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Cannonball Cash slot
Cannonball Cash slot – base game

Cannonball Cash: Slot Overview

If bigger is better is the thinking, you can see how cannons were invented, as they’re emblematic of humankind’s race to build more powerful weapons than their enemies. Interestingly, the biggest cannon ever made, The Tsar Cannon, has never been fired in war and was made for more symbolic purposes. If only we could say the same about all weapons. Oh well, that’s not the world we live in. One arena which saw extensive use of cannons’ devastating effects was naval warfare, and Red Tiger‘s associate R7 has put them to use in its online slot Cannonball Cash.

The cannon fire in this game is of the pirate variety, so players are treated to hooks, parrots, and loot; loads of images typically associated with swashbuckling on the seven seas, in other words. Some pirate slots layer on a heavy atmosphere where players tread a dark, dingy, dangerous path. Dead Man’s Trail by Relax Gaming or NetEnt‘s Rage of the Seas, for example. R7, by comparison, as well as going all out with the pirate cliches, has put them into a sunny game world, with visual hints of Novomatic‘s Captain Venture, heavy on the bright colours while pouring forth jolly pirate music. It’s good to have choices and all that.

Speaking of choices, in Cannonball Cash, players can choose a stake of 10 c to $/€10 per spin, plus 2 feature buys are available, as well. When betting ‘regularly’ in this medium-high volatile slot, the theoretical RTP is 95.72%. A 5-reel, 3-row grid is Cannonball Cash’s active gaming area, and it operates a 243 ways to win pay system – winning combinations begin on the leftmost reel, and matching symbols must land in adjacent reels.

Symbols that are part of winning combinations are removed from the reels after they have paid. This creates empty spaces which are filled by symbols falling downwards, thereby providing another chance to win. Chain reactions end when no new win appears after a tumble. There are ten different pay symbols hitting on the board. The 5 low pays are 10-A card ranks, worth 0.4-0.5x the bet for a 5 OAK hit, then a bottle of rum, a hook, coins on a map, a treasure chest, and a parrot are the highs worth 1 to 50 times the bet for 5-of-a-kind. A pearl-bearing oyster is the wild symbol, appearing on the three middle reels to substitute for all paying symbols.

Cannonball Cash: Slot Features

Cannonball Cash slot
Cannonball Cash slot – bonus game

Cannonball Cash’s bundle of features includes chain reaction wins, a base game Cannonball Bonus extra, free spins with merging wilds, and two feature buys.

Cannonball Ladder

In the base game, a ladder with 9 levels sits beside the gaming area. Forming a win activates 1 step of the ladder. Starting from the third step on the ladder, each consecutive chain reaction win awards a pick in the Cannonball Bonus. The picks at the upper end of the ladder also have a multiplier. For each step from 3 to 9 or more, players get one pick with multipliers increasing from x3 (at step 4) to x100 at (step 9 or beyond).

Cannonball Bonus

At the end of a base game spin, if picks have been awarded from the ladder, then the Cannonball Bonus activates. For it, all positions on the game grid are replaced with pickable cannons. Players pick cannons one by one, equal to the number of picks awarded from the ladder. Picking a cannon reveals a random cash prize representing a multiple of the stake. Picks with multipliers apply the multiplier to the revealed prize. There are 15 prizes available in the Cannonball Bonus ranging from 1x the bet to 25x the bet.

Free Spins

Scatter symbols appear on the leftmost and rightmost reels. Hitting 2 scatters triggers 8 free spins. During the round, landing 2 scatters awards a further +8 free spins. In free spins, when wilds appear after wins are paid, all wilds merge onto the central position of the middle third reel and stay locked there for the duration of the bonus round. Each wild that merges after the first one increases the symbol multiplier of the centre wild by +1 for the rest of the round. The wild counts for as many symbols as the multiplier displayed in the win ways calculation. The Cannonball Bonus is not available in free spins.

Feature Buy

Cannonball Cash’s feature buy is where players can either pay 20x the bet for a spin that triggers the Cannonball Bonus or 50x the bet to buy the free spins round. The feature buy’s RTP is 95.65%.

Cannonball Cash slot
Cannonball Cash slot – free spins

Cannonball Cash: Slot Verdict

Cannonball Cash is a slot which got better as it progressed, not to extraordinary heights, but from a lukewarm at best first reception, the game did warm up. Not to deserted island in the Caribbean sunburn levels, but the temperature managed to nudge upwards a notch or two. The initial look was a wash of cliched, kinda boring images, set in a cliched, kinda boring setting of boat, loot, and sea. Some people might prefer to sink into a world of miserable despair when they play a pirate slot; others might want to pretend the sun always shines on their make-believe hoard of treasure, making it sparkle in the light. It’s this latter group that Cannonball Cash would better fit thematically, aided by a rather pleasant sonic mix of harpsichord and seaside sounds.

Technically, Cannonball Cash might appeal to players who like to get their click on, and the Cannonball Bonus feature triggered fairly often-ish to be able to do so. Some games trigger free spins when a certain number of consecutive chain reaction wins occur (Pirate Kingdom Megaways, for example); Cannonball Cash gives you picks. The multiplier applied to picks is obviously the sweetener when a higher number of consecutive wins happen. At best, the 25x prize meets the x100 multiplier, which wouldn’t be too bad at all. It was a little surprising to find out the Cannonball Bonus was absent from the free spins round. The merging wild feature is okay, but would it have made more sense to integrate/boost the Cannonball Bonus instead of completely dropping it? Guess we’ll never know.

When the wind really gets into Cannonball Cash’s sails, it is good for wins as high as 7,465.7x the bet, totalling a sizable potential haul. So, whilst Cannonball Cash is unlikely to conquer the Spanish Main, sack Cartagena, or anything like that, it offers a few interesting diversions for pirate-minded players.


Cannonball Cash isn’t the sort of slot to dominate the seven seas, but it might appeal to players who like to click things.

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