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DJ Psycho: Slot Overview

One aspect of an online slot which gets varying degrees of love from developers is the sequence that plays out when a solid win is counting up on the screen. Some games, like those in the Money Train range, celebrate by busting out bigger and bigger weapons. Some don't do a heck of a lot at all. Then you've got Nolimit City which has turned the big win count up into an art form of its own. Many times that's where the details of a slot's story are revealed, or a sequence of events unfolds – often grim or unsettling, while numbers are ticking upwards. However, few count-ups have been as exhilarating as the one found in the EDM-themed online slot The Rave. That one, wow, it really has to be seen to be believed. For now, fans of jiving about in a disco better put their comfy shoes on and grab a caffeinated beverage because the team is back for the after after-party, DJ Psycho.

DJ Psycho is a cluster paying slot played on a surprisingly small 4x4 sized grid, which looks like one of those Simon memory games with the four coloured segments that flash, and where you have to memorise the sequence before playing it back. DJ Psycho's grid is a brightly lit selection of coloured squares housed in a piece of DJing equipment on a desk surrounded by a broken-hearted lollipop, pills, an unrolled cigarette (or something else… there are 420 references), filters, and a can of something pink and nasty looking. DJ detritus, let's call it. While it might look a right mess, it's the music we're here for, man (and the gambling, of course). In this department, DJ Psycho rocks a groove that's as infectious as you'd expect from a sound team as talented as the one at Nolimit City. If you want to take a break to bop around a bit before moving on, be our guest.

DJ Psycho slot
DJ Psycho slot by Nolimit City

Wins are created in DJ Psycho when at least 3 matching symbols land, connected in horizontal or vertical directions. After a winning cluster hits, the symbols part of the cluster are destroyed, allowing new ones to appear. If you're used to seeing the shiver-inducing 'E' word in conjunction with volatility in a Nolimit City slot, discovering that DJ Psycho is medium volatile might come as a surprise. It's available in three RTP configurations, defaulting at 96.05%, though returns vary when buying features. Bets range from 20 p/c to $/€100, and players may activate the Boosted xBet, which increases the stake by 235%. Doing so makes it 3 times more likely to trigger GEEZ Spins and 7 times more likely to trigger Psycho Spins. The xBet has an RTP of 96.01%.

DJ Psycho has 10 regular pay symbols – 5 low and 5 medium. The lows are the hazily lit symbols in blue, purple, green, yellow and pink, with no emblem displayed on them, while the mediums are blue, purple, green, yellow, and pink symbols with little pictures in the centre. Hitting a 3-of-a-kind cluster pays 0.05 to 1 times the bet, and at the upper end, a 40+ cluster win is worth 200 to 1,271 times the bet. Whenever wild symbols appear, they are able to substitute for any regular pay symbol.

DJ Psycho: Slot Features

DJ Psycho slot
DJ Psycho slot by Nolimit City

DJ Psycho's set list includes a bunch of special symbols, xKnob, xBPM, Beat Bar, GEEZ Spins, PSYCHO Spins, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Special Symbols

  • Crossed symbols: Whenever a symbol is transformed by the following features, the symbol gets a second value. On the first transformation, any medium symbol turns into an additional medium pay symbol. On the first transformation, any low pay symbol turns into an additional low pay symbol. If the newly formed symbol is transformed again, it becomes wild.
  • Break symbols: gives itself and symbols to the left, right, above and below it an additional selected symbol value. Medium pays turn into an additional medium pay symbol called Crossed symbols. Low pay symbols turn into an additional low pay symbol called Crossed symbols.
  • Bite symbols: gives itself and diagonal adjacent symbols an additional selected symbol value. Medium pays turn into an additional medium pay symbol called Crossed symbols. Low pay symbols turn into an additional low pay symbol called Crossed symbols.
  • Drop symbols: only activates if there are 2 pieces of this symbol on the reel area. If one Drop is visible, it is considered a dead symbol. If 2 Drops land, the shortest path between them is selected, and all symbols in the path are transformed into a second symbol.
  • xKnob symbols: turns into a wild and adds a value of at least +1 to the overall win multiplier. In Psycho Spins, the multiplier value is sticky.
  • xBPM symbols: turn into a wild when they land and multiply the symbol size by 2 for each symbol on its row.
  • Beat Bar: tracks the progress of multipliers on all coloured symbols. Each time a coloured symbol connects, +1 is added to that specific colour. The Beat Bar is sticky during avalanches, Geez Spins and Psycho Spins but resets for each spin in the base game. On each spin, from 1 to 5 colours are chosen as free spins triggers.

GEEZ Spins

In the base game, if a chosen colour or colours reaches an x3 multiplier, Geez Spins are triggered; however, the specific colour or colours must have free spins activated on the Beat Bar to trigger the feature. Initially, 5 spins are awarded. Reaching x3 multiplier for any other coloured symbol awards an extra 2 free spins. The Beat Bar is sticky during Geez Spins.


Reaching x5 multipliers for all coloured symbols in Geez Spins triggers Psycho Spins. If an x5 multiplier is achieved for all colours through the base game, 17 Psycho Spins are awarded. In Psycho Spins, the general multiplier is sticky, and any hit guarantees a feature symbol on the next avalanche. The Beat Bar is sticky during PSYCHO Spins.

Nolimit City Bonus

From the feature buy menu, players can buy Geez Spins for 50x the bet (RTP 96.27%), Lucky Draw 1 for 77 times the bet (RTP 96.21%), Lucky Draw 2 for 209x the bet (RTP 96.2%), or Psycho Spins for 420 times the bet (RTP 96.33%).

DJ Psycho slot
DJ Psycho slot by Nolimit City

DJ Psycho: Slot Verdict

Nolimit City isn't hugely renowned for making cluster-paying slots, but in the past, in the immigrant-unfriendly online slot The Border, the results have been pretty decent. DJ Psycho is another intriguing example of the studio's ability to entertain players as they cluster wins together. This one is very different. For one, the game board is relatively small for a cluster-paying grid slot, but so is the requirement for making a winning cluster. Rarely if ever, do you see clusters of three of a kind create a win. Doing it like this means that DJ Psycho is a fairly busy game, firing off a mix of wins, special symbols and features. Though for much of the base game, at least, they didn't seem to amount to a whole lot, nor were long chains of cluster wins common. Strangely, while it might look simple at first, DJ Psycho can be confusing. Even now, it's hard to explain how a 40+ cluster win might form.

Once the rules have been digested, DJ Psycho makes more sense, and it is then technically able to transport players to places they'd struggle to find elsewhere. The Rave paved the way, though it was more of an emotional roller coaster than DJ Psycho. The Rave was closer to accidentally walking into the Darkstep room at a local dance party and having your psychic fortifications aurally nuked, whereas DJ Psycho is the more 'loungey' of the two, despite the zombies. Personal taste, of course, but DJ Psycho is less volatile and has lower winning potential of 25,420x the bet. It also didn't seem capable of hitting the same sort of peaks as The Rave, when the dry ice is pouring across the room, strobe lights are bending the space-time continuum, the tunes are peaking, and the DJ has tuned everyone on the dance floor into one mind capable only of experiencing positive thoughts. Apologies for the exaggeration but in other words, the win count-up wasn't as euphoric this time around.

Still, there are plenty of curios in DJ Psycho to sample. Nolimit Studio has pushed the cluster pays concept in a new direction, and paradoxically, while it might look smaller, it's quite complex. With its Megaclusters-esque grid space, just 3 matching symbols are needed to make a win, and alongside them, a stack of extra features has been crammed. Basically, if you like cluster pays slots with a lot of features that can be head-scratchingly bewildering, then DJ Psycho is one to try. Judging by the stats, gaming mechanics, and general vibe, DJ Psycho might be shooting for a different audience than The Rave, but like accidentally wandering into the wrong tent at a festival only to discover a musical form you'd never come across before, DJ Psycho's is something to surprise cluster pays fans who might have thought they'd seen it all.


It doesn’t rave as hard as its older sibling, but DJ Psycho is capable of cutting a few sic if confusing shapes of its own.

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