Siren Song

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Siren Song slot

Siren Song: Slot Overview

Editor’s note: This review evaluates Siren Song based on its early access state. We plan on reviewing Siren Song again once it gets a full release.

The Sirens were perilous creatures of Greek mythology that would lure sailors to their doom by singing enchanting songs, shipwrecking vessels on their rocky island. Famously, the Achaean wanderer Odysseus ordered his men to tie him to the mast and fill their ears with beeswax to get past. Yggdrasil partner TrueLab Games must have liked the tale because they have filled their slot Siren Song with the enticing individuals, in a game offering three types of free spins, a pick’ n click bonus, and a Steering Wheel of Fortune.

Sirens traditionally sing from shore, but Siren Song takes place beneath the surface in what looks like cold, clammy water. The creatures are often depicted with mermaid-like tails, so they probably spent a good deal of time swimming through the sea as well, so fair enough. The gaming is held on a transparent 5-reel grid, using 25 fixed paylines to land wins along. A haunting, sireny soundtrack is possibly the most alluring attribute of Siren Song, adding atmosphere to some fairly unstimulating visuals, despite having three enchantresses floating about the place.

Down in the deep, stakes start at 25 p/c and rise to £/€50 per spin. The game docs note that volatility is high in general, though it varies depending on which of the three free spins games players select. It may be possible to buy the feature rather than trigger it, and doing so raises the RTP from the default value of 96.33% to 96.37%. Hits land at a rate of around 1 in 3 spins, occurring when three or more matching tiles land on a payline from the first reel.

Symbols themselves are various bits of flotsam such as scaly J-A royals as the low pays, then 4 glowing sea items as the medium pay symbols. The lone high pay symbol is a harp covered in barnacles worth 60 times the stake for a five of a kind combination. Lastly, 2 wilds appear in the game, a Blackbeard looking pirate and a skeleton counterpart. Both replace regular pay symbols to complete wins and are worth the same as the top symbol.

Siren Song: Slot Features

Siren Song slot

Siren Song comes with three free spins bonus games players can choose from, triggered when 3 pearl scatters symbols land on reels 1, 3, and 5. Each type comes with 8 free spins operating under separate sets of rules.

  • Silver Free Spins are the highly volatile option. In this one, the siren tosses 4 to 20 purple fish symbols onto the reels on every spin. Having more than one fish in the same position creates multipliers, so two fish equals x2, three fish makes an x3 and so on. Fish aren’t wild as you might expect; rather, they are an upper-mid level symbol paying 30x the bet for five of a kind.
  • The medium volatile option is Emerald Free Spins. During this bonus, when skull wilds land they become sticky, locking into position for the remainder of the feature.
  • Finally, we come to Crimson Free Spins, the lowest volatile choice and also the most complex. Round one is 8 free spins where any key symbols appearing on the reels are collected. When spins are complete, the action moves to a screen covered in chests where players open the number of keys they have accrued. Chests reveal bet multipliers of 1 to 500, values to increase a win multiplier or extra keys. Players pick until their keys run out.

At the end of all three games, players spin the Steering Wheel of Fortune. This provides a final chance to win an additional prize of 5-100 times the stake, or multiply the total won in free spins by x2-x10.

Players with the ability to buy free spins can do so for the cost of 127.6 times their total stake. Once bought, one of the three previously mentioned bonus games may be selected.

Siren Song: Slot Verdict

Unless you are a total mythological fanatic, who needs to play every slot remotely related to the classical era, you won’t need beeswax in your ears to avoid this Greek Tragedy. TrueLab has a bunch of peculiar slots in their line-up, and Siren Song ranks up there with the strangest. It has an ethereal vibe that some may fall for, but it’s kind of weird too, and not in a mysterious living on the fringes of society, going against the grain type way. Even the terminology sticks out, where reels are sometimes referred to as tapes, and you win, say ‘100 bets’, instead of the usual ‘100x the bet’. Something’s been lost in translation, or it’s just odd.

On with the features, and strangely, the low volatile free spins option was the most entertaining one of the three because it lasted longer and ended up with a round of pick me chests. The good thing about it was you know exactly how many chests are going to be opened by the number of keys you have collected. So, you can pick ‘n click away, safe in the knowledge no game over symbol is going to be revealed to spoil the fun.

The other features just didn’t seem to amount to much. A few half-premium fish here, a couple of sticky wilds there, and the rounds were over, with almost no compulsion to return. Silver Spins are disappointing in that fish premiums either create a win or tend to block everything else – plus, they are worth less than the harp symbols for some reason. Sticky wilds can be fun, yet without multipliers, they can only do so much.

Choice is always good; however, if TrueLab had buckled down on making one great feature, Siren Song might have been more successful. Also, superior potential on higher bets would’ve helped, since high rollers feeding Siren Song €50 a pop have 600x the bet at most to look forward to. And so, Siren Song is another odd one for the TrueLab books. Okay, it’s different, well, the vibe is at least, but after having a peek, we weren’t overly keen for a second.


Trying to do too much spreads Siren Song a tad thin, producing a watered-down version of itself.

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