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Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels: Slot Overview

Just like Apple leapfrogged the iPhone 9 to fast track the X model, developer Relax Gaming didn't actually release Money Cart part one. However, a quick look at a screenshot will answer any questions you might have as to why. Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels builds off Money Train 2, a slot that has appeared on countless highlight reels since it was released in 2020. The reason for its huge success was that its mind-blowing bonus game turned out to be the hold-&-win feature par excellence. It was no shock when blazing footage of players destroying the 50k win cap began rolling in.

So legendary has Money Train 2's bonus game become that the team at Relax Gaming has revisited the original and come up with a remake that focuses solely on it. The resulting slot, Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels, does away with the old base game, essentially putting players right into the thick of Money Cart Free Spins every time they hit the go button.

Money Cart 2 slot

Visually, Relax has left things as they were, meaning a 5x4 game grid held on a monstrous contraption, technically a train, since it runs across tracks, but looking like something from Doc Brown's nightmare. The game has a Western theme, run through a Steampunk ringer to produce a unique atmosphere which matches the gameplay perfectly. Reels spin with a mechanical grinding sound while a heavily reverbed guitar plays in the background, and a satisfyingly heavy atmosphere settles in - before going bananas when bonus symbols start to fill the board and bullets are flying every which way.

Let's get this out of the way; potential in Money Cart 2 is not as impressive as Money Train 2, even if it does its best to convince you otherwise. Max win is advertised in coin value and not x times bet, so the "up to 50,000" seen advertised below the logo is actually "only" 5,000x. However, there are other elements of the game that makes up for the lowered potential. The main one is RTP which, at 98%, is bested by few slots, with the exception of, say, Book of 99, also from Relax Gaming. This return value is higher than MT2's default value and bang on the same as when buying the feature.

Money Cart 2 is available on any device, where stake options have expanded exponentially to 20 p/c up to $/€200 a spin. The volatility, of course, remains high, fitting because softening the math model would have been tantamount to a violation given the series' reputation.

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels: Slot Features

Here's how it works. Hitting the play button sets the reels in motion, and from the initial spin, you want at least 3 bonus symbols to land to trigger the respin feature. When triggered, the bonus symbols are locked in position, and 3 respins are awarded. Landing new symbols resets the number of spins back to 3. When you fill a reel with symbols, an additional reel is opened up, providing more space to land symbols on. This can happen up to two times per round.

Sounds pretty straightforward, and it is, yet Money Cart 2 is stuffed with special modifier symbols to cause all manner of chaos. Standard bonus symbols reveal values of between 0.1 and 1 times the bet, while golden bonus symbols increase that to 0.20-20 times the bet. For reference, values are displayed in coins; 1 coin being worth 1/10 of the total stake, so a €1 stake equals 10 coins, for example.

Things heat up when the 9 special symbols land. Each one reveals a coin value, then activates a certain property:

 Payer  Adds its value to all other symbols in view.
 Collector  Collects all visible values and adds them to itself.
 Collector/Payer  Adds all visible values to its own, then adds this new value to all other visible symbols.
 Sniper  Doubles the values of 3 to 8 bonus symbols. It can do this to the same symbol more than once.
 Necromancer  Brings 2 to 7 already used non-persistent symbols to life again.
 Reset Plus  Increases the starting value of the spins left to count by one.
 Persistent Payer  Adds its value to all visible symbols for the current spin and any following spins.
 Persistent Sniper  Doubles the values of 3 to 8 symbols on that spin and all following spins.
 Persistent Collector  Collects all visible values at the end of the spin and every spin that follows.

The round ends when spins run out, the win cap is reached, or all positions have been filled. If the board is filled with symbols and the two additional reels have been unlocked, an extra 50 times the stake is awarded.

money train 2 slot
Money Train 2 - bonus game

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels: Slot Verdict

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels is basically the same Money Train 2 experience, though a couple of changes create a practicable alternative. The most persuasive argument for firing this one up is you are literally playing the Money Cart bonus game on every spin. This makes for pacey, unpredictable action as the lid can be blown at any moment, and the required three or more bonus symbols land frequently to trigger respins so the action never gets dull. In fact, much of the time it actually comes across as more of a thrill ride than the original, which, as you may know from experience, doesn't exactly offer the most exciting of base games.

We've all seen what can happen when the right symbols hit, aka the persistent ones, and as before, they prove to be game-changing. The persistent payer in particular is an absolute joy to see in action, repeatedly blasting symbols on every spin. It's elusive, however, so don't expect it to show up every other game around.

Since players no longer have to deal with a pesky base game to get to the good stuff, Money Train 2 must be resigned to the dustbin now? Well, not really. The two games are far enough apart to appeal to different personalities. For players who really don't want to power through the base game, or buy the bonus, then Money Cart 2 is a tempting option, as it does indeed throw you right into the thick of the action. However, players who want the real deal Money Train 2 experience won't get exactly the same from Money Cart 2. The main reason is potential isn't a patch on the other. At 5,000 times the stake, it's still a substantial sum, yet a tenth of its meaner, older sibling.

Money Cart 2 Bonus Reels holds its own, however. It is a real blast kicking off the hold-&-win feature so often, using regular stakes. The potential is respectable, RTP is outstanding, the pace is relentless, and there are thrills aplenty as the train, sorry cart, rolls back through the dust bowl one more time.


Money Cart 2 is a simplified version of its older sibling, packed with fast-paced action, excellent RTP, and all the persistent heroes you know from before.

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