Hypernova 10K Ways

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Hypernova 10K Ways: Slot Overview

Aussie studio ReelPlay returns to the stars to expand their Hypernova range of slots with a different ways version. Hypernova 10K Ways makes the series a trilogy, continuing from the Megaways debut to an unusual Radial Reels follow up. In a peculiar twist, Hypernova 10K Ways simplifies the series, reducing the number of possible ways to win as well as winning potential. The 10K Ways version is almost identical to the Megaways one, yet the changes make it a lesser experience overall.

Nothing has altered about the view, where players get a 6 reeled main grid and a 4-cell upper reel, set against the misty birthing grounds of multi-coloured nebulae. It's a nice view, though since this is the third time it's been used, the novelty has worn off to a degree. The four jackpots are still there, too, displayed on the left side of the screen, and the game feels very familiar. You need a few spins to convince yourself you haven't loaded the wrong slot, so similar is it to the Megaways version. Seeing the symbols on the reels remaining the same confirms that you are indeed playing the 10,000 ways version, however. Otherwise, not much else seems to have changed.

Hypernova 10K Ways slot

Dig a bit deeper, and the numbers aren't exactly the same. The RTP for one has increased slightly, now coming in at 96.16%, while winning combinations have a frequency of around 1 in 4 (25.71%). On the less thrilling side of things, potential has taken a hit, yet volatility remains in the medium to high region. Any device is fine for playing Hypernova 10K Ways, which provides stakes ranging from 20 p/c to $/€40 per spin.

Winning combinations strike when matching symbols land left to right in adjacent reels from the left-hand side. All need at least three to form a winning line, except the top premium symbol, which needs just two or more to do so. This is the diamond, followed in descending order by three other sparkling gems and A-9 card rank symbols. Values vary from 2 to 100x the bet for combinations made up of six premiums. In addition, appearing only on the top reel is an atom-styled wild, replacing any pay symbol to complete winning lines.

Hypernova 10K Ways: Slot Features

Hypernova 10K Ways slot
Hypernova 10K Ways - bonus round in action

Like its Megaways bro, Hypernova 10K Ways is focused on its Bonus Respins feature where instant cash prizes, including four jackpots, can be won. The key is getting 6 or more scatter symbols to hit in the base game. When this occurs, the triggering scatters are held in place while all other symbols vanish.

Now, 3 respins are awarded, and when new scatter symbols appear, they are held too, as well as reset the respins counter back to 3. When no respins remain or all positions are filled, the round ends. All values in view are tallied up and awarded. As well as holding smaller cash prizes, scatters may also display one of the jackpots, of which there are four. The bronze, silver, gold, and platinum jackpots award 10, 50, 250, or 2,000 times the total bet, respectively. It is also possible more than one instance of the same jackpot lands during the bonus.

Hypernova 10K Ways: Slot Verdict

It's a little hard to get the thinking behind this one since it is essentially just Hypernova Megaways with a straight 10,000 ways to win instead. The alteration isn't enough to change how you might have felt about the previous game. Great for players who like to cruise supernovas with their eyes set on the respin feature - now they've got another chance to tour the cosmos. For the rest, it's business as usual, so don't expect the 10K version to light any more fires than the Megaways one did.

For those new to the Hypernova range, let's look at a few of the pros and cons. What's nice is the cosmic visuals, though they're not as striking as they were two years ago when the first was released. The soundtrack is a neatly ambient number as well, and even if it appears to be the same as before, it's just as soothing as ever. Your eyes and ears then get treated to a gentle tour of the universe, a bit like those scenes in Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey when Neil deGrasse Tyson flies his CGI spaceship around as he tells viewers how everything works. For some, science might know how things work, but they still can't tell us why it works or even convincingly explain why there is something and not nothing.

Back to the game, and while it might have 10,000 ways, Hypernova 10K Ways' top win isn't as impressive. At 5,662x the bet this isn't exactly a barren planetoid devoid of resources floating through the void, yet it is less than Hypernova Megaways and around a quarter of the Radial Ways one, which is unusual for a follow-up slot. Interestingly the two games offer the same bonus game and jackpots.

To sum up, we weren't exactly huge fans of Hypernova Megaways, and the 10K version doesn't do enough to alter a repeat of the same opinion either. In fact, Hypernova 10K Ways is kind of superfluous to requirements since it gives nothing that the other one doesn't, making it hard to find a reason for a return voyage.


Hypernova 10K Ways is kind of superfluous to requirements since it gives nothing that its predecessor doesn’t, making it hard to find a reason for a return voyage.

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