Tombstone RIP Delivers Largest Win Ever Seen In A Non-Jackpot Slot

It feels a bit like Usain Bolt at the Olympics around here at the moment. Just the other day, a world record fell when a player achieved a 271,754x win on Nolimit City‘s behemoth Tombstone RIP. Barely a day has passed, and another record has been smashed, becoming the largest non-jackpot slot win to date. With only 74 cents left in the balance, one exceedingly lucky gunslinger went all the way, scoring a mind-bending 300,000x win whilst playing on Rant Casino, all captured on this big win clip. It sort of goes without saying, but brace for carnage.

To start with, the win has been confirmed by Nolimit City to be a natural trigger, meaning not a bonus buy! If you’ve seen the stats, Boothill Freespins do not come around every five minutes, clocking up a hit frequency of 1/85,000 spins or 1/63,000 with the Enhanced Bet feature switched on. Such is the challenge, buying the feature is a temptation, despite possessing a hefty 3,000x price tag.

Boothill Freespins make use of a stack of extras such as xNudge Wilds, Reel Split Wilds, xSplit Wilds, and plain old standard wilds. The icing on top is that on every spin, one premium symbol is arbitrarily chosen and boosted with a random multiplier of x5-x999. The very first spin in this clip sets the tone, firing off the full x999 multiplier to boost the chosen premium symbol, though it fails to land. Tombstone RIP can certainly teach a thing or two about teasing and denying.

tombstone rip

Spin number three is where things start to pick up, and it’s a testament to Tombstone RIP’s insanity just how easy it is to be blasé over what is nearly a 1,000x hit. Spin number seven is where the magic happens, though, when most positions on the grid light up for a win, involving a number of features and masses of multiplication. This spin leads to all three cowboys being lynched during the count up before hitting the win cap and triggering the final El Gordo’s Revenge feature. As you may have suspected, the animated sequence that accompanies it is about as bleak as the rest of the game is. It makes you wonder, without the cap, how far could this game actually go? In the Youtube comment section, user “Your Huckleberry” speculates: “If I understand the slot correctly, that last hit would be 6,329,664x just for el gordo without the win cap lol.

So, that’s what it looks like going from having less than a Euro in the account to over €30,000 over seven sharply intense spins. And with that, Tombstone RIP chalks up another win for the history books. For the record, this historic win occurred on January 13, at 22:25 CET, on the 94% RTP version. As mentioned above, being a natural trigger, it is easily the biggest non-jackpot xbet of all time and is sure to add even more fuel to the fire of big win hunters pretty much everywhere.

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