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The Rave: Slot Overview

According to the Miriam-Webster dictionary, a 'rave' is defined as 'a large overnight dance party featuring techno music'. Within that broad definition are mixed results about when rave culture began, its golden age, and how amazing (or terrible) the current scene is. We're not here to kick start arguments, though. Instead, it's time to put on your going-out threads and get mentally psyched for Nolimit City's definition of a big night out in an online slot titled The Rave.

It might be a good idea not to expect a free radical flare-up when you first step into The Rave, though. If parties ebb and flow through peaks and troughs, then The Rave starts in the chiller section of the night. However, it doesn't stay that way forever. A progressive element has been masterfully woven into The Rave, building through features and free spins before reaching an insane crescendo when big win count-ups occur. Keep in mind this is all happening in step to a soundtrack that, to borrow a word from the vernacular, is 'lit'. But we're getting ahead of ourselves. For now, kick back, take in the blurry party background, the charismatic symbols, and DJ P5ychØ Manhunt, a.k.a Joe Labrador from San Quentin xWays, bopping on a turntable at the top of the grid.

the rave slot
The Rave slot - base game

For anyone keen to hear about facts and figures at a dance party, here are some of The Rave's key characteristics. Firstly, it should be no surprise to find out that The Rave is a highly volatile slot, totally keeping with Nolimit City's MO. As always, the RTP is variable, and the 96.09% version has the highest value. Regular stakes of 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin are available, increasing by 20% when the xBet has been engaged - this guarantees you'll land a scatter on the second reel (it also increases the RTP to 96.2%). Hits come at a frequency of slightly better than 1 in 4 and occur when at least three matching symbols land left to right in adjacent reels from reel number one.

Speaking of reels, The Rave takes place on a 5-reel, 3-row game panel, with 243 ways to win. For the low pays, players get headphones, lollipops, shades, a cash gun, and gold necklaces, paying 0.5x-0.9x the bet for five of a kind. Moving on up, we find five characters, including a Keith Flint lookalike, paying 1x-6x the bet for a five-symbol hit. Finally, whenever wilds appear in view, they replace any of the normal paying symbols to help complete winning ways.

The Rave: Slot Features

the rave slot
The Rave slot - base game

The Rave is no less equipped with features than your typical Nolimit Slot, and as is often the case, a demo spin or two might help clarify the situation. However, a read-through to prepare doesn't hurt either, so let's blast through them.

Drop the Bass

'Drop the Bass' scatter symbols can appear on any reel in the base game. When exactly 2 scatter symbols land, they transform into Enhancer Cells. When 3, 4, or 5 scatters hit, players win 7 or 8 Murder on the Dance Floor free spins, or 10 God is a DJ free spins, respectively.

Enhancer Cells

When Enhancer Cells appear on the reels, they display one of the following:

  • xWays – reveals 2 to 6 instances of the same pay symbol type, expanding the reel height. If more than one xWays lands, all xWays will reveal the same symbol.
  • xSplit Wild – each symbol on the reel is doubled, then the xSplit Wilds splits itself into two wilds.
  • A wild symbol.
  • A high pay character symbol.

Double xWays Wild

When 2 xWays symbols land on the same reel, an expanded xWays Wild is created on the reel. Expanded xWays Wilds display 6 to 11 wild symbols. A full screen of xWays Wilds instantly triggers the max win and the Busted sequence.

the rave slot
The Rave slot - Crossfader feature

Murder on the Dance Floor

When triggered by 3 or 4 scatter symbols, you get 3 or 4 Enhancer Cells, respectively. Cells always sit at the bottom of the game grid and are present on every free spin. Landing a fourth scatter activates an extra Enhancer Cell and awards an additional free spin. Getting the fifth scatter upgrades the bonus to God is a DJ and awards +2 extra free spins.

During the bonus round, a symbol multiplier appears on reels 2-4 and is activated when character symbols appear in the Enhancer Cells. If an xSplit symbol lands on reels 2-4, it increases the symbol multiplier on the reel by +2x. In this bonus round, there is a chance of triggering one of the following modifiers - Mashup!, Sidechain, or Crossfader (more on those below).

God is a DJ

In the God is a DJ feature, 5 Enhancer Cells sit on the bottom row on each free spin. Only premiums, xWays, wilds, or xSplits will be revealed in them. The symbol multiplier is active and behaves the same way as it does in Murder on the Dance Floor free spins. One difference is that one of the Mashup!, Sidechain, or Crossfader modifiers will trigger on each spin.

Mashup!, Sidechain, & Crossfader

These modifiers appear at random in Murder on the Dance Floor, and one on every God is a DJ Spin.

  • Mashup! – turns all character symbols into the highest paying symbol.
  • Crossfader – turns all low-paying symbols into wilds on one reel. This is randomly reel 2, 3, or 4.
  • Sidechain – links 2 to 5 reels.

Nolimit Bonus

Clicking the star on the side of the screen will take you to the Nolimit feature buy menu. The options available are 7 Murder on the Dance Floor spins for 68x the bet (RTP 96.13%), 8 Murder on the Dance Floor spins for 140x the bet (RTP 96.27%), or 10 God is a DJ for 522x the bet (RTP 96.37%). Or you can choose the lucky draw for 202x the bet, which will award one of the three previous options (RTP 96.32%).

the rave sloit
The Rave slot - Double xWays Wild

The Rave: Slot Verdict

Ever arrived at an event early and wondered where the party was? Given Nolimit City's reputation for blowing the lid off practically everything they get their hands on, there was a hint of that feeling when The Rave first loaded. Don't get us wrong; the base game has a ton of groove, plenty of humorous in-jokes, and the lurking potential to do something special. However, if it all seems a bit more restrained than you were expecting, don't worry; when reaching the game's larger moments, The Rave absolutely brings it.

It might be a strange place to begin but let's start with count-ups, which really are something else. Like the Nitropolis series, synchronising The Rave's tunes with a big win can already amplify the effect before launching into one of the trippiest count-ups ever seen in an online slot. The sequence moves progressively further and further from planet earth, with each higher level achieved. Seeing is believing, yet just be careful not to get too carried away for fear of getting stuck up in the clouds. The furthest you can travel is 41,500x the bet, which has a probability of being hit from the main game of 1 in 5 million.

From a gameplay perspective, there is a lot here that experienced Nolimit City devotees will be well acquainted with. We're talking about the standard splitting and slicing shenanigans the studio does so well. There are new bits. Enhancer Cells have been around the block a few times, though not mixed exactly like this, the Double xWays Wild is intriguing, and the trio of Bonus Round features - Mashup!, Sidechain, & Crossfader, supply something you don't see every day in an NLC slot.

Besides, The Rave might not be shockingly new gaming-wise, but it's a classic Nolimit City release. It oozes attitude and has a variety of references from the iGaming world and IRL to uncover. On that note, keep an ear out during count-ups where Deadwood fans should appreciate the Easter Egg Nolimit City snuck in there. Factor in the soaring EDM, an enthusiastic crowd of eccentric punters, and you've one off-the-hook hoedown - hosted by a San Quentin ex-inmate or escapee, no less. Don't forget that 'extreme volatility', though, which has the potential to produce inner states ranging from sublimity to catatonic decline.


With Nolimit City hosting the party, they’ve pulled out all the stops to make it a night to remember.

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