10,000 Wonders 10K Ways

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10,000 Wonders 10K Ways: Slot Overview

Aussie developer ReelPlay is the originator of Infinity Reels, yet the studio is also pushing a newer, markedly less innovative concept called 10K Ways. Just like the name says, players get 10,000 ways in which to land winning combinations. If you were wondering, yes, 10K Ways is trademarked, so will competitors have to lawyer up if they use the same number of ways in one of their titles? The first release was Hypernova 10K Ways, and now ReelPlay has followed up with 10,000 Wonders 10K Ways. If, like us, you found the previous game underwhelming, prepare for further disappointment, as 10,000 Wonders is a straightforward clone. Unless, of course, you are completely smitten by all things Aladdin.

Aladdin's lamp and the genie is one of those stories many developers have latched onto and repeatedly redo. As such, if these types of games don't do something extraordinary with the theme, not only do they fail to make an impression, they come across as lazy all around. You do get this feeling in 10,000 Wonders, more so since the rest is just recycled code from another game. Visually bright, the game does look more appealing than Hypernova 10K, though this impression could have been due to Hypernova overload as much as anything positive that 10,000 Wonders does.

10,000 Wonders 10K Ways

We could copy and paste the math model information since each stat is the same. This includes an RTP value of 96.16% and volatility classed as medium-high. The game is available to play on mobile, tablet, or desktop, while stake selection starts at 20 p/c, rising to $/€40 per spin. Wins are triggered when matching symbols land left to right from the left-hand side of the grid, setting off the cascade feature that removes them and fills the gaps with new symbols. Cascades continue until no new winning combinations hit.

On to symbols, where Aladdin's got a kind of frat-boy look about him, like one of those guys that's perma-stoned and starts every sentence off with the word 'brah'. Anyway, he's the top premium, worth 100x the bet, while under him are Princess Jasmine, Jafar, a dove, and A-9 card rank symbols. There's a wild too, which lands only on the top reel. The wild substitutes for all symbols except the lamp.

10,000 Wonders 10K Ways: Slot Features

10,000 Wonders 10K Ways

Lamp symbols are needed to trigger the bonus game. Specifically, landing 6 or more of them triggers the Bonus Respins feature. Once in, 3 respins are awarded, and the triggering lamps are held in position – all other symbols vanish from the grid. Whenever new symbols land during the feature, they become sticky, and the number of respins sets back to 3. This continues until no respins remain, or all positions are filled with symbols.

Regular lamp symbols display values of 1 to 100x the bet, while 4 diamond symbols award respective bonus prizes when they hit. These are Red, Pink, Green, and Blue diamonds worth 10x, 50x, 250x, or 2,000x the bet, respectively. It is possible to land multiple Pink or Reds, but just one each of Green or Blue in a single bonus round.

10,000 Wonders 10K Ways: Slot Verdict

The first 10K Ways game didn't exactly get our hearts fluttering with delight, so there were slim chances of a clone doing any better. Digging for positives pulled up the bright graphics and somewhat exotic theme. Of course, since there are a ton of Aladdin slots out there, the exoticism is diminished. It's a simple, so-so streak respins game if simplicity is a requisite. Other than that, all of the criticisms which were aimed at Hypernova 10K apply here as well. Namely, lack of imagination. The issue is everything in 10,000 Wonders, from theme to gameplay, is so commonplace that after a test run, there was little to rise it above mediocre.

Playing 10,000 Wonders was like watching Total Recall, the 2012 edition, and we started to wonder why they bothered doing a remake. The original film starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Doug Quaid, was a 90s sci-fi classic and one of the most expensive films ever made at the time. Not only were the special effects mind-blowing, but the one-liners were also bang on point. An example is when bad guy Cohaagen is about to do Quaid in, he busts out: 'I'll blow this place up and be back in time for cornflakes.' Apologies for the diversion, yet the point is when your mind wanders so much during a review, it's generally not a great sign for a slot. Especially if you're having visions of the Austrian Oak saving Mars and the game in question is about Aladdin's treasures. If you've made it this far, you might want to know what sort of treasure is up for grabs, and like the last 10k Ways game, players can collect up to 5,662x their stake.

The theme change might lose the game points, too, as some players presumably picked Hypernova 10K Ways due to its association with the Hypernova series. Aladdin, by contrast, is such a regular theme the whole game lacks much in the way of creativity. It's funny, we questioned the previous 10K game, and since 10,000 Wonders is a straight-up clone, the question mark has only grown larger.


10,000 Wonders 10K Ways doesn’t look or play much better than its predecessor from a few months ago.

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