Big Bass Crash

(Pragmatic Play) Slot Review

Big Bass Crash slot
Big Bass Crash

Big Bass Crash: Overview

When a movie studio produces a hit, it’s not always money from the box office that goes into filling the coffers. Merchandising is another way of cashing in on a movie’s success, and boy, there is some odd stuff out there linked to famous films. According to the Web, you’ve got black Dark Vador hamburgers released by Belgian/French chain Quick to coincide with the release of The Phantom Menace in 2012, Harry Potter baby dolls, Little Mermaid fish nuggets, C-3PO tape dispensers, Transformer razors (fake ones) – for kids, really, chuck a famous name on something and (hopefully) it’ll be flying out the door as fans lap it up.

It’s in this spirit of chucking famous names on things we come to Big Bass Crash from Pragmatic Play. Big Bass Crash is an addition to the studio’s Crash portfolio, and the last one of these we crossed swords with was the more generically designed game, Spaceman. The rules of both games are more or less the same, but the setting is completely different. Instead of blasting through the galaxy, players join the Big Bass fisherman guy on his boat as he chugs along the water. Not the most amazing visuals ever seen in online gambling, yet when compared to a lot of Crash games on the market, this is a J. M. W. Turner maritime masterpiece.

A stack of buttons and information crowd the view space, but the gist is picking a stake from $/€1 and deciding whether to make use of the Auto Cashout and/or the 50% Auto Cashout functions. The RTP value of the game is 95.5%, and previous round results are lined up along the bottom of the screen. By pressing the Statistics button, you can inspect the previous 500 game-round results. Clicking on a result reveals deeper info such as timestamp, hash string, and result string. This is all provided to confirm the Crash result has not been altered during the round.

Big Bass Crash slot
Big Bass Crash

Big Bass Crash: Features

Once the appropriate betting options have been engaged, hitting the Confirm Bet button enters players into the next game round. Once a game round is initiated, a multiplier that starts at x1 increases up to a random predetermined level where the Crash happens. The players’ objective is to cash out before reaching the Crash to win their bet multiplied by the multiplier value at the time of cashing out. Players have the option of cashing all out or half now and half later. The longer the game round goes on, the larger the multiplier will be, but if it Crashes before cashing out, the bet is lost. If the game Crashes at 1.00x, then all bets are lost. The biggest win in Big Bass Crash is 5,000 times the bet, up to a maximum equivalent of €500,000.

Big Bass Crash slot
Big Bass Crash

Big Bass Crash: Verdict

Crash games aren’t slots in the classical sense of the word but provide wildly emotional gambling experiences all the same. Strongly associated with crypto for a while now, games like Spaceman and now Big Bass Crash are attempts to move things into a more mainstream setting. Clever move on the part of Pragmatic play, too, since Big Bass Bonanza is one of its smash-hit success stories and went on to inspire a ton of sequels – not to mention fuel a tremendous bass fishing slot movement that, for now, appears absolutely unstoppable. Like when a fishing boat unloads its catch, the amount of fish which pours out of a net can be phenomenal. The capability humans have of exploiting natural resources with industrial precision is frightening in its efficiency. Imagine two fishermen pulling the last fish out of the sea one day, the way all of the Truffula trees were cut down in The Lorax, and looking at each other thinking, now what?

As for Big Bass Crash’s gaming, it’s basically the same as Spaceman or any number of other Crash games out there. Just this time, it’s got far greater brand recognition going on. This may have well been the point – using the Big Bass name to attract players familiar with it in for a punt on a Crash game that they might not have done in a generic astronaut setting or on some crappy graphiced crypto version. The action remains the same – hold on for dear life while the multiplier is building and hopefully leap off the ride with a decent result before it all comes crashing down. Crash games provide a very different betting experience to regular slots, and it’ll be interesting to see if Big Bass Crash’s famous name and imagery are enough to convert any of the non-believers who haven’t been convinced by the merits (and cons) of Crash gaming in general.


The Big Bass brand will undoubtedly shine a brighter spotlight on Pragmatic Play’s Crash portfolio.

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