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Spaceman: Slot Overview

Players exploring the outer fringes of the online gambling realm may well have bumped into crash games when experimenting with alternative ways to place a bet. Previously, crash games were synonymous with lax operators who weren't overly bothered with things like KYC. Taking part required little more than creating log-in details and depositing some crypto. Not always, but the stigma was there. Now, thanks to Pragmatic Play, crash games are on the cusp of moving into the mainstream. The game in question is called Spaceman and provides all the thrills crash gaming is famous for, with the added respectability that an established, licensed software provider brings.

A busy scene greets players when Spaceman blasts onto their screens. The game panel displays a night sky full of planets and stars, with an Eve lookalike Spaceman located in the middle. Half of the time, the astronaut stands around while players make their bets before blasting off during the actual game rounds. One way Spaceman differs from an online slot is that this is not a solo venture. Instead, masses of players can join in and simultaneously take part, much like a live dealer casino game. There's even a chat box where participants can converse with one another.

spaceman pragmatic play

The UI provides a number of ways to take on the game, and step one is picking a base bet from $/€1 up to $/€100 per game round. Other options include setting auto cashout from 1.01x to 4999.99x or a 50% auto cashout from 1.01x to 4,999.99x. Running along the bottom of the screen is a line of past results, while at the top right corner can be found links to things like rules. With no artificial volatility, Spaceman comes with a theoretical RTP of 96.5%. If you were wondering, yes, provable fair mechanics deliver each game result. Players familiar with the SHA-256 algorithm can check the decrypted strings which are revealed after each game round if they so choose

Spaceman: Slot Features

If you've ever played The Incredible Balloon Machine or Golden Hook by innovative US developer Crazy Tooth Studio, you'll have a good idea of how Spaceman functions. Once you've set your stake, clicking 'Confirm Bet' enters you into the next game round. Once the game round starts, the Spaceman blasts off, and next to him is an increasing multiplier. The multiplier continues to rise until the win cap is hit or the game crashes.

When the game round has started, two new buttons appear - Cashout and Cashout 50%. Each one displays rising payout values. If you hit either of them before the Spaceman crashes, you collect their respective prize. The difference between the two buttons is that Cashout entirely removes you from the game with your prize. Cashout 50% means you bank half the bet's win but remain in the game with the other half, so you have the chance to cash out later at a higher multiplier. If the Spaceman crashes before you have cashed out, you lose the bet. Key to note is if the game crashes at x1, everyone loses.

The trick is holding off pressing the button as long as possible, thereby building up a larger reward before crashing out. There is no real art to it, just random luck of the draw. This is where the auto cash out options might be helpful. By setting these, players do not have to press the Cashout buttons. This is done for them at preset levels.

spaceman pragmatic play

Spaceman: Slot Verdict

Early Crash games were often just lines on a graph before visual touches such as rockets or astronauts were injected to boost their personality and appeal. While Spaceman might not be a feast for the eyes compared to a regular Pragmatic Play slot, in the world of crash gaming, it is a handsome entry. While snazzy visuals are a bonus, crash games' main draws are their fast replayability and the temptation to think you can game the system.

Some crash users try to come up with mathematical systems to outwit the house – the net is rife with them. The thing is professional mathematicians designed Spaceman with an edge built-in, so good luck to anyone attempting this route. Here's an extreme for instance. If you set the auto cash out to 1.01x the bet, you'll collect on a lot of game rounds. The problem is it only takes one dead round to wipe out a substantial number of wins. Admittedly, it can be kind of fun trying to find the sweet spot between win frequency and value in an attempt to overcome the cold steel of maths. If it's even possible.

If taking the clinical approach doesn't appeal, you can always surrender to fortune and hit the Cashout buttons willy nilly. This can, at times, be quite exciting. As the multiplier increases, long rides can be intense. Do you hold on or cash out and bank a solid multiplier? Or will cashing out early mean you miss the moon shot? This is where crash games and slots wildly differ. Let's say you chance upon the lucky spin in a slot which produces its max win. You get the money. However, on a game round in Spaceman that delivers its max win of 5,000x, you only collect the whole amount if you can hold on all the way (or set auto cash to 4,999,99x). In other words, more than luck is needed. It's luck, plus steady as a rock nerves. Imagine reaching 1,000x or 2,000x on the game round that produces Spaceman's max win. How many people could hold the course past those temptations? We're talking next-level diamond hands are needed to go all the way. Perhaps, being emotionless might help, yet tis is a game designed to evoke emotions.

Quite often, frustration can burn hotter than the actual good times, so Spaceman really isn't for everyone. It can seem like it uses psychological tricks to tilt things against players, but for certain thrill-seekers, Spaceman could well be the heady, intoxicating stuff they're looking for.


If you’re looking to test out the crash scene, Spaceman is about as good as these games get.

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