Money Train 4: The Last Stand – An Exclusive Early Look

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money train 4 slot
Money Train 4

Players who like ’em big and a little bit frightening will be chuffed with the news rolling out of Relax Gaming at the moment. The team’s monumental Money Train series is set to rumble even louder with a new, monstrous addition titled Money Train 4: The Last Stand. Bigwinboard has managed to get an early peek, and we are thrilled to say that Money Train 4 is looking to be Relax Gaming’s flagship release of 2023.

If you were wondering about ‘The Last Stand’ part in the title, this isn’t an attempt to act all tough. Money Train 4 is scheduled to be the last game in the range. Yep, you heard right, after Money Train 4, there will be no more juggernaut train slots from Relax Gaming (though never say never, right?). As a result of this decision, the studio has shovelled a freight train’s worth of blood, sweat, and tears into the project. Well, the online slot equivalent, which means masses of innovation, upgrades, and a lengthy list of new features.

It starts with the theme, and one exciting thing about the Money Train range is the way it has progressed from Western to Steam Punk, to futuristic, and now beyond. Money Train 4 is an outer space sci-fi epic with artwork inspired by video games like Overwatch and Destiny, with mention of the Star Wars film Rogue One in there for good measure. From what we’ve seen, the graphics look phenomenal, sure to thrill players visually while transporting them to a new far-flung destination – apparently a long, long way from planet Earth and definitely a long, long way from the original Money Train slot released in 2019.

money train 4 slot
Money Train 4

As well as a graphical upgrade, a ton of mechanical shifts have occurred as well. For starters, and this is a biggie, the base game is played on a 6×6 sized grid which utilises a scatter pays mechanic for creating wins. The base game also benefits from a respin feature (with a rising multiplier), fleshing out the experience while waiting for the infamous bonus round to trigger. Money Train 4’s new visuals also come with a new character – the Arms Dealer, who lends a new way of boosting wins.

Two additional aspects of Money Train 4 have been considerably expanded on, as well. One, which is unsurprising given the series’ progression so far, is that the max win figure tips the scales at 150,000x. What makes this figure exciting is that Money Train slots have forged a considerable reputation for achieving their max win on numerous occasions and in ferocious style. Money Train 4 looks set to continue this trend. Where Money Train 3 packed 13 features, Money Train 4 ups that number to 20. This means pathways to reach the game’s max win are more varied than ever, including new bits like the Unlocker (which unlocks semi-transparent rows instead of reels) and the Upgrader (which turns normal features into persistent features), as well as others. The bonus buy has been reworked, too, as the studio puts it, to improve on the repetitiveness noted in Money Train 3.

money train 4 slot
Money Train 4

After the gargantuan success of the Money Train franchise so far, Relax Gaming no doubt feels pressure to continue the series’ upward trajectory and deliver another hit. So far, its track record has been impeccable – Money Train 2 and Money Train 3 were both winners of Bigwinboard’s Slot of the Year award. As such, Relax Gaming has pulled out the stops to create what already looks to be another blockbuster and a worthy climax to one of the most beloved slot series of all time.

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