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Gigantoonz: Slot Overview

The problem with creating some epoch-defining piece of work is what do you do next? Have you reached the high-water mark of your career, and it's all downhill from there, or do you pick up your tools, go back to the drawing board and hammer out something even better? After creating Reactoonz, considered by some to be one of the greatest grid slots of all time, developer Play'n GO has chosen the optimistic second option, going on to release several follow-ups. The cynical types among us might claim the studio is merely trying to cash in on a famous name rather than create a new paradigm shift, and that argument isn't without merit. Whatever the motivation, Play'n GO chases the Reactoonz dragon once again in an online grid slot called Gigantoonz.

Gigantoonz mixes elements of the previous two games in the series, Reactoonz 2 and Dr Toonz, with a few noticeable changes. One is the enlarged game area, now played on an 8x8 sized grid. This doesn't automatically equate to more wins, though, as at least 6 matching symbols are required to form winning clusters. Visually, Gigantoonz has the swirling electric background of part two, but its layout is neater, tidier, and less cluttered than ever. A cluster tracking meter sits on the left, the Quantumeter on the right, and that's Gigantoonz ready to rumble.

Gigantoonz slot

Reactoonz had a rep for being volatile so expect more of the same here since Gigantoonz possesses similar gameplay and a highly volatile math model, rated 10 out of 10. The RTP has dipped a few points, now coming in at 96.25%, dropping to even lower levels depending on the configuration. Playable from 20 p/c to $/€100 per paid drop, the cute Toonz characters make up the pay symbols where there are five one-eyed low pays worth 5-20x for a 30+ sized cluster and five two-eyed high pays worth 50-1,250x for a 30+ symbol winning cluster. Winning clusters are removed from the board to let new symbols fill up the grid. Cascades continue like this until no new winning cluster hits.

Gigantoonz: Slot Features

Gigantoonz has scaled the features back compared to Reactoonz 2, offering Mega Symbols, Quantum Wilds, and four modifiers from a charged Quantumeter.

Mega Symbols

Mega symbols appear in 2x2, 3x3, 4x4, 5x5, 6x6, or 7x7 sizes. When forming wins, each mega symbol counts as a single symbol, but its cluster value is determined by a randomised number up to 13. Each winning mega symbol leaves a wild on the grid when it is removed, and if a mega symbol cannot drop down, any spaces below it are filled with its own 1x1 versions.

Quantum Wilds

On any non-winning spin, between 5 to 10 Quantum Wilds may randomly be added to the reels. Wilds substitute for all symbols.

gigantoonz slot


Each winning symbol counts as 1 charge on the Quantumeter, but mega symbols add their cluster value. The meter holds up to 100 charges and triggers 4 modifiers when reaching four set levels. Here are the first three:

  • Disintegration – collect 25 charges to remove all instances of 4 randomly selected symbols.
  • Metamorphosis – collect 50 charges to randomly transform all instances of one symbol into a different symbol. This includes mega symbols.
  • Radiation – collect 75 charges to add 1-4 mega symbols and 2-5 Quantum Wilds in random positions.

The Gargantoonz modifier triggers when 100 charges are collected, occurring in two steps:

  • Step 1 -  all mega symbols turn into mega Gargantoonz - at least 3 mega Gargantoonz appear no matter how many mega symbols are present. Also, 2 to 4 1x1 sized Gargantoonz appear. Mega Gargantoonz are not removed with wins.
  • Step 2 - mega Gargantoonz symbols break down into 1x1 sized Gargantoonz, which are removed as normal.

Gigantoonz slot

Gigantoonz: Slot Verdict

After the mixed reaction Dr Toonz and Reactoonz 2 received from the community, we went into Gigantoonz trying to be as neutral as possible. It didn't help Reactoonz 2 case that it generated a measure of confusion over its winning potential. The game started at 3,000x, which was strangely lower than the original, before being increased to 5,083x to sweeten the deal. The rules were almost as confusing on paper, though everything did make more sense in action. Gigantoonz, by contrast, is less complicated. Max win is clearly stated, slightly lower than Reactoonz 2 interestingly, while the gameplay is more straightforward, being closer to the original Reactoonz slot. Get wins, fill the Quantumeter and score some features. Repeat process.

Within the main rules are a bunch of nuances that separate Gigantoonz from its forebears. The first one is the introduction of mega symbols, which is one of Gigantoonz' key unique selling points from an advertising standpoint. They literally are mega in dimension, but the way their cluster value is randomly allocated is strange, maxing out at 13. Good if a smaller block comes with a larger number, lame when a massive block is underrepresented. The other features function well, climaxing in a potentially thrilling use of Gigantoonz symbols when reaching the fourth level on the Quantumeter. Even the third level Radiation modifier is a doozy, and there is quite a leap from level two to level three and beyond in terms of effectiveness. Obviously, Gigantoonz won't be a meter progression cakewalk. Should you push things to their limit, though, then winning potential is comparable to previous games in the range. However, at 4,000x the bet, it is the lowest one so far. Will Play'n GO go back and up the ante? We will have to wait and see for now.

Players might feel differently after unleashing multiple Mega Gargantoonz on the fourth feature trigger, but Gigantoonz failed to knock the original from the top spot. However, there's plenty of flowing solid gameplay, making Gigantoonz an enticing entry in the 'toonz' range of slots.


Whether Gigantoonz improves upon the original game is questionable, but it’s a highly playable and enjoyable game all the same.

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