Robin Hood’s Heroes

(Just For The Win) Slot Review

Robin Hood’s Heroes slot
Robin Hood’s Heroes slot – base game

Robin Hood’s Heroes: Slot Overview

Thanks to developer Just For The Win, players have another opportunity to hike through the woods with outlaws famous for grabbing loot from the rich and giving it to the poor. We are, of course, talking about Robin Hood and his Merry Men (plus Maid Marian) in an online slot named Robin Hood’s Heroes. There aren’t as many characters in Robin Hood’s Heroes as there are in other Robin Hood slots; perhaps JFTW kept it that way to make room for the features. Speaking of which, Robin Hood’s Heroes comes with a Cash Collect, Cash Grab, Wild Splits, Free Spins, and possibly a buy feature.

Loading up Robin Hood’s Heroes is like stepping into a medieval banquet scene where the musicians are stirring up a riot of a tune, dancers move in rhythm, spectators clap along, and everyone’s just having a really good time. It’s a chipper game located on the borders of Sherwood Forest with Nottingham Castle in the background (going off the story), while a Robin Hood wanted poster flutters, a chest sits on the ground, and the active game panel is laid near the middle.

The panel consists of 6-reels, where 4 symbols appear on the two outer reels and 5 symbols on the four inner reels, giving players a 4-5-5-5-5-4 formation. Using a ways system, this setup provides 10,000 ways to win, occurring when matching symbols land in any row, as long as they sit on adjacent reels and start from the leftmost side. Available in a trio of RTP settings, the highest is a value of 96.05%, dropping as low as 92.21%. Volatility is high on all three, while the hit rate varies from 25.35% to 28.46%, so roughly one in four-ish spins produces a winner. Getting your outlaw on is possible on any device where bets of 20 p/c to £/€50 per paid spin may be placed.

Frolicking over to the paytable, we find ten regular paying symbols. Starting with the lowest value tiles are four card suits, diamonds, clubs, hearts, and spades, paying 0.5x the bet for a six-of-a-kind win. Next are mugs, knives, hats, Friar Tuck, Maid Marian, and Robin, paying 0.8-5 times the stake for six-of-a-kind. Appearing in the base game or free spins on reels 2-5 are wild symbols, and Wild Split symbols. Both are able to substitute for any normal pay symbol. When a Wild Split symbol hits, though, it is split into 2-5 wilds, increasing the number of ways to win.

Robin Hood’s Heroes: Slot Features

Robin Hood’s Heroes slot
Robin Hood’s Heroes slot – free spins

Free spins were briefly alluded to, and as well as those are Cash Collects and Cash Grab features, as well as a Buy feature where available.

Cash Collects

Money symbols appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5 in the base game and in the Cash Grab feature. Each one displays a multiplier of the bet. Landing 3, 4, or 5 Money symbols anywhere in the base game can trigger the Cash Collect feature. When activated, the Cash Collect awards the total value of all Money symbols in view to the player.

Cash Grab

Landing 6 or more Money symbols in the base game triggers the Cash Grab bonus, awarding 3 respins. Any symbol that lands reset the respins count back to 3. The triggering Money symbols remain in place, and the bonus round occurs on a grid where only Money symbols or three Hero symbols may land – the Adder, Doubler, or Collector. Each Hero symbol has a counter that increases by one on each spin. When the counter is full, the Hero symbol activates, and the counter resets to zero and can be activated again.

  • Adder – when activated, the Adder adds its value to 3-6 other symbols.
  • Doubler – when activated, the Doubler doubles 3-6 other symbols.
  • Collector – when activated, the Collector sum the values of all other symbols and adds them to itself.

Free Spins

Free Spins scatter symbols appear on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5, and landing 3 or 4 of them in the base game awards 7-15 or 10-20 free spins, respectively. While free spins are active, landing 2, 3, or 4 free spins symbols awards an additional 2, 4, or 7 free spins, respectively. In free spins, all wild symbols are replaced with Wild Split symbols. Players cannot trigger the Cash Grab from free spins.

Buy Feature

If the opportunity is there, players can buy the Cash Grab feature in one of three ways. A regular Cash Grab costs 53x the bet, or you can get the Cash Grab with 2 starting Hero symbols for 119x the bet or with four starting Heroes for 209x the bet. In all instances, the feature is triggered with 6 Money symbols.

Robin Hood’s Heroes slot
Robin Hood’s Heroes slot – bonus buy options

Robin Hood’s Heroes: Slot Verdict

You don’t need us to tell you there are all sorts of Robin Hood slots out there, and after playing Robin Hood’s Heroes, you can see why. There’s something endearing about the classic Robin Hood tale which is full of interesting characters, rich scenery, and adventure. For Robin Hood’s Heroes, Just For The Win hasn’t gone too deep into the story, avoiding the conflict between goodies and baddies present in games like iSoftBet‘s Sheriff of Nottingham series. Instead, Robin Hood’s Heroes keeps things as light and jolly as possible, and the game’s chipper attitude carried us in to see what else might be in store.

Once in, the rest isn’t bad. Like the theme, the features are somewhat light as well, functional, and occasionally provide something exciting. However, there are hints of outside influences all over the place as well, softening their impact. Despite the trademark, Wild Splits are straight out of the Nolimit City playbook but can be useful, especially in free spins when they are the only wild type which appears. Moving onto the Cash Grab is where we got a few Money Mariachi flashbacks from the way special symbols fill their counter before their effect triggers. Apart from that, the two bonus rounds are very different, and the Cash Grab never lasted anywhere near as long as the bonus round in Money Mariachi can. Cash Grab’s grid is static for one, meaning reels are not added, and max win potential is 5,000x the bet.

Taken individually, there isn’t much particularly new happening in Robin Hood’s Heroes, yet it managed to pull everything together in a decent way. A large part of the enjoyment was down to the high level of cheerfulness the game exudes, but its array of features kept the session varied. There are thrills here to be experienced by certain Robin Hood enthusiasts, provided they are okay with a shorter than normal assortment of Merry Men and no Sheriff antagonist.


Taken individually, there isn’t much particularly new happening in Robin Hood’s Heroes, yet it managed to pull everything together in a fairly fun way.

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