Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop

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Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop: Slot Overview

It's interesting how one day we can be firmly committed to goals or values that seem unassailable, only to find the need to reassess them as time drifts by. Examples might be those against bringing in more children to the planet, who later feel the desire to procreate once they're married, or lifelong omnivores who suddenly no longer want to eat their animal brethren. This change of heart scenario leads us to software provider Relax Gaming, where, according to a recent press release, the idea of producing a 'classic legacy type jackpot was off the table.'

However, like Eddie Vedder said, 'hearts and thoughts they fade', and Relax Gaming has had a change of heart, leading them to develop Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop. Not just a sequel, but the first game in their Dream Drop Jackpots series. Dream Drop offers five progressive prizes with an enticing must-win element - the largest, the Mega, maxes out at €10,000,000. As to the rest of Temple Tumble 2, extras include tumbles and three free spin bonus round options.

Temple Tumble 2 slot

An intro clip sets the mood, and it seems the adventuress couple separated in Cluster Tumble have been reunited and are on their way to the next escapade. Their destination is a huge stone Egyptian-ish structure in the desert, where the game's 6x6 grid has been wedged. The couple pull poses and celebrate wins in the corner of the screen, and while the graphics are top-notch, they aren't quite as striking as Cluster Tumble or Temple Tumble Megaways were.

Hit the play button and anywhere from 1 to 6 active symbols appear on each reel. Ways to win therefore alter, topping out at 46,656. Numbers are critical in a game like this, and outside the jackpot values, others make for interesting reading as well. The RTP is a consideration, generating a value of 94.8%, with 12% going to the Jackpot Contribution, while volatility is rated 4 out of 5. The game is playable on any device where stakes range from 20 p/c to £/€100, and the larger the bet, the greater the chance of triggering a jackpot win.

Regular wins occur when 3-6 matching symbols land left to right from the leftmost side and trigger cascades when they hit. Low pay symbols are J-A tiles, worth 0.2x the bet for six of a kind, then there are three gem symbols, skulls, and snakes as higher pays, worth 0.3 to 1x the bet for six of a kind. Each adventurer has their own wild symbol, though both do the same thing, which is to substitute all regular pay tiles.

Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop: Slot Features

At the start of each spin, 3-24 of the symbols that drop in are valueless blocks. When winning ways are removed from the board by the cascade feature, any vertically or horizontally adjacent blocks are destroyed as well. If all blocks are destroyed in a game round, then 6 free spins are awarded. During the feature, if all blocks and symbols are removed, +3 extra spins are awarded. For the bonus round, players can pick one of three modes:

  • Multipliers & Extra Spins – Multiplier Blocks contain multipliers of x1-x3 which increase the win multiplier when destroyed. Spin Blocks add 1, 2, or 3 additional spins when destroyed.
  • Persistent Wild & Fire Transform – Persistent Wild Blocks become wild symbols with five lives when destroyed. Fire Transform Blocks become a pay symbol that then transforms 1 symbol type in the next cascade into its type.
  • Combined – contains Multiplier Blocks, Extra Spin Blocks, Persistent Wilds, and Fire Transform Blocks.

Temple Tumble 2 slot

Dream Drop Jackpots

One any base game spin, players can randomly be awarded a Dream Drop Jackpot Entry Spin. If one gold 'DD' Dream Drop symbol lands on each reel, players move to the Jackpot round. During this one, 5 reels of various heights appear, with one of the Jackpot prizes above each one. Stone blocks or gold Dream Drop symbols drop into the reels. Blocks are destroyed while gold symbols fall to the bottom. The first reel to fill with 'DD' symbols awards its prize. These are the Rapid, Midi, Maxi, Major, and Mega, which have seed values of €1, €5, €100, €25,000, and €500,000, respectively.

All jackpots are progressive, so they grow as the prize pot is fed. Some of the prizes have must-win values. So, the Major must be awarded before hitting €50,000, and the Mega before it reaches €1,000,000. Every two times the Mega is won, its upper limit increases by €500,000 until it reaches €10,000,000, where it will stay from then on.

Temple Tumble 2 slot

Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop: Slot Verdict

After the theatrics of Cluster Tumble, Temple Tumble 2 felt more restrained by comparison. Cluster Tumble had a way of knocking together obscenely long sequences of cascades to a level rarely before seen. We're talking full-on Can-Can at the Moulin Rouge levels of flamboyance. If you've seen the big win videos, you'll know how lengthy they can be. Temple Tumble 2 isn't so much like that. Solid cascade runs are possible, but this is a faster-paced game with a completely different focus altogether. It looks good, though perhaps not quite as good as the moveable feasts Cluster Tumble or Temple Tumble Megaways were. Relax hasn't skimped on the effects as such; it just shifted the focus.

That focus is obviously the Dream Drop, and during testing, it triggered quite frequently. Naturally, the lower consolation prizes are far more likely to be won as a result, but you just never know. And some players may need a level of hopeful optimism to turn a blind eye to Temple Tumble 2 Dream Drop's potential shortcomings. While the aesthetics aren't quite as stellar as the previous two related games, Temple Tumble 2's stats might be a little bitter when you study them – 94.8% minus 12% for the jackpots doesn't leave much over for regular payouts. The max non-jackpot win is around half of Cluster Tumble's, too, though greater than Temple Tumble Megaways, at 10,045.7x the bet. It's nothing new to see less than optimal return values in a jackpot slot, and when a game has been custom-made for the job, it's no real biggie. It will be interesting to see if grumbling ensues if Relax starts hooking up Dream Drop to their classic, beloved slots and slashing RTPs, though. Most likely, there won't be too many complaints, but Book of 87, anyone?

Then again, how much time do lottery ticket buyers spend pondering the odds of winning? Just like the clever name, Dream Drop is all about scoring that one dream drop and having a few thrills on the way. This is something Temple Tumble 2 can certainly provide with its huge prizes, with their enticing must-win element and entertaining side features.


Like many jackpot slots, there are statistical caveats, but if the goal is spinning for some of the biggest must-win prizes on the market on one of the better-looking jackpot slots out there, Temple Tumble 2’s got plenty of that.

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