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Punk Toilet: Slot Overview

Ever seen Einstein fart while sitting on the loo? Play Punk Toilet by the diabolical minds at Nolimit City, and sooner or later, you'll catch the father of general relativity doing just that. If this mental image is tantamount to sacrilege or just sounds silly, then it's a safe bet Punk Toilet probably isn't the game for you. For a while now, Nolimit has been steaming along their own course, setting trends rather than following them. The culmination of this not giving a fig about fashion or what others might think is Punk Toilet, a slot that has carved out its very own genre to sit down and contemplate life, much like a trip to the karzi.

Punk Toilet was not created in a vacuum, though, and there are links to a number of Nolimit City games - the biggest influence undoubtedly being Punk Rocker, as the two games share much in the way of look and attitude. In fact, according to its maker, Punk Toilet was meant to be the original, inspired by a trip to a colourful London toilet. For whatever reason, the idea was shelved in place of Punk Rocker, but like a stubborn floater that refuses to flush, Punk Toilet has returned, in all its public restroom glory.

Punk Toilet slot

And so, the action takes place in a colourful toilet, complete with urinals, plenty of graffiti, and a mysterious Glory Door. Like Punk Rocker, muffled band music can be made out in an adjoining room, which cranks when the bonus games are in effect. Right away, Punk Toilet pulls no punches. This is a world where nothing is sacred, as evidenced by punk versions of Winston Churchill, amongst others. Visually, Punk Toilet won't be everyone's cup of tea, though no doubt it was done in a tongue in cheek humorous way rather than an insulting one. Not everyone may see it that way, of course, but we don't think Punk Toilet is here to politely make friends.

Its Extremely Volatile math model also isn't the best way to make friends or influence people. However, players into Nolimit City's uncompromising brand of entertainment will be all over it. As we've come to expect, the RTP comes in a variety of forms. At best, it has a default value of 96.09% when played normally, rising to 96.71% when buying features - full details on those below. A range of stakes from 20 p/c to $/€100 are available, while the dunny-led gaming is possible on any device.

At the start of every spin, the 5-reel game grid is laid out in a 3-3-3-3-1 formation, though this can drastically change via several of the features. Players get 81 ways to win in the standard layout, quickly mushrooming when extra symbols are either forced onto the board or split. Three to five matching symbols lining up from the left side create a winning way, and there are 11 pay symbols to work with. 10 to Ace runny graffiti symbols make up the low pays, worth 1.25-2x the bet for five, then there is a collection of six high pay character symbols worth 2.5 to 5x the bet for five of a kind. One more before moving on is a regular wild, which is used to replace any pay symbol when making a winning way.

Punk Toilet: Slot Features

As you might suspect, there is no shortage of features in Punk Toilet, the list includes two bonus games, plus a bunch of X-ing and splitting effects.


You can't have a toilet without urinals, and in Punk Toilet, there are three of them, located at the bottom of reels 2, 3, and 4. Landing 1 or 2 scatter symbols on these reels opens the urinal located below them. This reveals an oversized version of any character symbol, except the Haw-King, which also possesses a wild beer symbol.

Glory Door

Now, the mysterious Glory Door, covering three lower positions on the fifth reel. When the Loo symbol lands above the Glory Door it opens to reveal one of two things. One is a 3-position high Haw-King pay symbol. When this happens, all character symbols in view on the reels turn into Haw-King symbols. The second outcome is the Glory Door may reveal a special symbol plus a two-position high character symbol. The character symbol will double the sizes of the same symbol type on reels 1-4. The special symbol could be:

  • A regular wild symbol.
  • xSplit – splits all regular paying symbols to its left on reels 1-4 in a horizontal line. xSplit then acts as a 2 high wild. It always splits xWays symbols if present.
  • Mega Split – splits all regular pay symbols to double size on reels 1-4. It also acts as a 2 high wild.

Punk Toilet slot


This symbol may land on the middle three reels. When it hits, the xWays' size can be anything from 2-6 symbols and reveal a random pay symbol or a wild symbol. If more than one xWays is in view, then they all reveal the same symbol type.

P!$$ Spins

Landing 3 scatters on the middle three reels at once, awards 6 P!$$ Spins. During each spin, the urinals at the bottom of the reels are always opened to reveal character symbols. Landing a scatter in this round awards an additional spin and upgrades the Urinal multiplier on its reel by +1. This multiplier multiplies the character symbol's multiplier and does not reset. Should a Loo symbol hit, the Glory Door opens, +2 additional spins are awarded, and the round is upgraded to $h!t Spins. Around 1/210 base game spins will trigger this bonus round.

$h!t Spins

Landing 3 scatter symbols plus 1 Loo symbol awards 8 $h!t Spins. The rules are the same as P!$$ Spins, with the extra effect that the Loo symbol sticks in its landing position and the Glory Door is always open. Organically, $h!t Spins hit with a frequency of 1/13,000 spins.

Nolimit Bonus

Players able to buy their way to free spins have three choices in front of them. One is P1$$ Spins, for the cost 67x the bet and comes with an RTP of 96.38%. The second is $h!t Spins at 345x the bet, generating a return value of 96.76%, while the third costs 206x and is a 50/50 toss-up between the two bonus games – RTP is 96.71%.

Punk Toilet slot

Punk Toilet: Slot Verdict

Few, if any, except Nolimit City would have the brass balls to release a game like Punk Toilet. We're reminded of a quote by Baron von Richthofen from the British comedy Blackadder 'Ha ha ha! You English and your sense of humour! How lucky you English are to find the toilet so amusing! For us, it is a mundane and functional item…for you, the basis of an entire culture!' You know how you're in a meeting, or even a conversation and thoughts come into your head, then an internal filter kicks in to allow or disallow the thought to exit your mind via words, depending on how appropriate or inappropriate it is? That filter appears to be broken at Nolimit City. Whatever these guys or gals think has a chance of becoming reality. They are the wish fulfillers, the dream makers of the online slot world.

Then again, one person's dream is another one's nightmare, and a slot about poopoo and peepee is not going to appeal to everyone. It's not hugely crass, however, once you get over the initial 'what on earth were they thinking?' moment. Some might be more offended by the way certain characters have been portrayed. As we aren't in the ethics business, we'll leave that debate alone for now. As to the gaming, Punk Toilet is packed with those massive Nolimit City moments. Those ones where a couple of special symbols combine with the right pay symbol, a bit of X-ing and slicing takes place, and a single spin result can be an absolute blinder. What it does on a technical level is classic Nolimit City, with new bits like the Glory Door and Haw-King transformation thrown in for good measure. Potential-wise, this is no Tombstone RIP, its 33,333x the bet max win, putting on the more modest side for Nolimit City. It's no slouch either, though, and with high expectations to see it hit when released for general consumption.

Some are sure to find Punk Toilet a little abrasive or at the least a bit gross. For others who like a laugh, a bit of shock value, to go with razor-sharp gameplay, then Punk Toilet makes an entertaining option. After playing a slot built around bodily discharges, you have to wonder where the blazes Nolimit is going to lead us next.


If you’re looking for a quick fix of fast-paced action and some slice and dice fun in typical Nolimit fashion, then Punk Toilet is definitely worth it.

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