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Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels: Slot Overview

We're used to seeing developer Relax Gaming powering these Infinity Reels slots, but it's rarer to see the studio use the game engine themselves. It has happened before, in Emerald's Infinity Reels, an Irish themed game that took ReelPlay's game engine in a new direction. Now we've got Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels, another commonly themed slot which does something different altogether. Tiger Kingdom's USP is the way Relax Gaming has incorporated elements of Money Train 2 into its bonus round within the tight confines of the Infinity Reels structure. As you might expect, this system fluctuates between devastation and delight.

The theme might not be hugely original, but Relax has presented it in an attractive way. The gaming takes place on a 3x3 panel, surrounded by an ornate pagoda in the middle of an equally ornate setting. There's not much tigerish going on, aside from some symbols, yet the environment is harmoniously Asian. Relax Gaming's design pedigree is evident in the high quality of the graphics and effects. The looks might initially attract Asian slot fans, but the gameplay may well appeal to players up for challenges that come in short, intense blasts.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels slot

How Tiger Kingdom works is a bit different to most Infinity Reels slots. First, you need to land matching symbols on all 3 reels. Then, the whole grid moves one position to the left. Winning symbols that fall off the grid are collected, and if the new reel lands new winning symbols, the respin process carries on. When no winning symbol appears on a new reel, the value of all collected symbols is awarded. Key points are that any winning symbols left on the reels are not paid, and added reels do not create multipliers as they do in some other Infinity Reels games.

Behind the scenes, Tiger Kingdom is governed by a highly volatile math model, turning out an RTP value of 96.23%. Buy the bonus, and this increases to 96.87%. Any device may be used to play Tiger Kingdom, offering bets from 10 p/c to $/€50. A lot of symbols pop up at various points, including 7 regular pay symbols in the base game. These start with three Asian patterns, each collected one is worth 0.4 to 0.6 times your stake. Premiums are where the tigers of the tale come into play, paying out 1-4x the bet for each one collected. In the base game, collecting a scroll symbol adds another row for the current spin. Up to 2 additional rows can be added. Also, it is possible to land multiplier symbols with values of x2, x3, or x4. Collecting one of these symbols multiples the number of symbols collected up to that point.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels: Slot Features

Collecting 3 or more bonus symbols during a single spin triggers the bonus game. Do note, the bonus symbols need to be collected or the bonus won't trigger. Once in, the regular pay symbols are removed from the reels. Instead, reels display blank spaces, money symbols, or special symbols. The bonus round starts with 3 spins. If a symbol lands on the third reel, the grid shifts to the left and spins reset to 3. All symbols that fall off the grid on the lefthand side are collected, and the total is awarded when spins run to zero, or the win cap is achieved. Symbols used in the bonus round are:

  • Golden money symbols – reveal a value of 1x to 10x the bet.
  • Red money symbols – reveal a value of 20x to 100x the bet.
  • Yin & Yang – when collected the spin counter reset value increases by 1.
  • Scroll – when collected, an extra row is added to the grid. Two extra rows at most can be added.
  • Collector – collects all other coin values on the reels.
  • Payer – increases the values of up to 3 positions with the value it possesses.
  • Sniper – multiples up to 3 positions with coin values by x2, x3, or x4.

There are also Persistent versions of the Collector, Payer, and Sniper. These symbols begin to act when they have been collected and perform their modifier before each spin.

Bonus Buy

If available, players may buy the bonus game for the cost of 100x the bet. Doing so immediately launches the bonus round.

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels slot

Tiger Kingdom Infinity Reels: Slot Verdict

Perhaps Relax Gaming liked what they saw in Money Mariachi and were inspired to have another crack at the Infinity Reels game engine. Whatever the prompt, players can add an additional MT2 style Infinity Reels game to the list. The good news from a diversity perspective is Tiger Kingdom performs very differently to Money Mariachi. Whilst Money Mariachi's bonus round can take a significant amount of time when the going is good, Tiger Kingdom, by contrast, was like being fired out of a canon.

The bonus round is a lot faster paced. Sometimes it's over before you've had a chance to settle in and see what's what. It has no problems bowing out after doling out just a few extra reels creating little in the way of rewards. A quick slap, and you're back to the base game. There isn't much to say about the main game, really, other than just be aware you have to collect symbols as they fall off the grid, which is quite different to how non-Relax made Infinity Reels games usually operate.

The positive side is the bonus game occasionally gets on some pretty nifty runs. When the special symbols are boosting the daylights out of pay symbols, persisting, doubling on doubles and so forth, they can build some impressive results. The game is capped at 20,000x the bet, and a win at that level would be hilariously good to see. As to the experience, Tiger Kingdom didn't have the same sense of building an unstoppable momentum as can happen in MT2. It tended to pop in moments, or it didn't pop at all. There's another thing too. It is possible to have a sizeable money symbol sitting on the grid, but it's worthless until it's been shunted off the grid and collected. So, there are times when you miss out on something decent, and the round ends. Other times, you get lucky on the last spin, a symbol lands on the third reel, sliding a desirable money symbol off the board. In this way, Tiger Kingdom can be a bit like those coin pusher arcade games.

Relax Gaming are masters of building suspenseful conditions which have to be met to extract reward or be denied. The MT2 style bonus round has been cleverly integrated with the way Infinity Reels functions to create a game that is adept at serving up well-earned rewards if everything falls into place.


Relax Gaming expertly integrates a Money Train 2 style bonus game with the way Infinity Reels operates to create a slot that thrills or frustrates as it sees fit.

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