Last Chance Saloon

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

Last Chance Saloon slot

Last Chance Saloon: Slot Overview

Saddle up with Red Tiger partner R7 as they travail the Wild West in a smoky slot called Last Chance Saloon. Common back in the day, bars in 19th century USA would often use a variation of the name, ‘The Last Chance Saloon’, to indicate people were nearing an area where booze was not easy to obtain. Or even outright prohibited. These saloons were quite literally the last chance for a good while of partaking in alcoholic beverages. The phrase Last Chance Saloon has since gone on to be used in a wider range of contexts, though always indicating that someone is reaching a point where fortune or hope starts to fade away.

Going back to its original meaning, R7 has given Last Chance Saloon a nice Wild West atmosphere which can grow on you if you go with the glow. Initially, the graphics aren’t amazing compared to what some of the competition is putting out, yet the unassuming nature does have appeal. Saloon doors wave in the wind; cowboy accessories hang on the walls while triggering free spins gains you access to the building where on the table lies whiskey, a hat, a pistol, bullets, cards, and cash – everything an outlaw might ever need. It’s worth taking a few moments to soak in the vibe to get in the mood before diving in – the excellent stripped-down music helps here.

Last Chance Saloon is a 5-reel, 4-row video slot, providing 30 fixed paylines. Hit spin and some of the game’s Western dignity is buried beneath a stock set of slot bleeping noises, diminishing the effect to a degree, though not completely so. Bet selection is up first, where players choose from 10 p/c to £/€20 per spin, possible on any device. A highly volatile game, The Last Saloon produces a default theoretical return figure of 95.79%, though this number can be lower depending on where you play.

Hitting at least three identical symbols across a payline starting on the leftmost side results in a coin win, and eight paying tiles make up the table. These are J-A royals as the low pays, then dice, cards, Bars, and Sevens as the highs. Most are classic slot symbols we’ve seen a million times before, but they are quite individually done, five of them covered in what looks like wheat. Values for premium symbols landing in a five of a kind combination is 2 to 5 times the stake.

Last Chance Saloon: Slot Features

Last Chance Saloon slot
Last Chance Saloon – free spins

Last Chance Saloon’s features are all about Coin multipliers, Bullet Spins, Double or Nothing, and ironically a Second Chance feature.

Coin Feature

Coins are wild and substitute for all paying symbols. They appear only on the middle reel and have a win multiplier on their back side. If a coin participates in a line win, it flips, so there is a chance it may land on its multiplier or non-multiplier side. Values can be as high as x50.

Bullet Spins

Landing 3 Bullet Symbols on reels 1, 3, and 5 triggers 6 to 8 free Bullet Spins. In Bullet Spins, at least one Coin symbol is guaranteed to land on the central reel. Whenever a Coin awards a multiplier, it is added to a growing global win multiplier that applies to all winning lines – resetting when free spins end. Scatters do not land during the round, so retriggers are not possible.

Double or Nothing

When Bullet Spins end, players have the choice of collecting the winnings or gambling them. If gamble is picked, a coin with a blank side and a ‘double’ side is flipped. Landing on blank means you lose the lot; landing on ‘double’ literally doubles the prize money.

Second Chance

At random in the base game, if one or more coins is flipped and did not award a multiplier, a Second Chance may activate to flip them to their multiplier side. This feature also applies to the Double or Nothing flip after free spins. So, landing a blank can be flipped to its ‘double’ side.

Last Chance Saloon: Slot Verdict

Last Chance Saloon turned out to be quite fun, and much of the entertainment was tied to the theme treatment. R7 hasn’t displayed the chops of a Nolimit City or a NetEnt, yet its simple design is not without its charm. Perhaps the name was an influence, but you do kind of get the feeling that the bar in this game teeters on the edge between relative civilisation and desolation. As if just outside lies a dusty wasteland where destiny awaits. As such, slingers might as well slam away a few beverages, and have one last throw of the dice, or coin flip as is the case in Last Chance Saloon. Beneath the beeping noises, the soundtrack helps to create an excellently bleak atmosphere, one which conjures up images of a windswept frontier.

The gameplay side isn’t life-altering, but it can be enjoyable. Wild coins provide a little thrill whenever they flip, as they tease between will it be a multiplier or won’t it? Thrills and stakes significantly up the ante when presented with the Double or Nothing option after Bullet Spins. Due to the Double Chance feature, the paytable mentions this increases the odds of hitting ‘double’. You know what they say about a bird in the hand and all that, but the game docs do also mention the best strategy is to gamble, so is something for players to take into account. The final piece of the puzzle is potential, which like the rest of Last Chance Saloon isn’t stand out yet decent enough at 4,982x the bet.

Last Chance Saloon has nowhere near the pizazz of something like say, Deadwood or Dead or Alive 2, but it evokes a certain frontier allure, inviting players to lay their hat at the table to try their luck.


Last Chance Saloon might not be the most intimidating gunslinger in town, but fairly entertaining gaming makes it pretty quick on the draw.

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