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Hammerfall: Slot Overview

Swedish developer Play'n GO turns the volume up to eleven once again in an ear-splitting slot, this time based around the Swedish metal group Hammerfall. One of the great things about the Play'n GO's branded music range is they work alongside both major and not quite so major acts. Hammerfall might not be as well-known as others they've partnered with, notably Twisted Sister, but it still has the goods to get players headbanging. Like Twisted Sister, Hammerfall is a grid slot which utilises cluster pays and packing a long list of additional features - not to mention loads of Hammerfall hits such as And Yet I Smile and Second to None.

Hammerfall is one of these bands that has managed to stick around for so long thanks to the drive of one of its key founding members. The band formed in the early nineties when Oscar Dronjak (freshly quit from Ceremonial Oath) joined up with drummer Jesper Strömblad to begin a new musical venture. Strömblad split after a few years, but Dronjak is still there going strong while several other musicians have revolved in and out over the decades. Big in Sweden, Hammerfall hasn’t quite cracked the big time internationally, often opening for larger acts such as Sabaton and Helloween – both of which have also appeared in their own Play'n GO slots, it might be added.

hammerfall slot

Hammerfall's mayhem takes place on a 7x7 sized grid, which triggers wins when clusters of 5 or more matching symbols connect. When they do, a cascade system removes them, dropping symbols into the gaps in the hopes of scoring consecutive wins. Doing so charges the Hammer Meter leading to some of Hammerfall's finest moments. Backgrounding the grid, Play'n GO has gone high Gothic, filling the game with a castle, rolling green hills, and dark, moody skies. Like its stablemate Gemix, the location shifts as new worlds are triggered, with three in all to explore. Prepare for an aural assault via a brutal soundtrack incorporating several Hammerfall hits while the band's knighted mascot Hector pops up from time to time, adding to the chaos.

Playable on any device, Hammerfall is a volatile grid slot (8/10) that comes with fairly modest potential. As per usual with this provider, RTP is variable, where the one you want has a value of 96.20%, compared to a possible 94.20 or even lower, depending on version. The vast majority of metal-loving players are catered for where stakes from 20 p/c to £/€100 per symbol drop may be set.

Metal infuses the paytable as well, kicked off by 5 low-pay gemstones, in green, purple, blue, yellow, or red colours, worth up to 25x the bet for a cluster of 15 or more. Next up are higher paying moons, hammers, suns, and Hector lighting the grid with wins worth 40 to 500x the bet for 15+ sized clusters. Lastly, the band's logo is used as the regular wild, substituting any pay symbol, while Lightning Wilds also appear at later stages of play.

Hammerfall: Slot Features

A stack of features pad out Hammerfall, including Super Tiles, Lightning Wilds, Hammer Meter triggered modifiers, as well as 4 destruction features. Buckle up as we go through them.

First up, Super Tiles are highlighted random positions sitting behind symbols on the grid. Winning on a Super Tile creates a Lightning Wild on the respective position. Lighting Wilds are sticky if used in a win-chain and come with a random multiplier of up to x3 attached.

Each winning cluster charges the Hammer Meter. When 25 winning symbols have fully charged it, then the current world's Song feature is triggered, applying a modifier as such (each represented by a Hammerfall hit track):

  • Twilight Princess – places a 2x2 sized Mega Wilds on the board in a random position.
  • Second to None – transforms all premiums into one matching premium symbol. If there are less than 5 premium symbols in view, a random low-pay is selected instead.
  • And Yet I Smile – removes all low-pay symbols from the board.

When the Song feature concludes, play moves to the next world. However, if the Hammer Meter reaches 50 winning symbols on a single spin, Hammer High is triggered. This feature unleashes all 3 of the above modifiers one after another.

The final batch of modifiers are awarded randomly on any non-winning spin. These are (again, based on Hammerfall hits):

  • Never Forgive, Never Forgive – 1 symbol is selected and pulls all other instances of it towards it, destroying symbols in its path.
  • Bring It – destroys all high-pay symbols or transforms them into matching high-pay symbols.
  • One Against the World – a symbol is chosen, and all symbols adjacent to this type are transformed or destroyed.
  • Chain of Command – creates a chain of symbols on the grid and either transforms them into the same symbol or destroys them.

Hammerfall: Slot Verdict

Hammerfall is an exceptional grid slot that is sure to thrill the pants off fans of the band, cause mettlers in general to headbang, or entertain grid slot enthusiasts who are up for something a bit louder than usual. Mathematically, it is more volatile than Twisted Sister (its metal grid slot sibling), while also possessing higher potential, coming in at 30,000x the bet - quite high for Play'n GO, let alone a grid slot.

Hammerfall certainly isn't out there to revolutionise the industry. It sticks firmly to Play'n GO's successful formula of collecting cluster wins to unlock bigger and better features, with a few random modifiers thrown in on the side. Even the world change system has come straight from Gemix though the inclusion of so much metal dials up its personality. However, what makes the Hammerfall slot stand out is the spectacular production. Right from the get-go it becomes apparent that a massive amount of effort has been invested into designing Hammerfall, resulting in high entertainment value and loads of thrilling moments.

So to sum it up, the Hammerfall slot might not evolve the cluster pays category in any way, yet it nevertheless delivers dependable gaming in an impressive package. It does tend to do everything by the book, so fans of this style aren't missing much by passing on Hammerfall if heavy metal isn't their genre of choice. However, the inclusion of Hector, and of course, the use of Hammerfall's music injects a heavy dose of individuality that is bound to excite groupies.


Hammerfall eschews innovation to serve up tried and true, though enjoyable, grid slot action, sure to delight fans of the Swedish metal band.

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