Fire in the Hole xBomb Detonates By Hitting 60k Win Cap on the First Day of its Release


Well, it didn’t take long for the community to see what Nolimit City‘s explosive mining-themed slot Fire in the Hole xBomb is capable of. Possessing a few hints of Money Train 2 about it, one way Fire in the Hole xBomb outshines Relax Gaming‘s smash hit is in the area of potential – pipping its rival by a considerable 10,000x extra. We all know Money Train 2 is a proven hit machine; now we have footage of Fire in the Hole xBomb doing the same thing in a relentless march of a bonus round that culminates in tapping the win cap. The best news for many players in this particular example is that there is no bonus buy in sight.

You read that right; the bonus game kicks off when 3 gold nugget scatters organically land after a lengthy spin sequence showcasing much of the game’s secondary features. This includes the headlining xBomb feature, which blows up surrounding symbols, adds an extra row (if possible), and increments the win multiplier. The wild mining feature gets a chance to shine too, clearing the grid, leading the way for the third scatter symbol to eventually appear and trigger Lucky Wagon Spins.

Here’s where things get a little Money Train 2. Lucky Wagon Spins are essentially a hold-and-win style feature at their core, with a ton of extra details and special symbols padding out play. As you might have guessed, special symbols are critical to winning big in Lucky Wagon Spins – two in particular play key roles in this clip. One is the Dwarf symbol, mouthing the word ‘Cash!’ as he collects the values of each coin on every spin. The second is the dynamite icon which unlocks four collect chests on the bottom row. As the name alludes to, collection chests collect the prizes displaced above them on their respective reel on each spin.

In a delightful stroke of good fortune, one of the collection chests sits below the Dwarf symbol, which is then worth 11,931x on its own. From there, it’s a matter of sitting back and watching chests collect prizes for a few more tantalising spins. In the end, our dwarven miner pal finally gets his hands on some beer when the win cap is breached, shutting down the bonus round. As you can see, the game cruised way above the maximum payout allowance, and who knows where it might have ended had the cap not stepped in.

A 60,000x win from a natural three scatter trigger in the base game is sure to hearten players wary of the bonus buy concept. There have been a few grumblings here and there about the perceived need to shell out frightful amounts of cash to get the best out of games like San Quentin xWays, for example. A win like this puts those doubts to rest and is further evidence of Nolimit City’s willingness to take on feedback as they move on to their next project. It’s interesting to think how much the studio has achieved in 2021, and we’re not even a quarter of the way through yet. Based on what we’ve seen so far, Nolimit City are out on their own blazing a big, bright trail through the industry.

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