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Pinatas & Ponies slot
Pinatas & Ponies slot – base game

Pinatas & Ponies: Slot Overview

Interestingly, the previous Red Tiger slot reviewed to this was Peggy Sweets, and the fact it was a scatter-paying grid slot came as something of a surprise. The studio has followed up with another scatter-paying grid slot going by the name of Pinatas & Ponies. Sometimes one look at a screenshot is all it takes to form an opinion of a game; with Pinatas & Ponies, the name itself might be enough to settle on a yes or no response. However, in the spirit of open-minded neutrality, why don’t we metaphorically hoist Pinatas & Ponies up on a tree branch, batter it around with a stick for a bit and see what comes pouring out?

As well as the payment mechanism, Pinatas & Ponies seemed to share a number of elements with Peggy Sweets. Mainly small peripheral things, but it felt like the two games were built off the same template, or by the same team, or something like that. The game’s location is an outdoor setting with a thick green lawn, cupcakes, tulips, balloons, flags, and so on. A festive setting, in other words, in keeping with the tradition of busting open pinatas by blindfolded children at celebrations like birthdays. Pinatas have a link to Mexican culture, and a joyful Latin American spirit pervades Pinatas & Ponies’ proceedings to create a positive atmosphere.

Pinatas & Ponies is played on a 6×6 game grid, utilising a scatter pays system for awarding wins. As such, as long as 10 identical symbols are in view, in any position, players collect a win. Winning symbols are removed from the board as if popped from a pinata, and symbols drop down from above to replace them. If a new win occurs after the drop, the process repeats, ending when no new win is created. A highly volatile game, Pinatas & Ponies comes with an RTP of 95.66%, or 95.75%, when buying a feature. Any device is suitable, and stakes of 10 p/c to £/€40 per game round can be selected.

For symbols, it’s sweeties all the way as the pays, where in ascending order, we find four fruit-inspired shapes followed by three general hard candies, and then a caramel-filled chocolate as the most valuable symbol. Values vary from 0.1 to 1.5 times the stake for a 10-12 of a kind hit, up to 1.2 to 20 times the stake for a 25+ scatter hit. One more rule here is that Pinatas & Ponies does not have wild symbols.

Pinatas & Ponies: Slot Features

Pinatas & Ponies slot
Pinatas & Ponies slot – free spins

However, it does have pinatas. Three of them, in fact, are displayed above the reels. These are the Small Pinata, Big Pinata, and the Super Pinata. The bigger the pinata, the bigger the potential rewards.


During the main game, pinatas are asleep, yet they can randomly activate to award a multiplier. The Small Pinata, Big Pinata, and Super Pinata can award multipliers of x2-x5, x6-x10, or x11-x15, respectively. Multipliers are applied to the total win at the end of the current spin. In the base game, multipliers reset between spins, but in free spins, they stack instead and do not reset until the round ends. The multiplier has a set upper limit of x30.

Sweet Spins

Getting 3 Sweet Spins scatters on screen awards 10 Sweet Spins, plus 2 Sweet Spins for any extra scatter beyond 3. Landing 3 scatters during the bonus round awards +5 more free spins, plus 2 free spins for each scatter beyond 3. In free spin, pinatas are activated by a progress bar, where winning symbols contribute to filling the progress bar. When a pinata is activated, it appears on the screen, which players click to reveal multipliers. All multipliers are accumulated (up to x30) until the feature ends, and then the progress bar and the multiplier are reset.

If available, players can buy features. These are a guaranteed trigger of the Small Pinata, the Big Pinata, or the Super Pinata for 5x, 10x, or 15x the bet, respectively. Or, Sweet Spins access costs 80 times the stake.

Pinatas & Ponies slot
Pinatas & Ponies slot – feature buy menu

Pinatas & Ponies: Slot Verdict

The good news is Pinatas & Ponies didn’t turn out to be as kiddie-centric as first feared. Don’t get us wrong, it’s very light-hearted, so the game may pack in enough joviality to win you over if you let it. For a while, maybe. It’s interesting to see Red Tiger break out and do a couple of cluster pays slots around the same time, though neither this nor Peggy Sweets were particularly stunning. Perhaps the studio was cautiously testing the water before fully committing to the format and pairing it with its best ideas.

Highlights in Pinatas & Ponies included smashing, or at least clicking on activated pinatas in free spins to reveal their values. Plus, the vibe is upbeat. Apart from those things, Pinatas & Ponies was pretty straightforward, possibly entertaining in the right hands, but not exactly the sort of game that upended what we know of scatter-paying slots. One downside was winning potential. Ever seen those clips of kids trying to hit a pinata, miss, and slam their dad in the nuts? Scrolling down to find Pinatas & Ponies’ max win figure was a bit like that. Despite some okay symbol values and multipliers, the most that lucky players can bust out of this pinata is 2,172.7x the bet. Okay, it’s not exactly a whack in the crutch, nor the lowest figure in the Red Tiger stable, yet low enough to spoil some of the good vibes produced by the rest of the game.

All up, Pinatas & Ponies was a relatively entertaining game at the time, with one or two amusing moments to test out. It’s upbeat and positive, too, which is nice, but the thrill soon wore thin, so after the thing was done and busted open, there were few major desires for a repeat performance.


Pinatas & Ponies is cheerful and bouncy but rather light on substance once its contents have been spilt.

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