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Karen Maneater: Slot Overview

In common parlance, calling a woman a maneater generally means they are somewhat prodigious in the sack and go through men like they're emptying a packet of Skittles. Developer Nolimit City has taken the word more literally, it seems, and this Karen Maneater refers to a rather unusual woman named Karen, who appears to chow on male flesh. Breaking the title down one step further, 'Karen', as defined by Dictionary.com, 'is a pejorative slang term for an obnoxious, angry, entitled, and often racist middle-aged white woman who uses her privilege to get her way or police other people's behaviors (sic).' Ramming everything together means we've got another trip of a slot from the team who takes online gambling to new, varied, and downright weird places.

Karen Maneater has precedence, so it's not a brand brand new experience. It follows on from xWays Hoarder xSplit, which means players are plunged back into a post-apocalyptic landscape populated with icons of North American skylines such as the Golden Gate Bridge and a dubious character called Karen. Karen was already way beyond the asking for a manager stage in Hoarder; now, she's gone straight up loco. Don't worry about your poo-paper going missing. This time it's all about guarding your life before Karen tears your flesh from your bones for a multi-course meal. Hey, being hangry does strange things to people, so let's suspend disgust for a bit and take a trip through Karen Maneater's strange wee world.

Karen Maneater slot

An insane premise gets an equally 'Insane' volatility, and this is Nolimit City's official rating here. Set against a bunch of wooden posts, Karen Maneater is played on a 6-reel game grid, lined up in a 2-3-3-3-3-3 pattern. The reels are dynamic, though, so when certain symbols land, they expand to 2-3-4-5-6-7 at most. There are two main ways of playing the game. One is in the regular mode, where stakes range from 10 p/c to $/€70 per spin, and the upper RTP is 96%. The second is by activating the xBet switch, which increases the stake by 30%, guarantees a scatter on the second reel, and has an upper RTP of 96.34%.

Winning combinations pay when matching symbols land left to right from the leftmost reel. Initially, players get a base number of 486 ways to win, but splitting symbols and reel shenanigans can drastically increase that number. Moving tentatively to symbols now, where the five low pays are five app icon looking symbols, such as toilet paper, beer mugs, syringes, batteries, and AK-47s, paying 0.8-1x the bet for six of a kind. For the high symbols, six questionable characters appear, paying 1.2-3x the bet for six of a kind.

Karen Maneater: Slot Features

As far as Nolimit City slots go, Karen Maneater is mentally manageable regarding features. Of course, manageable is a subjective term, and there is more to Karen Maneater than the vast majority of slots out there to get stuck into, and digest.


Let's start with scatter symbols that appear on the middle four reels. When a scatter symbol hits, the reels to the right of it expand by +1 extra position. If 1 or 2 scatters land, they turn into xWays symbols. Should 3 or 4 scatters land, the Bonus Meal round is triggered.

xWays and Infectious xWays

Like scatters, xWays symbols appear on the middle four reels. When these land, they transform into a normal pay symbol and display a number of 2-4, indicating how many instances of the specific symbol type they represent. Infectious xWays symbols land only on the first reel and reveal a symbol of 2-7 in size. All other symbols of the same type in view are changed to 2-7 in size.

Infectious Wilds

Wilds landing on the last reel can nudge, so they move to the bottom position. With each nudge they move, the wild multiplier increases by +1. This wild multiplier value is added to each symbol on the last reel. Should one of the symbols on the last reel be affected by an Infectious xWays symbol, its multiplier is doubled.

Karen Maneater slot

Bonus Meal

  • Landing 3 scatters awards the Value Bonus Meal, which comes with 7 free spins and 3 Sticky xWays symbols.
  • Landing 4 scatters awards the Deluxe Bonus Meal packing 10 free spins and 4 Sticky xWays.

Triggering scatters become the Sticky xWays symbols for the duration of the feature, and reels remain in their expanded state. One rule alteration is when xWays symbols reveal a size, they start at 2 and increase by +1 for each winning spin up to a maximum of 42. During Value Bonus Meal spins, landing a scatter upgrades the bonus to the Deluxe version, plus +3 spins are added, and the scatter is turned into a Sticky xWays symbol.

Bonus Buys

Hitting the star icon opens the Nolimit bonus buy menu, where there are three options to choose from:

  • Value Bonus Meal – 100x the bet, RTP 96.4%.
  • Deluxe Bonus Meal – 500x the bet, RTP 96.47%.
  • Either Value Bonus Meal + Infectious Wild or Deluxe Bonus Meal + Infectious Wild – 542x the bet, RTP 96.61%.

Karen Maneater slot

Karen Maneater: Slot Verdict

If you're partial to the sort of snack Nolimit City is famous for serving, then Karen Maneater should be right up your street. It's got a ridiculously over the top theme, is full of bizarre characters, plus the gameplay is as wild, bumpy, and random as ever. Speaking of characters, Karen has to be Nolimit's most eccentric one to date. She's a frightening mix of Catherine Tramell (Basic Instant), Alex Forrest (Fatal Attraction), and Annie Wilkes (Misery), all rolled into one – with a taste for man-flesh thrown in for good measure. As usual, the theme's been utilised with Nolimit City's tongue firmly in cheek, but some players may find it a little too much.

Possibly the most controversial moment in Karen Maneater occurs when the game's max win of 11,757x the bet is hit. Doing so triggers The Last Supper, which depicts an image of Karen dining with a gaze of raccoons at a table with a religious connotation. This level of potential means it's possible to win a bit more here than the predecessor Hoarder was capable of, and like Hoarder, we wonder if the figure has a special meaning behind it. What took surprisingly less effort to deduce was Karen Maneater's features. Perhaps we're getting a better handle on how Nolimit City slots operate, but everything felt somehow more ordered than it often does from NLC.

That in no way means Karen Maneater is a simplistic game. No, no, it can pile on splits, infections, reels, ways, and multipliers, like a big old sloppy meat burger. Free spins are where this was most noticeable during testing, when a few decent Sticky xWays symbols connected across the grid to save a floundering bonus round, for example. Interestingly, the (default) RTP is split 55.59% to the base game, 40.41% to free spins, and when factoring the max payout frequency of 1 in 330,000 game rounds, the stats are as steady as ever.

The max win might not be as impressive as they often are from Nolimit City, but variety is the spice of life, and Karen Maneater happily fills its designated segment of the studio's portfolio. In the end, Karen Maneater's enjoyable ludicrosity is matched by equally explosive gameplay and is presented in a stylistic manner, unique to Nolimit City.


Karen Maneater might not be an NLC flagship release, but it’s just as bent, wild, wacky, and over the top as they get – perhaps more so.

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