Wheel of Amp

(Red Tiger) Slot Review

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Wheel of Amp: Slot Overview

Developer Red Tiger has gone all retro-futuristic by choosing Steampunk to theme Wheel of Amp. At first glance, the game looks like a basic 3x3 slot, but there is more going on here than meets the eye. Creating a quasi-video game feel, Wheel of Amp is a slot that awards extra rows, reels, ways, and symbols as the action progresses. In other words, it takes time to unlock the best bits since they are not available at the beginning. It’s a risky approach which may rankle as many players as it delights.

Wheel of Amp slot

Players find themselves in a plush living room aboard a zeppelin type flotation device, far off the ground. Other flying machines in the distance give off the impression of a world where the rich live amongst the clouds, rather than on the ground where the peon masses do their best to eke out a meagre existence in a dystopia future that doesn’t bear thinking about. So let’s not, and instead concentrate on the opulent environment in which the game grid is located. If the 3x3 thing isn’t your cuppa, rest assured, the game expands as it progresses through the Step Change feature as you will see. Initially, there are 9 paylines to hit wins on as the flying contraption makes its way through the sky, expanding to 25 at most.

Before boarding, players select bets from 10 p/c to £/€10 per spin, on any device. Be prepared for a bit of turbulence up there too as the game is built around a highly volatile math model. The rest of the stats is more "uneventful" flying, if you will, with default RTP coming in at 95.77%, while potential is capped at 7,303 times the stake.

At first, only winning combinations of three of a kind are possible, this rises to four, then eventually five becomes a reality. Also, be aware that high-value symbols only appear on the reels once they have been unlocked via the Step Change feature. As to low pays, these consist of ink pens, Morse code telegraph keys, telephones, gramophones, and antique cameras. When available, high pays include velocipedes, aeroplanes, automobiles, and trains, worth 4.5 to 10 times the stake when a five of a kind win hits. There aren’t any wild symbols, but several features kick in to increase prize values.

Wheel of Amp: Slot Features

Wheel of Amp slot
Wheel of Amp - free spins

Wheel of Amp comes bundled with a total of 4 features. Central to the action is the Wheel of Amp feature which is triggered when 3 wheel scatters land anywhere on the reels. When activated, players get to spin a wheel to unlock free spins, a Win Boost multiplier or the Step Change feature. Here's what you can expect:

Getting the most out of Wheel of Amp is possible by landing on the Step Change. Initially, there are 8 Step Change segments on the wheel; 4 unlock high-value symbols, and 4 add reels or rows. Symbols are drip-fed from lowest premium to highest, so velocipede, aeroplane, automobile, and then trains are let loose upon the reels. Screen expansions follow a pattern as well – reel, row, reel, then row. At most, the game grows to 5x5 in size with 25 paylines in play. After a Step Change segment has been awarded, it turns into a Win Boost multiplier on the wheel.

Win Boost multipliers are straight forward. When one is awarded, it is held until the next win hits, where it is applied to your win. The size of the Win Boost multiplier depends on which wheel segment the pointer stops on. Initially, a single 10x multiplier boost is active on the wheel. If players unlock high pay symbols, multipliers of x2, x3, x5, and x6 are added to the wheel. Additional multipliers are added to the wheel every time an expansion is activated.

Landing on the free spins segment of the Wheel of Amp grants 10 free spins. During the bonus round, it is possible to activate the Wheel of Amp in the same ways as the base game. If free spins are won from the wheel, 5 extra spins are awarded. In addition, a Win Boost multiplier awarded by the Wheel of Amp does not reset after a win in free spins. Instead, it applies to every free spin win for the duration, and for the first win after it in the main game.

Wheel of Amp: Slot Verdict

If Jules Verne designed a slot, it might’ve well looked a lot like Wheel of Amp. Aside from visuals, the progression system provides a video game element that works well with the theme Red Tiger chose to drive it. Steampunk isn’t for everyone, but it could be ideal if exploring the skies in a flying contraption, harnessing the power of electricity, and picking up a few coins along the way sounds like fun. In some ways, the gambling takes a back seat, at least in the beginning, while you’re spinning away to unlock premium symbols, ways, and reels. Some will instantly reject this concept out of hand since there is no telling how long it will take to finally unlock the game’s full setup.

However you cut it, until Wheel of Amp reaches capacity, you’re playing with a handicap. Strangely, it’s easier to overlook this fact than you might suspect. Features trigger frequently enough to build the full grid and populate it with high pay symbols. It didn’t take so long that it felt like overly hard work.

What helps is the pleasant Neo-Victorian environment invoked by the polished audio-visuals, not to mention sizeable potential. The game can produce decent rewards should the Win Boost multiplier do its thing during free spins. Wheel of Amp will probably suit those who are happy to trade world-building for hardcore gambling, but more money-minded players might be tempted by wins of up to 7,303x the stake.

Wheel of Amp provides a unique experience that may entice players up for a bit of an adventure, and who see the Step Change system as part of a quest rather than a limitation. Red Tiger has created a nifty wee world to lose yourself in. Potential isn’t bad either, so if Steampunk appeals, then grab your top hat and cane, and prepare for lift-off, squire.


It might seem unfair having to work to unlock Wheel of Amp’s full grid and high pay symbols, but some players might relish the challenge.

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