - Sacrifice spins

True Kult: Slot Verdict

From a thematic perspective, True Kult has been cleverly designed. It doesn't shock with overtly brutal cultish images of, say, bloody rituals or anything like that. Rather it insidiously burrows beneath the skin as more of the game is revealed. A drip-drip of weirdness, like an actual cult situation presumably, until by the end, users may be unaware of being caught up in the whole situation before it's too late…. Nah, True Kult isn't like that, but it is full of excellent animations, bizarre cultish imagery, and a touch of the dark side. Maybe not as dark as Serial, Mental, Disturbed or some of those NLC Westerns, perhaps, yet there are moments. Big win count-ups for one.

The gameplay is such that it can serve moments, rather thrilling ones, though as we know from past experience, Nolimit City games can be hard going as well. With a free spins hit frequency of 1 in 219, bonus modes might not be super common, yet they're not Halley's Comet regularity either, theoretically speaking, at least. It is interesting how close the two bonus modes are, yet how far as well due to the differences. One is the extra starting frame. The other is the stickiness of the symbol multiplier, which is arguably the greater difference. Tarot Multipliers had no problem simply being slung onto the reels when the matching symbol hit but not linking into a win, ending up being discarded. So much handier when multipliers can be reused over and again until the round ends.

As can happen in an extremely volatile slot, True Kult might be hugely all or nothing. From a base game plod to explosive meetings of split symbols and symbol multipliers in the bonus rounds – and anything in between. True Kult didn't strike one as being Not Nolimit City's finest work, nor at 23,237x the bet its biggest, but once again, the studio has turned out a game which mixes the old, the new, and the weird into one unique concoction.


True Kult is a complex brew of unique gameplay and insidious themes, which is both potentially brutal yet weirdly compelling.

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