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Double Rainbow: Slot Overview

Anyone familiar with the infamous Double Rainbow clip on YouTube will be well aware of the euphoric qualities a double rainbow in the wild is capable of producing. So, joy-inducing is the clip that it made number 9 on The Ringer's Happiest Day on the Internet this Decade list. Skip forward a few years, and Double Rainbow is the name given to a new slot in Hacksaw Gaming's Pocketz Series. Now, we know Hacksaw Gaming is more than capable of creating cutie pie slots, but they have really outdone themselves in Double Rainbow. So much so it evoked a string of conflicting thoughts and emotions. To decide which side of the fence you're on, come take a look.

First of all, subtlety is not one of Double Rainbow's strong suits, and the game hits the screen like a shotgun blast of glitter. Nestled on a bed of clouds is a 7-column, 6-row game grid surrounded by pastel-hued clouds, a rainbow-haired unicorn, rainbows, and candy-like symbols on the reels. It's a view that's either fabulous or a cuteness overload, bordering on babyish - let's leave players to make their minds up either way.

Double Rainbow slot

The game's math model isn't quite so delicate, though its 3 out of 5 volatility rating means it's not one of Hacksaw's heavy hitters either. RTP varies quite widely, from a high of 96.38% to as low as 88.38%, jurisdiction dependent, so it is worth verifying before firing up. With two bonus buy options on offer, RTP does change when activating them, increasing to 96.41% for buy option one, dropping to 96.27% for buy option 2. Regular stakes range from 10 p/c to $/€100 while the gaming is available on any device.

Double Rainbow uses a cluster pays system, which triggers the cascades feature when winning clusters hit. Forming a winning cluster occurs when at least five matching symbols land in horizontal or vertically adjacent spaces. Seven candy looking objects take the place of the regular pay symbols, and all of them have the same value. Hitting a five-symbol cluster is worth 0.1x the bet, rising to 50x the bet for clusters consisting of 15+ symbols.

Double Rainbow: Slot Features

Double Rainbow slot

Just as there are seven principal colours in a rainbow, so are there 7 Rainbow Reels in Double Rainbow. When a Cloud symbol lands, it activates its reel by giving it a Reel Multiplier. Reel Multipliers appear in one of the seven symbol colours. If a reel already has a multiplier, the new value is added to it. Reel Multipliers are applied to any winning cluster that is the same colour as the multiplier is.

Multiplier Clouds

In Double Rainbow, there are 2 types of cloud symbols. Normal clouds add multipliers of x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x25, x50, x100, or x250 to their reel. Normal Clouds also award +1 extra spin where all activated reels remain active. The other type is Double Rainbow Clouds. These also add x2, x3, x4, x5, x10, x15, x25, x50, x100, or x250 multipliers to their reel, but they award +3 extra spins where all activated reels remain active. Extra spins are free.

Full Rainbow

If you manage to activate all 7 reels, the Full Rainbow feature is triggered. When this occurs, all seven reel multipliers are multiplied by x2, x3, x4, x5, or x10. Moreover, +5 additional spins are also awarded where all activated reels remain active.

Bonus Buy

Should this feature be available, players can choose from two buy bonus options. The first is 1 Rainbow Spin, which guarantees at least 1 extra spin with three activated reels with Reel Multipliers starting at x4. This costs 10x the bet. The second costs 50x the bet and guarantees at least 4 extra spins with three activated reels with Reel Multipliers starting at x4.

Double Rainbow slot

Double Rainbow: Slot Verdict

Imagine wandering around a toy shop, tripping, and landing face-first in a My Little Pony display, and you've pretty much summed up the Double Rainbow experience. Is it too kiddy? Some will probably say yes, and at times it's hard to escape that assessment. Candy slots are all the rage, but Double Rainbow takes the idea to the next level. Sure, the Pocketz Series is all about handheld Candy Crush-esque gaming, but Double Rainbow does feel uncomfortably juvenile at times. Nolimit City might have monopolised the edgy, shocking sector of the market, yet Double Rainbow provides shock value from an opposite angle.

Since Double Rainbow's presentation is about as polarising as it gets, how about we put that aside and focus on the gameplay. In this regard, Double Rainbow is textbook Hacksaw as well, thanks to a simple yet smart set of features which can tease and reward as effortlessly as any in the Pocketz Series. One nice thing is you do not have to land winning combinations in the same-coloured reel as the multiplier. For example, if you've got a red multiplier at the top of the reels, a red symbol win anywhere on the grid will be boosted. Multipliers can quickly accrue, too, and for the record, the best value achieved during our test session was a multiplier of x259.

However, it's not uncommon to tee up a decent multiplier but not hit a combo of the same colour. Such is the volatile nature of Hacksaw games, and there has been a slight trend recently of attaching potentially punishing bonus buys. Harvest Wilds set the bar high in this regard, but Double Rainbow does its best to compete, and bought Rainbow Spins are real luck of the draw purchases that are just as adept at delivering nothing spins as exploding in a shower of tinsel. At the end of this rainbow, should everything go according to plan, players can find a metaphoric pot of gold worth 5,000 times their stake.

There are tantalising moments to be found in Double Rainbow via its potentially big-time multipliers, and players who can't get enough adorableness in their lives should be thrilled with the result. For others, yeah, it might be harder to ignore Double Rainbow's achingly cute theme, though to be fair, flip your phone to portrait mode, and the game looks a lot less fluffy.


Players who can see past the kiddy outer wrapper may find an entertaining grid slot; they might have to dig pretty deep, though.

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