Player Strikes Gold in Relax Gaming’s Dead Man’s Trail Slot

dead mans trail slot max

Apologies for stating the glaringly obvious, but online slots are a form of entertainment that go your way sometimes, and at others, they just don’t. We’re only mentioning the fact because this clip of Relax Gaming‘s pirate-themed slot Dead Man’s Trail is a prime example of the former situation. Somehow, just about everything in this big win video seems to go the right way. Almost each turn leads to a beneficial move, culminating in hitting the game’s considerable win cap.

When Dead Man’s Trail’s bonus round is on screen, it’s tempting to plot mental courses around it that would result in winning the top prize. Hit a chest here, land a big win there, score a modifier on that tile, and so on, crafting a dream round. So many variables pop up on the Dead Man’s Trail that there are countless ways of finding glory, or ruin. No round is perfect, but this clip is about as close to ideal as it gets.

The base game takes place in a gloomy harbour town on a 5×4 reel set, where landing 3 scatter symbols triggers the Dead Man’s Trail Bonus Game. This can be done organically, or as this player has done by shelling out 100x the reference bet to guarantee bonus game entrance on the next spin.

Once you’re in, the bonus round takes place on a board game style set-up. A random number from 1 to 9 is selected on each turn, and players move that number of spaces around the trail. At the beginning, the tiles on the trail display cash prizes, end tiles, or chests. Landing on a chest reveals Money Train style modifiers, random cash wins, or end tile resets. Players continue to move around the trail, collecting cash prizes until landing on an end tile or hitting the win cap.

The first number picked in this clip is a ‘9’ landing on a chest and triggering a persistent Scout with an +1,000 value. This means on every following turn, one random cash prize tile is increased by +1,000. Amazingly, on the very next move, the player lands on the tile that was just boosted, pocketing a cool 1,002x the bet.

Off to a great beginning, and from there, it’s all uphill as almost every move produces a positive outcome. One of the biggest pulse-quickening moments is when an opened chest reveals the Collect & Command modifier. The Collect & Command collects all of the prize values in view then adds the summed total onto each prize tile. This means every single cash prize tile on the trail possesses a value of at least 4,473x the base bet – quite a tantalising proposal.

From then on, it’s a case of dodging end tiles until finally hitting the win cap of 50,000x the reference bet. In this case, that means €5,000 in a stunning bonus round where just about everything goes according to plan.

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