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Kiss My Chainsaw: Slot Overview

Hitchhiking might be a cheap way of travelling from one place to another, but those doing it are putting a whole lot of trust in people they haven't met before. Are those drivers going to helpfully take you where you want to go or do something a lot more sinister instead…? If ever you needed the motivation to splurge on a bus ticket instead of taking the cheap option, here is Kiss My Chainsaw from Nolimit City. It's an online slot that looks at the dark side of hitchhiking and what can happen when the driver offering a ride isn't anywhere near as kind-hearted as they seem on the surface…

'Welcome To Texas' proclaims the sign bolted to the upper beam of Kiss My Chainsaw's grid matrix. A friendly welcome to 'a town where nothing really goes on', as the game sheet puts it, until something really does go on, that is. For now, though, players find themselves outside a pretty low-key bar on a quiet summer night in The Lonestar State. The heroines of Kiss My Chainsaw are two young ladies just looking for a ride home. Unbeknownst to them, they've unfortunately been offered a lift by an unsavoury individual who goes by the name of Chainsaw Larry and likes to wear a bunny mask while wielding his weapon of choice. What can we say other than hey, it's Nolimit City?

Kiss My Chainsaw slot
Kiss My Chainsaw slot - base game

Being a Nolimit City slot, it should come as no surprise to know Kiss My Chainsaw is extremely volatile (10 out of 10) while being available in three RTP settings, with the highest at 96.1%. In the base game, it's played on a 5-reel gaming panel with 4 rows of symbols using a connector pays system for evaluating wins. Basically, matching symbols must land from the leftmost side of the grid and sit on either the same row or in one 1 row above or below them on adjacent reels. Bets of 20 p/c to $/€200 per spin may be selected, as can three bonus buy choices with various return to player values.

Kiss My Chainsaw has 10 pay symbols which are all new custom-made for the game. From low to high, we find a lighter, a camera, keys, a backpack, a licence plate, a toolbox, a road sign, then two female characters, and Chainsaw Larry. These symbols pay 0.4 to 3.5 times the bet when landing a 5-symbol winning line. Winning lines are removed and replaced by symbols from above by the avalanche mechanic. The wild symbols come in 3 forms and land on reels 2 through to 5. These are regular wilds, Charged Wilds, or Chainsaw Larry wilds – all substitute for any regular pay symbol. When Charged Wilds are part of a win, their Gas Can reduces, and its multiplier doubles for the next avalanche until the Gas Can is empty. Chainsaw Larry Wilds appear only in Chainsaw Larry Spins.

Kiss My Chainsaw: Slot Features

Kiss My Chainsaw slot
Kiss My Chainsaw slot - Burnout feature

Moving onto the features, players can look forward to scatters and their effects, The Ride, The Last Ride, Chainsaw Larry Spins, and the Nolimit Bonus.

Scatter & Burnout Feature

In the main game, the scatter may land on reels 1, 3, and 5. When exactly 2 scatters land on the same row, they trigger Burnout. After any wins are awarded, Burnout removes all symbols, including the 2 scatters, from the reels, making way for new symbols to fall in. Should 3 scatters land on different rows, then 8 The Ride free spins are triggered. If 3 scatters land on the same row, then 9 The Last Ride free spins are awarded.

The Ride Free Spins

For The Ride, an extra row of symbols is added, thus expanding the action area into a 5x5 grid. During The Ride, Charged Wilds can reach a multiplier of x4 before they are destroyed. Landing 2 scatters awards +1 spin, and if there are only 2 scatters on the same row, they trigger Burnout. Landing 3 scatter symbols awards +3 spins and activates Chainsaw Larry spins.

Kiss My Chainsaw slot
Kiss My Chainsaw slot - free spins

The Last Ride

The gameplay in this feature is the same as in The Ride, with the exception of a guaranteed scatter symbol on reel 5.

Chainsaw Larry Spins

When activated, an extra enhancer reel is added to the grid and the pay symbols are slightly altered to follow the Chainsaw Larry Spin Payout part of the paytable. Chainsaw Larry enters the round as a jumping wild, leaping to a new position on reels 2 to 4 on each spin. If Chainsaw Larry jumps on a character symbol, the win multiplier increases by +1. Chainsaw Larry also reveals the enhancer symbol on the row it lands, triggering one of these extras:

  • Smiley – awards +1 spin.
  • xSplit – doubles all multipliers between Chainsaw Larry and the xSplit. Each character symbol split increases the win multiplier by +1.
  • Lucky Feet – makes Chainsaw Larry move to a new position, leaving behind a wild symbol. If Chainsaw Larry moves to a position with a Charged Wild, Afterburner is triggered, which doubles the symbol multiplier on the same row. If it jumps on initial Charged Wild, all symbols on the row become x4. If jumping on an x2 Charged Wild all symbols become x2.

Nolimit Bonus

Here, players are able to buy The Ride for 66x the bet (96.34% RTP) or The Last Ride for 155x the bet (96.48% RTP). Otherwise, a 50-50 lucky dip option costs 111x the bet (96.03% RTP).

Kiss My Chainsaw slot
Kiss My Chainsaw slot - Larry spins

Kiss My Chainsaw: Slot Verdict

Kiss My Chainsaw is another Nolimit City release that'll have the common decency police shaking their heads in disbelief. An online slot about attempted abduction and murder with a chainsaw by a guy wearing a blood-spattered rabbit mask like some sort of demented version of a Donnie Darko character. Who but Nolimit City would dare come up with the concept, let alone run with it and turn it into a game? It makes you wonder what ideas get caught in quality control and prevented from being released on the gambling public. The mind reels at what Nolimit City may be holding back on. Hey, they aren't the masters of shocking slot design for nothing.

For those concerned about the welfare of the two hitchhikers, rest assured in knowing they seem to get their own back, overpowering Larry with a tool and what looks like a bloodied boot. At least, this is the image when the End of the Road sequence is instigated after achieving the game's max win. At 10,900x the bet, Kiss My Chainsaw is in a completely different league to Nolimit City's massive potential slots. This one seems more concerned with sharing the RTP around rather than dumping it into the pockets of a few massive winners. It's also not one of Nolimit City's major eye-openers in terms of features, either. For one thing, the rules are about as clear as can be, and the action on the reels wasn't at all hard to follow. A lot of the time, that meant making use of Charged Wilds for substitution and multiplication purposes, with the occasional Burnout on hand to refresh the grid. Triggering free spins didn't come across as a mammoth task, and with a frequency of 1 in 200, the stats appear to bear this out. Not sure about Chainsaw Larry Spins, though; they may well be orders of magnitude tougher to trigger, but where an extra layer of sophistication is poured on.

Outside of Chainsaw Larry Spins, Kiss My Chainsaw is surprisingly straightforward for a Nolimit City slot. It doesn't feel like Nolimit City is shooting for the stars with Kiss My Chainsaw, but it's funny; while the gameplay and sats would suggest the studio might be aiming for a broader audience, they've also gone and used about the most controversial theme, as you're likely to find in an online slot. It's like the team can help but go against the grain, even when they are trying to do the opposite.


Kiss My Chainsaw is more mainstream than usual from Nolimit City, but one wrapped in about as controversial a theme as you’ll find.

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