Streamer Rocknrolla Lands Insane 14,000x Win on Lil Devil


Players with sensitive ears might do well to turn the volume down on this one where the consistent blue language would make a sailor blush. We’re talking about a big win clip from rambunctious UK Twitch casino streamer, Rocknrolla, described by some as the ‘true average British gambler’. Rocknrolla’s legion of fans is a testament to his amiable everyman image – not to mention his propensity to go big just one more time, often pulling off something special in the final hour.

In Rocknrolla’s own words, none have been as big (so far) as what he achieved playing Big Time Gaming’s classic Lil’ Devil. Repeated exclamations of ‘What the fudge!’ is pretty accurate after seeing what the right symbols landing in just the right place can produce. If you’re unfamiliar with the streamer, Rocknrolla’s known to bet big on slots and table games, though he might well have wished he’d up the stake even more after this immense hit – though £10 a pop isn’t exactly low balling it.

The clip starts a couple of spins into the bonus, triggered when 3 scatters land in the base game. When activated, there are 2 bonus round options to choose from. The one selected here is the Be My Angel Free Spins, the more volatile choice which can go berserk as you’ll see.

The key is sticky wilds. At the start of the round, one regular symbol is randomly selected to turn into a sticky wild whenever it lands on reels 2, 3, 4, or 5. If you manage to cover all of reels 3 or 4 with them, the wilds merge into Angel Wilds. Angel Wilds come with a starting multiplier of x4, which increments by +2 on each spin up to 12x. Even better, 2 active Angel Wilds multiply each other’s values for some crazy results.

This precise situation occurs on the eighth spin, accompanied by a call of ‘Get the fudge in’, and both Angel Wilds end up on x12 by the end of the round. Before then, the stand-out spin has got to be number 12 when 4 crocs land on the outer two reels for a £67k payout. You can almost feel the steam pouring out of Rocknrolla’s ears at this point. The round wraps up a few spins later with a tidy £140,838 in the bank, or roughly 14,083 x the bet. Not bad for a 5 am session, as the man mentions.

Once again, Lil’ Devil has stepped up to produce another big win on a hugely exciting clip. With his solid reputation and ongoing promotion of responsible gambling, it kind of felt like Rocknrolla was one streamer who deserved a decent win. Fans of the game would do well to check out its follow-up (of sorts), which mixes elements of Lil’ Devil, The Final Countdown, and Danger! High Voltage. Titled Wild Flower, BTG has rammed in all of the elements (such as x800 multipliers) a slot could ever need to blow up and eclipse even highlight reels like this one.

Be sure to check out Rocknrolla’s stream here. You can also find his Youtube channel here.

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