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Punk Rocker 2: Slot Overview

Start digging into the origins of punk rock, and you come across mention of Britain in the mid-70s, 1974 New York City, even late 60s Detroit. What's arguably less disputed is how critical a piece of Nolimit City's journey the slot Punk Rocker was when it came out around the start of 2020. Hints of greatness had been sown by the Western slot Tombstone, for example, yet Punk Rocker was one of the earliest 'wo, what is this insanity?' releases that helped lay the groundwork for the crazed mayhem to come. Inspired by 'a toilet in a shitty pub in London', Punk Rocker was chock-a-block with attitude and explosively unpredictable gameplay that lived and breathed the punk rock ethos. The rest, as they say, is history. Or is it? Because Nolimit City has returned to the streets, hair spiked, nostril pierced, Molotov cocktail in hand to design the sequel Punk Rocker 2.

New game and a new location. Instead of bearskin-capped guards keeping an eye on his majesty's realm, Punk Rocker 2 shifts the action to New York City, to many, the true home of punk rock. However, while the scene might have changed, the vibe has not, so everything's covered in graffiti, nothing's so sacred it can't be defaced, and yep, rockin' tunes are back. An entrance to the subway hosts the main game before players descend to the station itself for bonus rounds. The subway stop is Wall Street, if you were wondering, as evidenced by the sign on the wall and the Charging Bull statue - both covered in graffiti, natch.

Punk Rocker 2 slot
Punk Rocker 2 slot - base game

Gamblers may pick a stake of 20 c to $/€100 to play Punk Rocker 2. Hitting spin moves a 6-reel gaming grid, which usually has 3 symbols per reel, providing 729 ways to win, but the reels can expand, stretching ways to win up to 46,656. The xBet may be utilised as well, increasing the stake by 2x when activated. The xBet guarantees a special symbol (scatter, xWays, Super xWays, Molotov Wilds, or Pipe Bomb Wild) on the second reel. Punk Rocker 2 has an increased volatility to 10 out of 10, and the highest RTP value is 96.06%.

Punk is about the best word to describe Punk Rocker 2's pay symbols. The lows are kicker boots, knuckle dusters, spiked apples, Molotov cocktails, and anarchy signs, paying 1.25 to 2 times the bet for 6-of-a-kind. The highs are pop art style characters such as Abraham Lincoln, Jack Nicholson, the Statue of Liberty, Ronald Reagan, and a monkey dressed like Uncle Sam. Hitting 6 OAK high pay combinations awards 2.25x to 4x the stake. A variety of wilds turn up in Punk Rocker 2, all substituting for the regular pay symbols.

Punk Rocker 2: Slot Features

Punk Rocker 2 slot
Punk Rocker 2 slot - Mass Transit BBQ spins triggered

If minimalism is a trait of the punk aesthetic, then Nolimit City has chosen to overlook that part, instead ramming Punk Rocker 2 with features such as Riot Spins, three free spins rounds, xWays, and jumping wilds are back, too, amongst other things.

Riot Spins

Riot Spins Respins are awarded when 2 scatter symbols land. The scatters convert to Molotov Wilds and lock all of the reels with wilds. Extra scatters landing during Riot Spins award an additional respin and become Molotov Wilds after the payout.

Free Spins

  • DisOBEY Spins - 3 scatter symbols award 8 DisOBEY Spins, played with 3 Jumping Wild symbols and the Top Train Enhancer.
  • ChAos Spins - 4scatter symbols award 8 ChAos Spins, played with 4 Jumping Wild symbols and both Train Enhancers.
  • Mass Transit BBQ Spins - 5 scatter symbols award 8 Mass Transit BBQ Spins, played with 4 Jumping Wild symbols, both Train Enhancer rows, and the Burning Cart stopping on each spin.

Jumping Wilds

Jumping Wilds and Burning Jumping Wild symbols are active in free spins. They may move positions on the grid between each spin but never land on the leftmost reel. All Wild Multiplier enhancers added to Burning Jumping Wild symbols are persistent for the remaining free spins. Wild Multipliers are additive. Multipliers on Jumping Wilds count as multiple of that wild on its position.

Punk Rocker 2 slot
Punk Rocker 2 slot - free spins

Train Enhancers

Train Enhancer rows run along the top and the bottom of the reels. They award an enhancement when a Jumping Wild symbol or Burning Jumping Wild symbol lands on the same reel as the enhancer. Top Train Enhancers are Wild Multiplier, xWays, Molotov Wilds, extra spins, all reels become 6 high, Upgrade Freespins, or Enable Bottom Train Enhancer. Bottom Train Enhancers are Wild Multiplier, extra spins, and Burning Jumping Wild. If the Burning Cart contains a Burning Jumping Wild, it converts all Jumping Wilds on its reel into Burning Jumping Wilds. Wild Multipliers are additive.


An xWays symbol can hold 2 to 4 of the same symbol, and all xWays symbols display matching symbols. When xWays in the base game expand 4 high, the symbol can be super expanded up to 20 high. xWays Mystery symbols are activated in the main game and in free spins. xWays symbols in free spins expand to 4 high, containing 4, 6, or 8 of the same symbol.

Molotov and Pipe Bomb Wilds

  • Molotov Wilds may land in the main game, Riot Respins, and be activated in free spins. They turn all positions above into wild symbols.
  • Pipe Bomb Wilds land in the main game and in Riot Respins. They contain 2 to 4 wild symbols and turn all positions above into Pipe Bomb Wilds of the same size.

Nolimit Bonus Buy

Players can buy various features for displayed costs: DisOBEY Spins - 100x the bet, ChAos Spins - 370x the bet, Mass Transit BBQ Spins - 3,000x the bet, Lucky Draw (20%/40%/40%) - 1,368x the bet, or Riot Spins - 15x the bet.

Punk Rocker 2 slot
Punk Rocker 2 slot - free spins

Punk Rocker 2: Slot Verdict

If Punk Toilet was a first or second cousin, Punk Rocker 2 is the oldest child back from uni… with pierced nipples and a spiked leather dog collar. Plenty of stuff has happened between now and when Punk Rocker came out, but the original game still manages to hold its own. A lot of its success was down to those Jumping Wilds and their interaction with enhancer carriages. Both of these features make a return appearance in Punk Rocker 2 - alongside a bunch of new stuff. One of the most exciting additions is Burning Jumping Wilds since they keep their multiplier value till a free spins round ends. They can even grow their value should they land on the right enhancer reel.

The Train Enhancer modifiers haven't changed hugely since Punk Rocker, though Punk Rocker 2 does more diverse things with wild symbols. Molotovs spread, Pipe Bombs spread, there's more happening in that department. There's just more of everything, really. The volatility is up, which may bite or purr depending on the way luck is running, and winning potential has increased, now touching 30,144x the bet. Nolimit City has really, really branched out into insane bonus buy territory since Punk Rocker, and it's a bit odd winning 1,000x, for example, but actually being down 2,000x from the cost of the feature.

Anyway, buying bonuses is, of course, optional, and achieving Punk Rocker 2's max win is possible from organic triggers if symbols be landing in the right places. Punk Rocker 2 is one of those games where its components can fit together so that massive single spin results occur, almost it seems, at any moment, helped by those Burning Jumping Wilds. Particularly enjoyable was landing 4 Jumping Wilds on the 4 middle reels at the same time as all the reels become 6 high enhancer.

Not sure Punk Rocker 2 has the same poke to the eyeballs visceral impact as the original had, being a sequel, and witnessing what Nolimit City has put out over the intervening years. But it's loaded with attitude, expands on the previous game, revamps the audiovisuals, and delivers the sort of anarchic gameplay that may ultimately turn out to be your best friend or your worst enemy.


Punk Rocker 2 intensifies the chaos with new features and higher volatility, delivering an anarchic sequel that’s both thrilling and unpredictable.

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