Gemix 2

(Play'n GO) Slot Review

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Gemix 2: Slot Overview

After a passing of seven years, Play'n GO has revisited one of their earlier grid slot hits, Gemix, to release its follow-up. While Play'n GO has recapitulated the winning formula of the original quite well, of which the soundtrack plays a huge part, a few clever changes have been made to the way features operate in Gemix 2, as well as adding a new character, and a different location. They’ve also given the rest of the game a spruce up, and after seeing Reactoonz 2 fizzle, Play'n GO will hoping Gemix 2 elicits a more positive response.

gemix 2 slot

Visually, the two games are very close, neither one nor the other being a clear winner in the looks department. Gemix 2 does have a more fantastical background if that means anything. Players move through worlds, so don’t get too attached to the initial Sacré-Coeur in the clouds thing because the imagery changes with the location. If you're familiar with the original, there is a good chance you can hear the music in your head as you read this. Rousing is one word to describe the Camelot/house soundtrack, which is arguably one of the most iconic melodies in the world of iGaming.

Available on any device, Gemix 2 lets players set bets from 10 p/c to £/€100 per spin – the usual Play'n GO range. RTP is pretty typical of the studio too, with a value of 96.2% while volatility is tuned to medium - roughly the same as part one. Unsurprisingly, potential is bigger than before at 7,500x, though not hugely so as Play'n GO claims the original can dish out wins of up to 4,500x (which we are yet to see some 7 years later).

One of the subtractions is in the area of symbols. Gemix 2 has the same number of pay symbols - 8 stones or candy's in various shapes and colours. It's the values that have dropped. Now, clusters of 15+ symbols are worth 4 to 200 times the stake, compared to 7.5-1000 as it was before. Players score a winning cluster when 5 or more matching symbols land connecting vertically or horizontally. These clusters are then removed and replaced by new symbols dropping in from above. Repeat wins are not only possible but essential for triggering features.

Gemix 2: Slot Features

A common element found in Play'n GO grid slots is a charge meter, the one here leading to 4 modifiers. It doesn’t stop there, however, by a long shot, where players also benefit from a Super Charge, World Patterns, Pick A Pocket, and World Wilds.

The Crystal Charge meter is filled when 25 or more winning symbols are collected on a single spin. When that occurs, one of 4 Crystal Charge modifiers hits the grid:

  • Nova Blast – one symbol explodes, destroying and transforming adjacent symbols.
  • Crystal Warp – one symbol type is randomly selected and warps to other symbols.
  • Light Beam – one symbol shoots beams of light, transforming any hit symbols.
  • Chain Lightning – two corner symbols are connected with a bolt of lightning. All hit symbols transom into one of the corner symbols.

If 50 or more symbols are collected, a Super Charge is activated, releasing all 4 effects plus an x2 multiplier. Each additional batch of 50 collected symbols retriggers the Super Charge and increments the multiplier by 2 up to x20.

Like before, the World Pattern returns. This is a set of blue tiles beneath the pay symbols on the grid. These tiles turn yellow when wins occur on top of them. Turning the whole pattern yellow clears it, while all wins increase a prize purse called the World Bonus. When a world is cleared by completing World Patterns, G-Nome appears on-screen displaying 2 pockets in his coat. Click the right one to win the World Bonus.

On top of all this, 4 guardians appear at random during play, each awarding a unique wild symbol. The dashing hero adds up to 2 Mega wilds with multipliers attached, while the miner adds up to 10 wilds at a time. The princess contributes wilds that can spread from edge to edge, and the wizard delivers up to 5 sticky wilds.

Gemix 2: Slot Verdict

If you’re after a fun grid slot, cuter than it is volatile, Gemix 2 would make a suitable choice. It has bags of charm, quirky characters, revolving locations, and loads of features. The tweaks make it a singular game in its own right, though perhaps not enough to call it better or massively different than before. Things like lessened symbol values make Gemix 2 harder to get going at lower levels, yet bigger multipliers means it can outperform its sibling when the going gets good.

Gemix 2 is certainly highly playable. Not only does it have a Candy Crush look and feel, but it also has the same insane ‘just one more’ spin factor, making it hard to put down. One of the main motivators, strangely, is the World Pattern feature. Sure, there is a monetary incentive for switching those blocks from blue to yellow, yet there’s something deeper going on. It’s the same compulsion that arises when fitting blocks, just so in games like Tetris or making satisfyingly straight lines when mowing the lawn. Perhaps there’s some ingrained compulsion we have to bring order and symmetry to a random, chaotic world. Then again, it might just be the cash.

On the subject of cash, potential has been increased for Gemix 2 as it often is to make the sequel desirable, though again, the change isn’t crazy huge. What would be crazy is the spin that blew up into a 7,500x the bet payout. We’re talking about Gemix 2 throwing everything into the mix except the kitchen sink to drum up such a win. What hinders your chances a lot of the time is the significantly reduced symbol values. As compensation, get part two one on a mega roll, and the x20 multiplier is a lot higher than the x3 seen in the original and is its game-changing element.

After seeing the indifferent reaction Reactoonz 2 received, it will be interesting to see how Gemix 2 goes down. There seems to be more separating Gemix from Gemix 2 than the two Reactoonz games, yet time will tell. On the subject of time, after playing Gemix 2, you appreciate just how well made the original was. Gemix 2 might sound a bit convoluted, but it boils down to landing as many consecutive wins as possible to retrigger the Super Charge feature. Simple in theory, harder than ever to put down in practice.


Gemix 2 is a consistently good-looking fantasy-adventure grid slot that adopts its predecessor’s charming style to possibly an even more impressive effect.

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