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Road Rage: Slot Overview

Road rage isn't exactly a pleasant thing. It's bad enough when a fellow driver is too close, or too far, or too slow, or too fast, or too something, and your gorge is rising. When you're on the end of some maniac's raving and don't know why it can really ruin your day. Why a software provider would want to base a game on one of humankind's darker emotions is anyone's guess, but hey, Road Rage comes from Nolimit City, the team that has repeatedly proven no topic is off the table. Well, few topics. As well as cramming a variety of driver types onto the reels, Road Rage also comes with a long list of features. We'd mention them here in the intro, but we don't want to risk running over the word count. So, without further ado, get your fist waving or expletives and dark looks ready for some slot-based road rage.

Nolimit City is infamous for creating some of the most immersive games on the market, slots that are as passionately detailed as they are fun to lose yourself in. Road Rage isn't quite up to the typical level. At first glance, Road Rage looked like one of those top-down games where you bounce an animal across a road, dodging traffic to get to the other side. The middle part of the screen displays the game grid on a three-lane road, while above and below are things like grass, signs, and miscellaneous roadside objects. Sonically, players' ears are in for a smorgasbord of sounds from traffic effects to gunshots, skidding tires, and a mo frickin banging nineties/noughties funk metal track.

Road Rage slot
Road Rage slot - base game

Flip the bonnet to discover a set of fiery stats. For starters, Road Rage is another one of the studio's highly volatile games, rated 8 out of 10, so buckle up tight. It has a triple RTP setup, topping out at 96.03%, increasing further when buying one of the four bonus options. Playable on any device, street goers can pick a bet from 20 p/c to $/€100 per spin.

Road Rage uses a connected win ways system to create winning combinations. With this mechanism, matching symbols must land in adjacent reels from the leftmost side and be touching either horizontally or diagonally. Since the game grid changes size, this means 99 to 259 ways to win. On the less valuable side of the pay table are five driving-related objects – mirrors, charging mobiles, air fresheners, flat tires, and cups of java, paying 0.5 to 1.5x the bet for five of a kind. Premiums are five different driver types, with personalised number plates such as UK 4RT3M, K4R3N 69, 420 GR4N, 4RISTOC4T, AND SPILL3D JOE. Hit a line of five of these symbols to win 2-5 times the stake.

Road Rage: Slot Features

Road Rage slot
Road Rage slot - Rage Buff round

Onto features where one of the biggest surprises is the total absence of any 'x' prefaced extras. In their place are Wild Cars, three bonus modes, Rage Buff, Mystery Symbols, and bonus buys – where available.

Wild Cars

All cars in Road Rage are wild and have different modifying abilities depending on their colour.

  • Yellow Cars/Engine Breakdown: increases the size of all other symbols on the same reel by +1.
  • Red Cars/Drive-By: drives from right to left, increasing the symbol multiplier by +1 for all symbols it passes over and turns into a wild where it stops.
  • Green Cars/Drive-By: drives from left to right, increasing the symbol multiplier by +1 for all symbols it passes over and turns into a wild where it stops.

If Red and Green Cars collide, the multipliers on the respective cards are added and the total is displayed on a Colliding Wild. Colliding Wilds are sticky if the Red or Green Car is sticky in one of the bonus modes.


Traffic light scatters can land on any reel in the main game. Landing 2 scatters triggers a respin with a guaranteed Wild Car on each reel with a scatter. Or, landing 3, 4, or 5 scatters awards the Morning Rush, H1ghway Jam, or City Mayh3m bonus modes, respectively.

Mystery Symbols

Mystery symbols only appear in the bonus modes – only 1 can land on each reel. Mystery symbols reveal the colour green, red, or yellow. If the revealed colour matches a Wild Car or sticky Wild Car, it increases that Car's multiplier. If it reveals a colour of a Wild Car which is not in view, +1 spin is awarded.

Rage Buff

Before a bonus round begins, the Rage Buff sequence plays out. Basically, cars move across a grid where it is possible to win extra free spins, sticky multiplier increments, or Drive-By multiplier increments.

Bonus Modes

  • Landing 3 scatters awards Morning Rush with 3 rows.
  • 4 scatters trigger H1ghway Jam with 4 rows
  • 5 scatters activate City Mayh3m with 5 rows.

Landing 1 or 2 scatters in Morning Rush upgrades to the respective higher bonus mode, while landing 1 scatter in H1ghway Jam moves things up to City Mayh3m. During each bonus mode, 1, 2, or 3 Wild Cars are selected and turn into sticky wilds in their stop positions. Rage Buff plays first when bonus modes are upgraded, and each sticky Car awards +1 spin at the time of the bonus upgrade.

Nolimit Bonus

Click the star icon to open the Nolimit Bonus menu. Paying 66x, 270x, or 666x, the bet buys Morning Jam, H1ghway Jam, or City Mayh3m, respectively. The fourth option is a 33%/33%/33% chance of winning either 3 bonus modes for 334x the bet. Don't ask us what the other 1% does.

Road Rage slot
Road Rage slot - Mayhem free spins

Road Rage: Slot Verdict

Nolimit City slots often come with a steeper learning curve than usual, and they can be kind of confusing to play until you've got a handle on all the moving parts. Once the tutorial stage has been passed, you can generally tell what the symbols do, what you want to hit and where, then sit back to enjoy the ride, or survive it at least. Road Rage was confusing from the get-go, but the tutorial stage wasn't as satisfying, and once we'd clocked what everything does, the thrill we'd expected to find just wasn't quite there. Why? That's hard to put a finger on why, yet things like a relatively shallow game world, uninspiring graphics, and fiddly features got in the way of simply having a bit of fun. Road Rage has chuckle-inducing moments and some fiery action when it hots up, but it didn't feel as complete, as polished as they usually do.

Once you've got a grip on what each symbol does, the slot makes more sense, yet Road Rage's main game felt strangely pedestrian for a slot based around angry drivers. Bonus modes, too, felt a little tame by Nolimit City standards. They can certainly explode when the right symbols line up, yet there was a strange suspicion that Nolimit City purposely set out to make a game without x-features to silence any critics saying they're all the studio does. Road Rage certainly puts that line of thought to bed, but the game did feel like something was missing without them. Potential doesn't take a knock because of their absence, though. Triggering the Ghost Rider means you've hit Road Rage's max win of 36,000 times the bet.

It's a testament to Nolimit City's success that we've grown accustomed to receiving outstanding releases with dramatic regularity, so when a game comes along from the studio, which isn't a slot of the year contender, it feels oddly off. There's technically nothing stopping players from having a right old blast on Road Rage when it puts the pedal to the metal, yet, it doesn't have the same sit-up, take notice, and hold on for dear life effect we've come to look out for.


Road Rage may boast irreverent humour, intricate gameplay and outstanding audio, but is far from being Nolimit City’s best work.

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