Moon Princess Trinity

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Moon Princess Trinity: Slot Overview

There was an idea to launch into this review by listing a few of the notable things that happened in 2017, but after scrolling through one or two lists, most were pretty disheartening. Lucky then, that software developer Play'n GO picked that year to drop Moon Princess, an anime-themed slot that embedded itself in the affections of many an online gambler. Since then, numerous slots have been released off the back of the original's success such as Moon Princess 100 and Moon princess Christmas Kingdom. Now we find ourselves looping back around with another one, going by the name of Moon Princess Trinity.

Moon Princess Trinity isn't a game that feels like it was made to supplant the original. It comes with a few changes, but in the grand scheme of things, nothing is especially revolutionary. A familiar view greets players when entering the game, where the three princesses appear next to the grid, indicating which Girl Power could potentially activate. The rest is basically the same; not much else to say, really, other than if you're looking for an anime-style slot; the Moon Princess range represents one of the most popular options out there.

Moon Princess Trinity slot
Moon Princess Trinity slot - base game

A grid made up of 5-reels and 5-rows is where the action takes place with the goal of landing winning combinations of at least three symbols in length. Wins can begin from any position and sit in horizontal or vertical directions, and the same symbol may be used in different combinations. Operating with a highly volatile math model, the game generates a maximum return to player value of 96.2%, though, with five RTP configurations, it might be set lower. Bet levels vary from 10 p/c to £/€100, and Moon Princess' return is available on any device.

As well as blasting the reels with modifiers, the three princesses also appear on the three premium pay symbols, worth 3x the bet for a pure five-of-a-kind or 2x the bet for a mixed princess symbol five-of-a-kind. Following them on the paytable are four lower value objects, awarding 1 times the bet for a five symbol winning line. Wins go on to trigger a host of features, as we'll see next.

Moon Princess Trinity: Slot Features

Moon Princess Trinity slot
Moon Princess Trinity slot - free spins

Instead of creating something monstrously brand new for Moon Princess Trinity, the features from previous incarnations have been rejigged and shuffled around, so they sort of do the same thing but a little bit differently. Here's how it works. When winning combinations are formed, they are removed, and existing symbols on the grid drop down to fill the gaps – new symbols do not appear from above as they usually do with a cascade mechanic. However, winning combos leave a wild symbol behind. Wilds replace any pay symbol, and winning wild lines pay up to 5 times the bet for a five-of-a-kind.

Win Multiplier

In addition, you'll see faint blue lines framing random positions on the board. Winning on a highlighted zone increases the win multiplier by +1. The win multiplier resets between paid spins.

Girl Power

Moon Princess Trinity's three ladies aren't just included for show. Each one possesses a reel modifying power. On non-winning spins, there is a chance the visible lady triggers one of these powers:

  • Love – converts a set of symbols.
  • Star – adds 1 or 2 wild symbols to the board.
  • Storm – removes two sets of symbols.


To the side of the reels sits a golden meter with three segments. Landing a 3, 4, or 5-of-a-kind princess symbol win fills 1, 2, or 3 segments, respectively. Filling the meter completely triggers a Trinity game round. Trinity is one free game round where Love, Star, and Storm each perform their modifier. If the grid is cleared during Trinity, the feature is triggered again, and the win multiplier is not reset.

Clear Grid

Lastly, clearing the game grid on a regular non-Trinity spin awards 50 times the bet. FYI, if wild symbols are the only symbols in view on the grid, they will be removed.

Moon Princess Trinity slot
Moon Princess Trinity slot - free spins

Moon Princess Trinity: Slot Verdict

Moon Princess Trinity provoked a number of mixed feelings and opinions that repeatedly battled it out to be the overriding end assessment. On one side, Moon Princess is a Play'n GO classic that has been entertaining players for years and has spawned a bunch of follow-ups such as Moon Princess 100, Moon Princess Christmas Kingdom, as well as alt-theme spin-offs like Rise of Olympus 100 and Sisters of the Sun. The formula has been a real winner for Play'n GO, in other words, and it won't be a major shock if Moon Princess Trinity isn't the final word on the matter.

With gameplay that's often as infectious as ever, rolling out new versions of Moon Princess isn't necessarily the worst thing in the online gambling world if a tad uncreative. To be sure, a lot about Moon Princess Trinity is very samey. However, doing away with free spins puts a lot of the focus on the Trinity spin, hence the name, though there's no picking a favourite princess any more, which might irk some. Another rejig has happened with the winning combo values, which have taken a significant hit. As a comparison, a 5 OAK princess win pays 3x the bet compared with 10x the bet in Moon Princess. Possibly done this way to counteract the effect of the rising multiplier, though it does mean Moon Princess Trinity has less winning potential – 4,000x compared to the 5,000x in the original.

Max win isn't necessarily the be-all and end-all in an online slot, but sequels with a lower figure sometimes feel a little odd. Never mind, most people aren't going to achieve a game's max win, so seen from that angle, Moon Princess Trinity feels about as entertaining as Moon Princess was, maybe a little less, but not significantly more. It's worth a look if the first one, or the numerous releases in between, tickled your fancy, yet there is a lingering suspicion Moon Princess Trinity is a case of 'you can't beat the original.'


At the end of the day, Moon Princess Trinity is neither wildly better nor worse than the original.

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