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Nitropolis 2: Slot Overview

ELK Studios’ animal-led dystopian future is back for another bout of bedlam in the follow-up game, Nitropolis 2. The first Nitropolis slot was a blast of adrenalized mayhem that came with so many ways to win that Elon Musk’s accountant would struggle to keep tabs on them. In sticking to tradition, the sequel expands most aspects of the first, offering even more ways to win, as well as a host of new features to get to grips with as clans return to collect their precious Nitro.

Actually, we are one clan down this time around. The Rouge Rats have been locked up by Sergeant Nitro Wolf on his one critter crusade to clean up the filth of Nitropolis. The action takes place in a more urban setting this time, as the 6-reel, 4-row game grid is surrounded by dense high-rise buildings, a bit like Blade Runner or The Fifth Element. It’s like one of those futuristic hive worlds where inhabitants survive cheek to jowl with untold billions of humans, cyborgs, or in this case, cats and dogs. As before, a brilliant soundtrack fuels the havoc, and while it is similar to the original, Nitropolis 2 still impacts like a Slipknot concert when it’s going off.

nitropolis 2 slot

Mathematically, there have been a few tweaks; one of the most noticeable is a slight drop in RTP to 95%. Volatility remains high, rated 8 out of 10, and hit frequency remains around 1 every 5 spins (20%). Any device is suitable for taking on the clans, where bets from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin may be set.

In its starting 6x4 size, the game provides 4,096 ways to win, but when Nitro Reels start appearing, this figure blasts into orbit like nothing else - up to a staggering 191,102,976. Symbol values are kept quite low as a result where 6 of a kind wins made up of premium pugs, kitties, dawgs, or sergeants are worth 0.7 to 1 times the bet. After them are 4 logo symbols, followed by J-A icons as the lower value symbols. Paylines of wilds are worth the same as the highest value tile, but most of the time, they substitute any other symbol except the scatter.

Nitropolis 2: Slot Features

nitropolis 2 slot
Nitropolis 2 - free spins

Nitro Reels remain the core feature, joined by respins, a selection of Nitro Booster modifiers, bonus games, and Elk’s X-citer feature. Nitro Reels land in any position and cover 2 symbol places. Each one contains 4 to 12 paying symbols. More symbols means more ways to win, maxing out at a mind-boggling 191,102,976. Whenever a win hits, all symbols or Nitro Reels part of the win respin individually while the other symbols remain in place. Respins continue as long as new winning combinations appear.

One of the main changes in Nitropolis 2 is the new feature reel running along the top of the main grid called the Nitro Booster. On it, feature symbols land to modify the reels below them like so:

  • Nitro Wild – Nitro Reels landing in the same column will contain wilds.
  • All Wild – all sticky or new Nitro Reels will contain only wilds.
  • All Premium – all Nitro Reels landing will contain high-value symbols.
  • Nitro Upgrade – additional symbols are added to the Nitro Reels in this column.
  • All Match/Nitro Match – all landing Nitro Reels match a symbol on the reel to the left.
  • Respin - locks bonus symbols and Nitro Reels then awards a respin.
  • Pay both ways - paylines are effective both ways.

Hot rod symbols are the scatter and 3, 4, 5, or 6 in view award 10, 15, 20, or 25 free spins. During free spins, all the above applies, but now when Nitro Reels land, they are locked in place for the remainder of the bonus.

On top of everything are 5 feature buy options available through the X-iter menu. For 5x the bet, you can buy a spin guaranteed to win something. 25x the bet gets you three spins with feature or bonus symbols landing on every position of the Nitro Booster reel. Paying 100x the bet guarantees a spin with 3 scatter symbols, while 200x the bet gets you one with 4 scatter symbols. The big kahuna is the Super Bonus costing 500x the bet. For that, you get free spins with 12 Nitro Reels on every spin – the maximum number possible.

Nitropolis 2: Slot Verdict

Since this is a sequel, the initial shock is lessened because you have an idea of what to expect. However, Nitropolis 2 is still a very visceral experience and different to just about everything else out there. In saying that, you can see influences from other slots seeping in, most noticeably games like Punk Rocker or San Quentin xWays due to the upper bonus row. The Nitro Booster might not be a super original addition, but it broadens the experience by adding so many new elements.

Like before, the visuals are well-executed, and the music is insane. It’s as if the sound wizard couldn’t decide which music genre to go with, so mashed them all together and rammed the resulting patchwork chaos through a heavy metal grinder. This approach pays off too, and the sound effects are responsible for a huge share of the adrenaline Nitropolis 2 pours through your veins.

The audio-visual explosion can be a double-edged sword, though. When you’re amped, symbols not falling the way you want them to are exponentially more exasperating. One example is during the Super Bonus. You can see by the second or third reel if wins are lining up, and when they don’t, sitting through the remainder of the spin when you know nothing is going to land can be vexing. The corollary to this though, is when symbols do go your way in time with a massive beat drop, it’s a real treat.

One of the biggest surprises about Nitropolis 2 is its max win. While ways to win have mushroomed, the most you can collect remains the same at 10,000x the bet. A well respectable amount, but if you thought 85 million+ ways to win was a mismatch, then tagging on another 100 million-plus will probably seem a ludicrous amount of overkill.

Then again, ludicrous has always been Nitropolis’ MO. You don’t play the original or the sequel for some conservative 10 line gameplay. Nitropolis 2 is the slot version of a roller coaster ride through a derelict fairground in the year 2099 that’s falling to bits while mainlining pumpkin juice. If that sounds appealing, then buckle up, once again, for the ride.


Nitropolis 2 is a case of much more of the same as just about everything has been jacked for the sequel aside from a couple of key stats.

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